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Copyright 1987, 1997
by Henry Hoover

Volume 4, Number 1

As the last issue is being printed, I began typing this issue.
I decided that I should not wait unless I wanted to get so far
behind that I would never catch up.There is so little time
and so much to do.I also decided that I would put the
addition of new names at the end so that I could begin my
printing as I finish the pages, rather than wait until everything
is done and then the madhouse routine to get everything
done at once.Maybe this will help my distribution schedule.
Time will tell!

While in Salt Lake City during 1985, I copied information
from several sources.With this issue, I will begin listing
some of the information that I found.

One of the sources was "The Samuel Hoover Family, 1772 -
1972".I do not know when this was compiled by Estella B.
Keefer as there is no date mentioned; however, it was
microfilmed on 8-11-1978 by the LDS Church Library.From
the Preface, the following: "I inquired at a store and was
directed to Mr and Mrs Clarence Hoover; he being the oldest
Hoover in that community. (ED: Marlboro, Ohio).Through
them, I contacted their Hoover Family Historian, Mrs. Chas.
Specht in Alliance, Ohio, and she invited me to their Hoover
Reunion on July 21, 1968 at Atwater, Ohio.It was here we
compared notes and found that Adam H. Hoover was our
common progenitor.I will leave the compiling of the Adam
H. Hoover Family History to Mrs. Specht, and will confine
my efforts to Adam's son, Samuel Hoover, and his
descendants, of whom I am one."

"The progenitor of this family, Adam H. Hoover, married
Catherine Kramer.The first record we have of them, they
lived in Franklin County, PA.Shortly after 1772, they
removed to Woodberry Township, Huntingdon County, PA
(now Huston Twp. Blair Co. PA., since 1846).A Deed for
a 164 acre farm on Clover Creek was found in the
Huntingdon County Court House from George Shane to
Adam Hoover and dated July 22, 1791.That was probably
the year they settled permanently in what is now Blair
County, PA.Tradition has it that Adam was also a Quaker
preacher, along with his farming.On July 6, 1801, Adam and
Catherine deeded this same farm to their son, Samuel."

"In the Clover Creek, or Brumbaugh Cemetery, North
Woodberry Township, Blair County, PA, to the south and
next to the graves of John and Elizabeth (Brumbaugh)
Hoover, some years ago there were two badly corroded
limestone grave markers which probably marked
the graves of Adam Hoover and his wife.These two bodies
with those of John Hoover (Adam's son) and wife were
moved from the burial plot of John's farm in the late 1870's
or early 1880's.Adam Hoover had 9 children:

1. Daniel Hoover

2. Christian Hoover, born 1767, probably in Franklin Co, PA.
He went to Stark Co, Ohio in 1811 from what is now Blair
Co., PA.He died June 22, 1835 and is buried in the burial
plot of his brother William's farm, the NW Quarter, Sec 1,
Nemishellen Twp, Stark Co., Ohio.He was married to
Catherine Wisour, born July 28, 1773.They had 6 children:
David, Jacob, Esther, Elizabeth, John, and Daniel.

3. Samuel Hoover, born 1772 in Franklin Co, PA.Married
Susanna Snively, had six children.Susanna died in 1820.
Samuel married as his second wife, Hannah J. Smith, who
was born in Germany in 1792.They had 2 sons.He is
buried beside his first wife in the Reformed Church Cemetery
on Clover Creek in Blair Co, PA.The children are:Susanna
Hoover who married Caleb Smith; Christenah Hoover who
married Henry Beaver; Mary Hoover who married John
Harley; Jacob Hoover who married Margaret Garner; Daniel
C. Hoover who married Sarah Rhoades; Jonathan Hoover
who married Catherine Fouse; John C. Hoover who married
Margaret Keller; Samuel Wesley Hoover who married Sarah
Worden Van Houten and after her death he married
Angelina A. Feely.

4. Fredrick Hoover, born 1778.

5. John Hoover, born 1782, died 1839.He married Elizabeth
Brumbaugh.He is buried in the Clover Creek or Brumbaugh
Cemetery, North Woodberry Twp., Blair Co., PA.Among
their children was a son, John B. Hoover, who died in 1895.

6. William Hoover

7. Jacob Hoover, born 1788 and died 1876

8. David Hoover, born 1790Twin

9. George Hoover, born 1790Twin

Samuel Hoover (# 3 above) had 6 children with first wife,
Susanna Snively, as follows:

1.Susanna Hoover, born 21 Jan 1799, married in 1816 to
Caleb Smith, who was born 25 May 1789 in Germany.About
1829, Caleb and Susanna moved to Stark County, Ohio, and
later purchased 80 acres of land in Section 22, Marlboro Twp,
Stark Co, Ohio.He died 21 Nov 1857 and Susanna died 2
Apr 1880.They had 11 children.

2.Christenah Hoover, born 22 Oct 1804.She married
Daniel Snowberger on 15 Apr 1825.He was born 2 Mar
1800.Daniel Snowberger died in Sep 1841 and Christenah
then married in Aug 1849 to Jacob Longenecker, who was
born 15 May 1800.Jacob Longenecker died 11 Aug 1871.
Date of Christenah's death is unknown.She had 6 children
by her first husband.

3.Mary Hoover, married John Harley.If they had any
children, they are unknown to the author of the Samuel
Hoover Family.

4.Jacob C. Hoover, born 26 Feb 1809, on the Hoover farm
which was located on Clover Creek, near the Drab Post
Office, in what is now Blair County, PA.In 1835 Jacob
married Margaret Garner, who was born in 1815.Margaret
died in Mar 1885 and Jacob died 12 Sep 1885.They had 1
boy, Daniel and 1 girl, Catherine who only lived 2 years.

5.Daniel C. Hoover, born 15 May 1815.He married 3 Apr
1839 to Sarah Rhoades who was born 16 Mar 1821.Soon
after their marriage, they migrated to Hartville, Ohio where
he died 20 Jan 1892.She died 3 Feb 1892.They had 11
children: Samuel who married Isabelle Deitrich and they
migrated to Tennessee (They had 3 children); Sarah who
married Jonas Almy (they had 2 children); Susanna married
Jeremiah Kessler, then married Harry Wise and had 4
children; Caroline married Joseph Mannier and they had 7
children; Catherine, born in 1846 and died in 1847; Louisa
married William Bixler and had 1 child; Anna married David
Richard and had 4 children; Almira married William J. Harsh
and had 3 children; Daniel D. married Lillie Belle Hildreth
and had 4 children; Martha married Frank Swartz and had 1
child; Martin C. died in infancy.

6.Jonothan Hoover, born 8 Feb 1818.He married 19 Nov
1843 to Catherine Fouse who was born 7 Nov 1823.He died
28 Apr 1892 and she died 19 Sep 1897.They had 11
children: Franklin married Molly Zents; William married
Emma Heimbaugh; Elizabeth married John Strosaker;
Jonothan born 1849 and died 1850; Priscilla married Brison
Myers; Jacob born 1853 and died 1864; Sarah married
Emanuel Springle; Ellen married Frank Yarrick; Daniel
married Ada Bixler;Wilson married Bertha Foust; Ida
married Albert Shick.

Samuel (# 3 above) had 2 children with his second wife,
Hannah Smith, who were:

7.John C. Hoover, born 17 Jun 1823.He married 3 Dec
1846 to Margaret Keller.He died 7 Oct 1893 and she died
4 Jul 1898.They had 9 children: Samuel, Hannah, Susanna
Jane, John Andrew, Harrison C, Laura, Flora Etta, Mary Ida,
and Frank H.

8.Samuel Wesley Hoover, born 5 Jul 1824.He married 9
Jun 1851 to Sarah Worden Van Houten.She died 18 Aug
1868.They had 9 children.He then married Angelina A.
Feely.Samuel died 8 Aug 1890.

There is lots of Hoover information in this book.If you
believe you are connected to this family, it would be well
worth reading.Since it is on microfilm, I am sure a copy
could be obtained through the local LDS Church library on

Another book, also found in the LDS Library in Salt Lake
City, was rather unique in its format.The title kind of tells
the story."Our Lives in Review - Ava Marie (King) Brown -
William Hoover Brown"One of the comments was "Ava and
I didn't know we were distant cousins until after we were
married".William Hoover Brown was born May 23, 1894 at
the farm home of his parents, Abraham Lincoln and Myrtle
(Welsh) Brown, located two miles southwest of Wyandot in
Antrim Township, Wyandot County, Ohio.His maternal
grandparents were Henry M. and Emily (Hoover) Welsh.
Henry served in the Civil War and was wounded at the Battle
of Iuka, Mississippi.He was discharged in November 1862
and one year later, he married Emily.Emily was the
daughter of William and Phoebe (Swisher) Hoover.The
maternal grandparents are buried in the Mausoleum at the
Nevada, Ohio cemetery.William Hoover was the son of
Christian Hoover and Miss Simmons.Christian Hoover was
the son of George Hoover and Martha (Gallaspie) Hoover.
For a time reference, George Hoover was born 1756 and died
1815.George and Martha is also known to have a son
named Sebastian Hoover who married Martha Hoffman.
Their daughter, Phoebe Hoover married Jacob Brobst.Their
daughter, Harriet Brobst married Felix Reber, who were the
grandparents of Ava (King) Brown.

Another book was the "Genealogical History of John Francis
Huber from Bucks County, PA and his descendants with related
families 1751 - 1983" by Gloria C. Hartzell.This book begins
with John Francis Huber, born ca 1718 - died after 1787 and
wife, Maria Elizabeth.Their children were Michael Huber,
Sr; Elizabeth Huber who married John Christopher Illick, Sr;
John Huber, Sr who married Susanna Barbara Heist; and
Henry Huber Sr who married Catharine Barbara Schmidt.

This book contains over 600 persons named Hoover and over
600 persons named Huber.If you haven't looked at it yet, I
highly recommend that you check it out.The research
appears methodical and the bibliography contains the names
of numerous sources of which I was unaware.As a result, I
have additional sources added to my list of 'things to do'.

While in Nashville, Indiana, I went into Heritage Printing
Company to obtain a copy of a book they had printed about
Brown County, Indiana.Unfortunately it was out of print
and there were no copies left.I observed a copy of "Kentucky
SKAGGS Records" and started looking at it (while the owner
was looking to see if there were any copies left of the book
I was looking for) for style, etc.When he returned, I asked
how much a book of similar nature would cost to print.He
apparently misunderstood my question and said he would let
me have it for CHEAP.I repeated my question about costs
to print several hundred copies of a family history and he
gave me a price.The cost of the Skaggs book was so
CHEAP, I decided to purchase it for future reference.A
couple of months ago, I decided to give it to the local
genealogy library.I decided to breeze through it before
parting with it and just happened to open it to a page that
contained a person named Hoover. Since there was no master
index, it was no easy task of looking up a Hoover in this book
but I managed to get through it, finally.You can see why the
newsletter is usually late, I can get distracted so easily when
genealogy is involved.The Hoover-Huber names I found are:

1.William Skaggs married Margaret Hoover on 27 Apr 1803
in Green County, KY.

2.Moses Hoover married Lydia Skaggs Wooley on 23 Feb
1819 in Hardin Co, KY

3.John H. Skaggs, age 33, born Green Co, KY 2nd marriage
- married Catherine Hoover, age 29, 1st marriage at Corrinth
Baptist Church, LaRue Co, KY

4.Arbella Skaggs married H. L. Huber on 31 Dec 1877 in
LaRue Co, KY

5.J. Sid Hoover, 1890-1968 son of Alta, 1893-1961, son of
James Edgar Hoover, 19 Mar 1913 - 1 Oct 1934 buried in
Mt. Moriah Cemetery, LaRue Co, KY

6.Mary A. Hoover, 2 Apr 1858 - 22 Aug 1877, wife of John
R. Hoover, buried in Nolynn Baptist Church Cemetery,
LaRue Co, KY

7.Susan Annie Skaggs, born in Taylor County, KY married
H. T. Huber age 26, born in Taylor Co, KY on 10 Mar 1898
in Taylor Co, KY

Obviously, genealogy information is where you find it!

The "Second Census of Kentucky - 1800" by G. Glenn Clift,
Asst Secretary, Kentucky Historical Society, published by
Genealogical Publishing Co, 1966, listed the following persons
named Hoover.

Page 140 - Felix HooverFleming County
- George HooverGreen County
- George HooverOhio County
- Jacob HooverFleming County
- John HooverHarrison County

Page 142 - David HoverJessamine County
- Andrew HoverJessamine County
- Icabod HoverHardin County
- Moses HoverJessamine County

Found a hand written booklet named "Descendants of Lorenz
Schmahl" by Donald C. Keller.It says First Edition,
published December 1968; First Printing, December 1963, 25
copies of which this is copy No. 1A (Personal copy of the

This booklet contains about 7 pages on persons named Huber
(he also listed the persons with a spelling of Hubert as they
are shown with the different spellings in different records).

It starts out with 'Research at Erie County Clerk's Office,
February 13,16,17,19,1970.Records of John Huber Family'.
Part of his story is quoted below:

"(1) 1850,1855,1860,1865,1870 censuses checked without
locating "our" John Huber Family.Checked 4th, 5th, 6th,
7th, and or/8th wards (and not all of them in every year) so
this family could have been listed without my locating the
listing.There are no indexes so all searching must be made
line by line and page by page thru the thousands of listings.

(2) 7th Ward - 1855 Census, found John Huber, age 32,
widower, candlemaker. (not ours).

(3) 5th Ward - 1870 Census, found John Huber, age 47,
saloon keeper, from Switzerland, wife Regina.(not ours)

(4) Finally! After 3 days of searching, found, 1875 Census,
listed in 4th District, 6th Ward, page 23, line 10; Family No.
188, Frame House, value $1300

Johann Huberlaborerage 53born Switzerland,
John"teamster"22"Erie Co
Sophia"age1 2/10 (sic)""
(per later research this would be 687 Jefferson).

New information learned from above entry.

(A) If son John was born in Erie Co., his parents
arrived here, probably in Buffalo, no later than 1853.This
checks with the previous research of 4/26/69 where I located
a John Huber, from Switzerland, who filed naturalization
intent in 1854 and received it in 1865.

(B) We now know that John and Mary both came from
Switzerland and if there is any French ancestry, it must be
from older generations.

(C) John was a laborer which will help in identification
of him in directory listings.

(D) Daughter, Mary (now 20 years old), Fredericka (now
18), Theresa (now 14), Joseph (now 16), and Andrew (now
8) not listed.The oldest four could be married or 'boarding
in' but Andrew's absence cannot be explained unless dead.

(5) Found following marriage record:Year 1878, Vol. 1,
index page 78, license No. 1036:Johann Weber, age 26, born
Germany to Fredericka Hubert, age 22, born Buffalo
witnesses John Hubert and Peter Schmahl (note spelling of
family name)

(6) Found following listing in 1875 census:Theresa Huber,
age 14, servant, born Erie County, home of Christian Kraull
(6th Ward, page 15).'Our' Theresa Huber was born Dec
1860 and would have been 14 in 1875 when this listing was
made on June 3.This also accounts for her not being listed
with the rest of her family. (see previous para. (4) (D).

Research February 18, 1970; checked various cemeteries.

(7) Found the following records at 'The Mount Calvary
Cemetery' office:The
United German and French Roman Catholic Cemetery, Pine
Ridge Road., Checktowaga: Lot No. 113, Section RR, Mary
Huber, died 3/19/1916.Lot No. 2, line 2, Sec. SS,grave
20, John Huber, died 1/16/1893.Deep snow prevented my
locating the graves or determining the existence or absence
of gravestones.

Research of Feb. 9,10,11,12,1970 Buffalo and Erie Co.
Historical Society

Huber family listings in Buffalo Directories.

----------------------------- ----------------------------
1848-495 Hubers, no John
1849-505 Hubers, no John
1850-51John HuberLaborer520 Michigan
1851-52John Huber""
18525 Hubers, no John
185310 Hubers, no John
1854,55,&56John HuberPaverJefferson near
1857John HuberTanneryBatavia near
18589 Hubers, no John
185913 Hubers, no John
1860-1865John Hubers listed were tailors
1866 & 1867John HuberLaborerBatavia near
1868-1870John Hubers listed but were saloon keepers,
wagonmakers, etc.
1871John HuberLaborer482 Spring
1872 & 1873John HuberLaborer500 Adams
1874John HuberLaborer612 Batavia
187530 Hubers listed including 4 John Hubers
including John HuberMason687 Jefferson
1876John HuberLaborer596 Jefferson
1877John HuberLaborer477 Michigan
18786 John Hubers, none seemed to fit"

The record continues through 1895.A statement that 1896
& after not checked.

While no state of location is given, I assume from Buffalo
and Erie County, this research was done in New York state.
His research goes on to state that "only those listings believed
to be for 'our' Huber family are shown" but he then states
that in 1848-49 there are 5 Hubers listed, in 1858 there are
9 Hubers, in 1858 there are 13 Hubers (all of these have no
first names given).Apparently there were more than one
Huber family that came to the Buffalo area in the 1840's.

I included the information just as it was recorded because it
was so painstakingly done, printed very clearly so that there
is no question of the spellings, etc.It is quite obvious that
this was a labor of love.We should all do half so well!

Another book found at LDS library was "Genealogy of
Thomas Hutchins of Salem, Massachusetts with a History of
Allied Families" by Jack Randolph Hutchins.I do not have
the page that normally would show when published but it was
microfilmed on 3 Oct 1972.This book shows:

Harriett Hutchins, was born in New York in 1818.On 26
July 1835, she married Jacob Huber, who was born in
Switzerland in 1807.He came to the United States on 15
Nov 1816 and was one of the first settlers in Green Springs,
Ohio.Harriet and Jacob lived in Green Springs where she
died in 1885.Jacob died there on 18 Feb 1894 and they are
both buried in Green Springs.Their Children were:

1.George Huber, born 25 Sep 1836 and married Kate Afton.
They lived in Norwalk, Ohio and did not have issue.

2.Walter F. Huber, born 5 Jul 1838 and married Emeline
Young.He served in the Civil War and died on 16 Mar 1924
and is buried in Fremont, Ohio.

3.Levi Huber, born 6 Apr 1840.He was married 3 times.
His first wife and mother of his 8 children was Laura Brown.

Another book found at the LDS library was "Augustus Krosch
Family and related Fenske, Huber, Kern and Sohn Families" by
John P. Arnold, D.V.M. and Mrs. Frances C. Krosch, dated
18 Jan 1984.This book contains about 6 pages of persons
from the Huber line:

Anna Bertha Krosch was born on 28 Dec 1864 at Elmore,
MN and died on 25 Nov 1945.She married William B.
Huber on 7 Feb 1885.He was born 1 Aug 1854 and died on
21 Oct 1933.He was the son of William and Rachael B.
(Barndt) Huber.William and Anna
Huber are buried in the Riverview Cemetery, Elmore, MN.
The Children of William and Anna Huber were:

1.Emma Rosetta Huber who married Joseph Kleindl.
2.Fred August Huber who did not marry.
3.Lucy Mary Huber who married Martin Haggie.
4.Lizzie Isabella Huber who died as an infant.
5.Nettie May Huber who married Mike Blaske.
6.George William Huber who married Rosella Northwick.
7.Charles Albert Huber who married Rose Lucille

Another book found at the LDS library was "The History of
the Eshleman Family" collected and compiled by Ira
Eshleman of Elkhart, Indiana, born 1875 - died 1956.I do
not have the date of publication but it was microfilmed 31
Aug 1982.It lists the family of Barbara and Abraham Huber.
Children were:

1. Peter Huber
2. Samuel Huber
3. Jacob Huber
4. John Huber, born Feb 1806, died 22 Jan 1889, married
Fanny Buckwalter.
5. Name unknown, married Christian Hess
6. Name unknown, married Henry Stoner
7. Name unknown, married -----Horst
8. Name unknown, married Andrew Groff.

Also listed is the family of Abraham and Elizabeth Horst
Eshleman, whose daughter, Susanna Eshleman, born 22 Aug
1826, married John Hoover.

Also listed is the family of Elizabeth Eshleman and John
Horst, whose son, Abraham Horst, born 21 Feb 1823,
married (1) Barbara Eshleman (2) Anna Hoover - they had
2 boys - (3) Mary Hoover.

Some time in the past, I obtained information on another
Hoover Family that lived in Brown County, Indiana.It was
compiled by Kenneth J. Reeve and Helen H. Reeve of the
Brown County Historical Society, Nashville, Indiana in 1982.

Henry Hoover, born ca. 1830, in Ohio.He married Nancy
Jane Ault, (called Jemimah in some records).She was born
5 Jul 1838 in Ohio (calculated from age at death) and died
21 Sep 1909, age 70 years, 2 months and 16 days.It shows
married 1838, Ohio but this is obviously an error.Shows
burial in Christiansburg Cemetery, Brown County, Ohio.It
is not clear if both are buried there or only her.Children

1.Mary Alice Hoover, born 6 Jun 1865 in Ohio and married
George Washington White.
2.Eunice Arbell Hoover, born 18 Sep 1866 in Ind and
married Thomas A. Fox.
3.Charles Hoover, born ca 1868 in Ind.As he was not
married in 1880 census, it isprobable that he died
before then.
4.Malissa Jane Hoover, born 31 Oct 1873 in Ind and
married Thomas N. Smith.
5.Francis Marion Hoover, born 5 Oct 1876 in Ind and
married Mrs Delilah Jane (Curtis)West.
6.Sarah Elizabeth Hoover, born 24 Jul 1882 in Brown Co,
Ind and married John W.Brooks.

Always record your source!How many times have you heard
this?Have you ever forgotten to do so?

In this case, I did not record the source - but at one time I
found the following (somewhere):Jacob Hoover, service -
Virginia, VA No. 23373, enlisted September 1779,
Rockingham County, Virginia and served 6 months under
Captain Davis & Noll McCoy under Colonel Smith in
activities against the Indians in the Monongahela Valley.
Discharged 1780.Applied for a pension.

Also:Washington County, Maryland, 1778, The Worshipful
John Stull's Returns: #66 - Christopher Hoover.

And in the Jessamine Co, KY wills, Book A:David Hoover,
April 14, 1813, nuncupative.Wife, Elizabeth.Brothers:
Moore, Jonas.Executors:Wife, Andrew Hoover, Henry
Hoover Jr.Witness:Andrew Hoover and Barberry Hoover.

Also in the LDS library in Salt Lake City, I found the book,
"Genealogy of the Houser, Rhorer, Dillman, Hoover
Families" published in 1910.Abraham Houser, the
progenitor of this family, married Nancy Rhorer.Three of
their children married persons named Hoover.Son, Jacob
married Mary Hoover; Christopher married Elizabeth Hoover
and Nancy married Joel Hoover.Abraham Houser was born
in Wondenberg, Germany about 1740.His wife, Nancy
Rhorer was also born in Germany in 1770.He died at the
home of his daughter, Nancy Hoover, in Claremont Co, OH
in 1825.She died in Kentucky in 1813.There are numerous
descendants named Hoover that were located in Kentucky,
Indiana and Ohio.If you are looking for Hoover families in
that region about 1800-1850, it would be a good idea to look
through this book as you may find a connection.This editor
felt for a long time that he was probably connected with this
line because many of them lived in Brown and Monroe
counties, Indiana; but, is of the opinion, at this time, that no
connection exists unless it is prior to 1800.The index
contains the names of over 100 persons named Hoover.
Recommended reading!

From the book, "Oklahoma Territory Weddings" by Frances
Murphy Bode, 1983, Pioneer Book Committee, Geary, OK,
we find the following:

Page 124:Orval Hoover, 25, married Mary Boyer, 19, on 19
Sep 1900.Blaine Co Marriage Records, Book 1, page 290.

Page 147:Merideth Clutler, 47, married Amanda Hoover,
48, on 2 Jan 1902, Caddo County Book 1, page 27.

Page 173: V.O. Hoover, 22, married Lora Hasting, 16, on 10
Jul 1907, Caddo County
Book 3, page 110.

On the LDS library (FHC) film 1033939 item 14, I found
Ripley County, Indiana marriage of John Hoover to Neoma
Jane Mack on 9 Nov 1837, from Marriage Book #2, page

I also found a note that I checked Clark County, Indiana
marriages from 1807 to 1824 and found no one named
Hoover.My note states that part of Clark county became
Harrison, Floyd, Scott and Jefferson counties.I include this
as sometimes negative notes are also helpful.

A copy of a land deed recorded in Jackson County, Indiana
on 14 May 1827 was signed by John Hoover and his wife
Rebecca Hoover transferring title to William Sutherland.

I also found and "thought" I obtained information from "The
Wenger Book, A Foundation Book of American Wengers"
published by Pennsylvania German Heritage History Inc but
I cannot find the information that I thought I had obtained.
I know there was considerable information about persons
named Hoover.I believe that this is the family, Wenger, that
is connected to the Hoover-Huber Family written about by
Harry Hoover but I am not sure.

Information taken from a booklet, "JAY Family Association"

(1) John Jay married (2) Mahalah Hoover on 22 Nov 1838,
West Branch Mtg, West Milton, Ohio, daughter of Noah

(2) Mary Jay married John G. Hoover (1961) resided in West
Branch, Iowa.Since Mary was born in 1836 , I suspect that
it should have read 1861.

(3) William Elwood Jay married Minnie J. Hoover on 5 Oct
1876 at Pleasant Hill, Ohio.She was the daughter of
Frederick Y. Hoover.

(4) Samuel Jay, married Sarah Hoover, 23 Mar 1854, she was
daughter of Jesse Hoover.They lived in Bangor, Iowa.

I found the following marriage licenses in Lawrence Co,

Book C, page 407, Joseph Hoever, age 32 married Nancy
Little, age 28 on 9 Feb 1868.

Also in Lawrence Co, Arkansas, in Book 1, page 140 of the
Administrators Bonds and Letters, I found: C. W. White
appointed administrator for the estate of John Hoover, filed
25 Mar 1909, signed by C W White; J W Followell; Orinda
Cameron.This John Hoover was the brother of my
grandfather, Henry.I am not sure just what family
connection, if any, C W White and J W Followell had with
John.Orinda was his daughter and he also had a son named
Ed Hoover.Since Followell was the maiden name of John
Hoover's mother, this J. W. is probably a cousin.

Other little tidbits of information that may or may not be of
value to someone.

1.From the book, "American Surnames" by Elsdon C. Smith,
Chilton Book Company, Philadelphia, copyright 1969, Library
of Congress # 71-85245, I extracted the following:The 1964
Social Security records revealed that there were an estimated
52,400 persons named Hoover in the US and 36,220 persons
named Huber.

2.Mortality schedules were taken for the years 1850, 1860,
1870 and 1880 and are available either through the National
Archives, the Daughters of the American Revolution or
through the State Archives, Historical Society, Vital Statistics
bureau or that state's University.The Mortality Schedules
show everyone that died during the year of the census.They
are not available for every state (only 29 states that I could
find listed) but where they are available, they can be a
valuable source of information.

3.Many states had a census taken in years other than the
known census taken in the years ending in zero.Several of
them had a census taken while they were still a territory.If
you haven't checked them yet, you should give them a try.
For example:Suppose you are checking records in Illinois.
There was a census taken in 1787, 1793, 1810, 1818, 1820,
1825, 1830, 1835, 1840, 1845, 1855 and 1865.NO, I haven't
checked all of them, but maybe it is time we ALL add this to
our things to do!

I recently was looking through Family Group Sheets located
in the LDS Church library in Sacramento, CA.The Family
Group Sheets are filed as follows:

Book 1, page 16 - Anna Marie Huber, born 3 Feb 1838,
Thumringer, Baden (Germany), died 3 Oct 1900 - married 22
Nov 1868 to William Pfunder, born 22 Nov 1839, Germany
died 22 Feb 1917 at Syracuse, Ondaga Co, NY.Submitted by
John Elmer Pfunder, 2705 Barbera Way, Rancho Cordova,
CA on 18 Jun 1963.

Book 5, page 149 - Alice Hoover, born 9 May 1864 at
Breckinridge, Caldwell Co, MO, died 23 Jan 1933 at Bunch,
Davis Co, Iowa, married 6 Aug 1893 to Addison Elmer Paris,
born 8 Jan 1870 at Bunch, Davis Co, Iowa, died 1 Aug 1960
at Bloomfield, Davis Co, Iowa, submitted by Mrs Chloie E.
Paris, Rte 1, Box 484, St Helena, Oregon about 1964.
Book 6, page 102 - Christian Hoover, born 26 Oct 1809 at
Westmoreland Co, PA, died 15 Dec 1897 at Burlingame,
Orange Co, Kansas - married Mary Green, born 4 Sep 1812,
Pennsylvania and died 10 Oct 1907, Warrenburg, MD or MO.
I can't read my own writing at this late date.These are
parents of Sara Anna or Susanna Hoover, born 7 Jun 1837 in
PA, died 2 Aug 1873 at Kellog, Jasper Co, Iowa, who was
married to William Farley Pierce.The submitter was Goldy
T. Baker, 52 Sheridan St, Placerville, CA and was submitted
24 Jan 1965.

Book and page not recorded - Sallie Ann Hoover, born 16
Jul 1871 at Brandywine, W.V., died 4 Oct 1956 at Hinton,
VA - married 9 Feb 1892 to Charles Elmer Shiflet, born 7
Mar 1871 at Dayton, VA and died 14 Oct 1943 at Hinton,
VA.She was the daughter of Isaac Hoover, born 20 Jan
1854 at Brandywine, W.V. died 11 Apr 1930 at Hinton, VA
married in June 1870 (no day given) to Margaret Propst,
born 28 Jun 1844 at Brandywine, W.V., died 26 Apr 1918 at
Hinton, VA.Parents of Isaac Hoover were William Hoover,
born 24 Jan 1817, born Brandywine, W.V. , died 21 Oct 1889
at Brandywine, W.V., married (no date) to Susannah
Brennaman, born 6 Jan 1817 at Brandywine, W.V., died 6
Sep 1863 at
Brandywine, W.V.Parents of William Hoover was William
Hoover, married 1806 to Barbara Propst.Submitter was Mrs.
T.W. Shiflet, 472 Locust Ave, PO Box 537, Waynesboro,
Virginia about 1963.

Book 14, page 195 - Hans Rudolph Huber married Verena
Neaf.Their son, Edward Huber, born 28 Sep 1813 at
Hausen, Switzerland married Anna Maria Schlect, born 5
Dec 1813 at Tullene Eliass, Germany.Their son, John Paul
Huber, born 25 Nov 1849 at Paris, France died 16 Aug 1921
at Chandler, Arizona married Mary Ann Dalton, born 11 Oct
1861, Salt Lake City, Utah, died 18 June 1929 at Phoenix,
Arizona.Their daughter,

Elizabeth Ann Huber, born 18 Feb 1888 at Mesa, Arizona,
died 28 Sep 1960 at Modesto,
CA - married 28 Mar 1907 to Brigham Nelson Openshaw,
born 10 Jun 1885 at Tempe, AZ died 29 Dec 1964 at
Modesto, CA.Their daughter, Louise "H" Openshaw was
born 1 Oct 1914 at Chandler, Arizona.The submitter,
Louise Openshaw lists her name and address as Mrs DeVear
Dennis, 2410 River Road, Modesto, CA and it was submitted
9 Aug 1970.

Book 27, page 8 - Isabel Hoover born 1800 at Bath Co, VA
married about 1827 to James H. Cleek.She died 16 May
1883 at Bath Co, VA.Her father was Jacob Hoover, born
about 1750, died 30 May 1844 at Allegheny Co, VAand
married 10 Sep 1798 to Jane Mayse, born 1778 at Augusta
Co, VA and died 1851 at Allegheny Co, VA.This was
submitted by Claire E. Hubbard, 7116 Sutter Avenue,
Carmichael, CA born 11 June 1916 (nee Williams).Isabel
Hoover was the great great grandmother of the submitter.

From the book, Tennessee Genealogical Records, Volume #
5, compiled by Edythe Rucher Whitley, 1934, from State
Archives in Nashville, Tennessee - Sumner Co, TN marriage
records:John Hoover married Lydia Waller, 12 Feb 1803,
signed by Samuel Donelson.

From the book, Kentucky Marriages 1797 - 1865 compiled by
G. Glenn Clift, Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc, Baltimore

Page 164 - Henry C. Rhorer, of Jessamine County married
Miss Mattie J. Hoover of Monroe County, Indiana 5 Nov
1854.Kentucky Statesman newspaper dated 28 Nov 1854.

Page 181 - Thomas A. Hoover married Mary C. Smith of
Jessamine County 10 Nov 1857.Lexington Observer and
Reporter newspaper dated 14 Nov 1857.

Page 182 - William H. Hoover of Jessamine Co married Miss
Sarah A. Evans of Garrard Co on 26 Nov 1857.Lexington
Observer and Reporter newspaper dated 16 Dec 1857.

From the book, The Kentucky Land Grants by Willard Rouse
Jillson, Genealogical Publishing
Co, Baltimore, 1971.

Page 1365 - Grants in County Court Orders:

David Hoover50 a25 Nov 1847Estill CoS. Fk
Station Camp
James Hoover38 a2 Aug 1850Crittenden CoClay Lick
J. G. Hoover50 a6 Aug 1853Crittenden CoClay Lick
Daniel Hoover 150 a12 Jan 1853Estill CoRopes Cr
Daniel Hoover 100 a16 Oct 1851Estill CoRosses Cr
J. G. Hoover60 a19 Feb 1855Crittenden CoClay Lick
John AJ Hoover 170 a1 Mar 1855Estill CoRosses Cr
Daniel Hoover60 a?? Sep 1855Estill CoStation
Camp Cr
Daniel Hoover22 a1 Oct 1857Estill CoBig Spring
James Hoover3 a28 Apr 1858Crittenden CoCrooked
I G Hoover60 a28 Jun 1860Crittenden CoClay Lick
Nancy J Hoover 100 a5 Mar 1869Floyd Cor h Fk
Beaver Cr
John M Hoover242 a 24 Jun 1874Floyd CoRound

Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1790, by John B. Linn and
William H. Egle, Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore,
1979, Library of Congress # 75-37471:

License issued 7 Dec 1774 to Conrad Hoover and Eleanor
License issued 13 Sep 1768 to Elizabeth Hoover and
Alexander Gardner
License issued 11 Feb 1760 to Jacob Hoover and Elizabeth
License issued 13 Jan 1774 to Adam Hoovis and Mary James
License issued 14 Jan 1765 to Jacob Hoover and Elizabeth

Additions to our mailing list

1. Lucinda F. Meyers
2. Patti J. Hoover Otten
3. Tom Putnam
4. Mennonite Historical Library, Goshen College, Goshen, IN

If you received your FIRST issue of the newsletter last month
and your name does not appear with your address as a new
addition to our mailing list in either that issue or this issue,
you must notify me in writing that you desire to continue
receiving it.Since your names were taken from back issues
of The Genealogical Helper and the addresses may be out of

Ed Hoover has sent me copies of pages of information about
alumni of the United States Military Academy (West Point).
Ed states that alumni records are helpful in tracking down
ancestors.Thanks for that tidbit and the below information:

Bruce Allen Hoover, born PA 24 Jun 1954, Class of 1976,
Edward Franklin Hoover Jr, born WV 4 Apr 1917, Class of
1940, Colonel.
Gregory M. Hoover, X1978 (?)- (ED:I assume he did not
James Michael Hoover, born TX 14 May 1949, Class of 1971,
John Elwood Hoover, born VA 28 Apr 1924, Class of 1947,
Major General.
Kenneth R. Hoover, X1955 (?) - (ED: I assume he did not
Reynold N Hoover, #40301 - (ED: no other information
Robert Milton Hoover, born PA 31 Mar 1926, Class of 1950,
Lt. Colonel.
Roger W. Hoover, x1973 (?) - (ED:I assume he did not
Stewart Whiting Hoover, born ID, Class of 1917, killed in
France 1 Mar 1918, Captain, first graduate of USMA killed
in World War I.
Warren Harlan Hoover, born DC 15 Feb 1909, Class of 1931,
William Gregory Hoover Jr, born FL 6 May 1957, Class of
William Ovid Hoover Jr, born NJ 25 Sep 1941, Class of 1964,

Volume 4, Number 2

As the last issue is being printed, I have started typing this
one.I think I have found the secret of getting things done

In accordance with the last issue, I will continue with some of
the information I found in the LDS Library in Salt Lake City,
UT during my 1985 genealogy safari.I decided to start
March off on the right foot, so started trying to organize this
mess, called the computer room.Everything has been
removed from the floor except for a couple of boxes from my
1985 trip.I finally opened the last one last night and to my
surprise , I found that it contained Family Group Sheets on
persons named Hoover and Huber.I have no idea what
families or why so many but I suppose it has to do with the
LDS Church baptism schedules.I will be using them one of
these days.There must be 3000 pages of paper involved.So
they probably contain 25 to 30 thousand names.WOW!

* * * * * *

Some more books that contained information on Hoover-
Huber families are listed below.

The Clappers in America, by Marie Leighty Engle, 1980.
The first Hoover found in the book is Christian Hoover, d.
1827, interred probably in Martinsburg, PA who married
Catharine Clapper.After his death, Catharine married
Daniel Ulrich.Christian Hoover and Catharine Clapper had
5 children.

1. Sarah Hoover, born ca 1814, died 10 Oct 1837, married
Christian Heaston.It is said that Sarah Hoover was the first
one to be buried in the Lancaster Cemetery in Indiana.

2. Catharine Hoover, m John Hardman and moved to Iowa.

3. Mary Ann Hoover born 14 Sep 1822 near Martinsburg,
PA, died 11 Oct 1886, Lancaster, Indiana, married 17 Dec
1840 in Indiana to John Holsinger Ulrich b. 19 Dec 1817,
Roaring Springs, PA, d. 2 Apr 1881, Lancaster, Indiana.
Both are interred in Lancaster, Indiana.

4.Nancy Hoover m. Jacob Acker.

5.Jacob Hoover, nothing known about him.

Next entry is for marriage of Daniel K Clapper, son of
Samuel Clapper and Nancy Kagarise who married Rachel B.

Next entry is for Mary Grace Clapper, born 17 Nov 1905,
Altoona, PA who married Daniel Clayton Hoover, b. 2 Jul
1896 Woodbury PA and d. 6 Aug 1947, McKee, PA.He was
the son of David Hoover and Rachel Walter.Their children
were David Charles Hoover, b 31 May 1924, Claysburg, PA
d. 16 Aug 1970 McKee, PA, unmarried, interred
Leamersville, Blair Co, PA in Riverview Cemetery; Fannie
Ruth Hoover b 17 Jan 1926 d. 10 Jul 1926 interred Koontz
Cemetery near Loysburg, PA; Helen Arlene Hoover, b. 1 Apr
1936, Martinsburg, PA, d 7 May 1957 interred Koontz

Next entry is for Lottie R. Clapper b 31 Jan 1888 d 3 Feb
1934 m Wilson B. Hoover in 1908, b 24 Sep 1882 Loysburg,
PA d. 1965 Martinsburg, PA, the son of George Hoover and
Elizabeth Baker.They had 3 children.

Daniel K. Clapper b 8 Nov 1864, Hopewell Twp, PA d. 16
jan 1927, Meyersdale, PA m. Rachel B. Hoover of near
Saxton, PA 28 Jan 1885, b. 7 May 1866, d. 4 Sep 1938
Meyersdale, PA, dau of Jonathan L Hoover and Catharine
Bollinger, interred Union Cemetery, Meyersdale, PA.Daniel
K. Clapper was the author of "History of the Clappers" in a
nut shell - 1914.It deals with the history of Samuel Clapper
and Nancy Kagarise and their eight sons.

Next, there is information on Mary and Susan Clapper,
daughters of Ludwig Clapper, both of whom married Jacob
Brumbaugh.After Susan died he married her younger sister,
Mary.Jacob was the son of George Brumbaugh and wife
Anna Hoover, the widow of Christian Hoover.

An interesting note on page 494 of this book, discusses John
Wise, Jacob Wise, Elizabeth Puderbaugh and Elizabeth
Hoover and other Wise names.The note is:Our conclusion
is that there has been a mistaken identity of the parents of
Susan Wise, one which originated with some erroneous
information.A common misconception is assuming that a
person is descended from another person of the same
surname and ignoring to make any basic research.(See
pages 231 and 269).Since I did not copy those pages, I do
not know what is being discussed but if you have any Hoovers
connected to Wise, this book should probably be on your
MUST read list.

Another book I found which contained references to Hoovers
1950.I failed to copy the page containing the name of the
author or when it was published (if that page was on the

Jennie R. Crispell born 12 May 1858, m. Abid Baldwin
Hoover, 15 Jan 1882 b. 30 Dec 1841, d. Nov 1921.They had
5 children listed.

John Merrit Crispell b. 13 Dec 1883 m. Helen Mae Hoover
12 Mar 1908.They had 6 children.

Additional Hoovers were listed, mostly born from about 1890
to 1950.
* * * * * *

Another book was The Descendants of Moses and Mary
(Dow) Barrett by Madalene R. Barnett, Ph. D.

Alice Ann Barrett, b. Loop, PA 1867, d Loop PA 21 Feb
1930 married Loop, PA 24 Mar 1886 to John Quincy Hoover,
b 19 Jan 1864, d 20 Oct 1948, the son of Charles Coleman
Hoover and Nancy Catherine Lantz.They had 11 children,
all born in Loop, PA.

As best that I could determine, the remainder of the
Hoover's listed in this book (there are quite a few) appear to
be descended from Alice Ann Barrett and John Quincy
* * * * * *

THE KEARNS FAMILY of Decatur and Derry Townships,
Mifflin County, Pennsylvania by David L. Green, 1979.

The first listing I could find in this book was from the will of
John Kearns in which he mentions his daughter, Margaret
who was married to Christian Hoover.This will was
probated 28 May 1851.Margaret b 15 Jul 1809 d 19 Aug
1891 m Christian C. Hoover.Margaret Kearns was born in
Derry Twp (Decatur Twp after 1813) Mifflin co, PA 15 Jul
1809, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Stroup) Kearns.She
died in Kansas at the home of her daughter "Cinie"
[doubtless Lucinda M. (Hoover Mohler], 19 Aug 1891.She
married, perhaps in 1833, Christian C. Hoover, son of
Christian Hoover, probably by his wife Nancy (?Studds).He
was born ca 27 Dec 1805 and died 8 Aug 1873.His first
name is given erroneously as Christopher in the Biographical
Encyclopedia of the Juniata Valley.They had 8 children, 7
girls and 1 son who died at 1 month of age, so the Hoover
line in
this family ended abruptly.
* * * * * *

SWINDELL - HOOVER, compiled by Ella Foy O'Gorman,

This book first mentions Peter Hoover, the immigrant, born
about 1763, Alsace-Lorraine or Germany, died about 1843,
Georgeville, Indiana County, PA, married before 1785,
probably in Germany to Elizabeth Baird, Beard or Beart,
born about 1770, died before 1840, in Georgeville, PA.So
far as is known, Peter Hoover, settled first near Hagerstown,
MD where his two eldest sons were born.Whether the
eldest daughter was also born in Maryland is not known.
Peter Hoover is next found at Morrison's Cove, Huntingdon
County, PA in 1803.Later the family is found settling on the
Little Mahoning near Ross Run, Indiana County, PA where
Peter Hoover was taxed in 1807.Children were:

1.Elizabeth born 1785, died 6 May 1851, married Peter
Krautzer or Crotzer.

2.Frederick born 1791 married Susanna Weston.

3.Jacob Hoover born about 1794 married Nancy Ann

4.John Hoover, born about 1796 married (1) Frances
Coleman and (2) Margaret (Adams)Acheson, a widow.

5.Peter Hoover, born about 1798, married Hannah Pierce.

6.Mary Hoover, born about 1800 married Andrew Compton.

7.Nancy Hoover, born about 1803 married Benajah Warren.

8.George Hoover, born about 1805 married Matilda Hall.

There are numerous Hoovers descended from these children.
Worth reading.
* * * * * *

CONSIDER THE YEARS, by Bertha Evangeline Rowe
Witzeman with Ancestral Histories by James A. Rice, Akron

Chapter VII of this book begins "The Hoovers and the Gehrs
were my father, John N. Rowe's, forebears on his mother's
side.""Much of our information, but not all, comes from
Jacob Hoffman's book, Mathias and Mary [Hoover] Hoffman
and their Descendants written about 1978".Johannes Huber
(Hoover), who was my great great great great grandfather,
came from Switzerland to this country about 1732.So far as
we know, he remained in Lancaster County, PA, all his life.
The Hoovers established several different farms on the area
called Necessity located between Smithsburg and Ringgold,
* * * * * *

FAMILY, compiled and written by James M. Perrin,
December 1978.

The first Hoover in book appears on page 6:

Joseph Perrin, b. ca 1828 m Rosalin Hoover in 1850.

Emma Louise Perrin b. 25 Aug 1875 married Henry Peter
Hoover 1894.Henry was the youngest son of Bazile Ouvre
or Hoover and Arthemese Mitchell, daughter of Captain
William Mitchell.Bazile was the son of Henry Ouvre and
Delphine Lavigne, daughter of Antoine Lavigne and Marie
Rousseau.These families are from the Ponchatoula, LA area
(about 50 miles east of Baton Rouge).They had 11 children.
If you have any Hoover member who lived in eastern LA, it
would be a good idea to take a look at this book.
* * * * * *

Lancaster Counties, Pennsylvania, (ED NOTE:The copy
came out so dark, that I am unable to determine who was the
author or when it was written).

The first mention of a Hoover is the will of CATHRAN
HOOVER of Lawrence Township, Clearfield County, PA
signed 14 Oct 1843.In it, she mentions her son David
Hoover and David's daughter Esther Ann; also mentioned is
her daughter, Esther; her son Joseph and his daughter
Catherine; and her daughter in law Elizabeth the wife of
David Hoover.This Cathran Hoover is apparently Catherine
Zinn, daughter of Philip Jacob and Elizabeth Zinn, born 1770
who married Martin Hoover who was born 1762.Martin was
the son of Conrad Hoover, born in Laubia, Germany and his
wife, Anna Maria Lentz.Conrad was born in 1734 and came
to York County on Aug 25, 1761.Catherine and Martin had
13 children which are listed as John; Samuel; Jacob;
Elizabeth; Joseph; Daniel; George; David; Nancy
Ann; Catherine; Mary Polly; Esther; and Hetty.This book
follows some of the Hoover descendants as well as those of
the Zinn family.
* * * * * *

DANGLER FAMILY researched by Susan (Ayres) Strahl
and compiled by Vera Pauline (Benjamin) Routson, limited
edition #298, publishing date unknown.

Esther A. Dangler was born 26 May 1888 in Carryall Twp,
Paulding Co, OH, the daughter of Henry Lafayette Dangler
and his first wife, Emille "Millie" J. Magill.Esther died 17
Sep 1938 at Chelsea, Washtenaw Co, Michigan and is buried
in the Oak Grove Cemetery in Chelsea.Esther was married
to Milton Andrew Hoover on 17 Dec 1904 at Essex, Clinton
Co, Michigan.Milton was born 14 Mar 1874 and died 12
Oct 1957.He is buried next to his wife.Their daughter
Cora Regina Hoover married Earl Leroy Bauer; son Henry
C. Hoover - no marriage listed; son Clarence Ruhle Hoover
married Vera LaMoyne Holden; son Earl LeRoy Hoover
married Florence Ruth Clear; son Arthur D. Hoover - no
marriage listed; daughter Lucille May Hoover married
George Sanderson; son Warren Milton Hoover married Anna
Van Blaircum; son Gerald William Hoover married Goldie
Ruth Clear.
* * * * * *

LEHR prepared by her grandson, Stephen J. Kennedy.

This book begins with Adam Hoover, the immigrant
(probably).First there is his will, he made it out in 1799 and
it was probated 13 Aug 1814 in Washington Co, MD.It lists
his 14 children, six by his first wife, whose name is unknown
and eight by Catherine, whose last name we can learn from
other sources to have been Kramer.

The only other paper we have, other than Census reports and
tax records, is a reply to a questionnaire sent out by George
H. Liebegott, a professional genealogical publisher, of 521
26th St, Altoona, PA which was filled out by E.D. Kimes,
Canton, Ohio, August 22, 1945.It states the following:That
Adam Hoover was the immigrant ancestor, that he arrived at
Philadelphia 5 Oct 1767, that he was married 'probably in
Germany' about 1766 and that he resided in Franklin Co, PA
until 'prior to 1779' then in Morrison's Cove, in the Clover
Creek section, that he is buried in the Clover Creek
(Brumbaugh) cemetery at Fredericksburg (North Woodberry
Two, in the Cove) and that he had eight sons, Daniel
Christian, Samuel, Frederick, John, William, Jacob, George
and David (twins) and that the last three went to Indiana.

We will discuss some of these points later, but here we need
to consider the credibility of the person who furnished this
information as it applies to the crucial matter of the arrival
date of the immigrant and his initial location in this country.

We know from the will that William was his youngest child,
and that there were two daughters to Adam and Catherine.
Jacob, George and David were not his children.

This book continues to give numerous statements that appear
to correct some earlier research.In any instance, it lists
several children and includes a daughter Elizabeth who
married Jacob Wise.This seems to tie in with another book
mentioned earlier in this newsletter.This family ties into the
Brumbaugh family as well.Some of this family apparently
moved to Stark Co, OH while others stayed in Pennsylvania.
Must reading for any Hoover descendant whose line lived in
Stark County, Ohio or in Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

This book contains considerable information about part of
this family, but it is obvious that there are still many missing
links that need additional research by others.
* * * * * *

TWO PIERCE FAMILIES, Ancestors and Descendants of
Pomona, California by Margaret Pierce Parsons and N.
Vincent Parsons, 1976.

First entry is of John Hoover and Mary Watson on page 66.

John Hoover born 17__; died 1804; lived at Hagerstown,
Maryland; (son of Johannas Hoover, born at Basel,
Switzerland, who came to America and lived in Lancaster Co,
PA).John Hoover married, 17__ to Mary Watson, born
17__; died ____.Their children were:

1.Henry Hoover, 1748-1798, m Anna Wirtz/Wertz, lived at
Waynesboro, Franklin Co, PA.Henry Hoover's children:

a.John, 17-- 1851, lived at Waynesboro, PA, married
Isabel Stoop.

(1) John's children: Nancy married George Harbaugh;
Jacob; John md a Welty; Elizabeth md a Welty; Susan;
Henry; Bell; Christian md 1) Julia Barkdal and 2) Margaret

b.Henry 14 May 1795-14 Sep 1872, lived at Stark Co,
OH, married Margaret Smith.

c.Jacob 1797-1863; resided Waynesboro, PA, married
Nancy Harbaugh.

d.daughter (no name given) married Mathias Hoffman.

2.Anna Hoover, married Jacob Welty.

3.Ulrich born and died in Hagerstown, MD, no record of

4.Daniel Hoover, 1823-1905, married Mary 'Polly' Kryder.
It appears that Daniel went to New Berlin, Ohio (renamed
North Canton after World War I).Children:

a.William Henry 18 Aug 1849-25 Feb 1932 at North
Canton, Ohio, married Susan Troxell.

b.Joseph Warren 19 Nov 1843-18 Jun 1925 married Mary
Catherine Ruthrauff.

ED NOTE:I went into more detail on this because of the
request by Betty Jane Mason.This is apparently the Mary
Catherine Ruthrauff genealogy you are asking about.

RICHARD FAMILY TREE by Peggy Pappas, 1981.

The portion containing Hoover name begins with Mary Beall
Richard, born 10 Dec 1880 at Delray, WV, died 18 Aug 1973
and who married on 7 June 1906 to Charles Monroe Hoover,
born 24 Feb 1868 at Woodstock, VA and died 20 Jan 1945.
It lists their children of Franklin Richard Hoover; Charles
Cecil Hoover; William Orville Hoover; Mary Virginia
Hoover; Ralph Warren Hoover; Roy Edward Hoover; and
Leah Thelma Hoover.

* * * * * *

THE CHILDREN OF LEVI PEAco*ck by John J. Pierce,
645 Central Ave, Westfield, N.J., 1980.

Beginning on page 70, Mary Ann Peaco*ck was the first
known daughter of Jesse Peaco*ck and Eliza Ann Hendry.On
3 Aug 1837, she married James Hoover (born c. 1817), the
son of John Hoover (1790-1877) and Patience Peaco*ck.John
Hoover was born in Jamaica in the West Indies and just how
he came to settle in Georgia is not known.Patience Peaco*ck
was his first wife, and presumably the daughter of one of the
North Carolina Peaco*cks (Patience, a common name there,
as it was not among other Peaco*cks originating in Georgia)
-- her parentage is not known.The know children of James
Hoover and Mary Ann Peaco*ck are:

1.Sarah Ann m. William Fletcher

2.Eliza Ann (ca 1845-1870's)

3.Narcissa (ca 1847)

4.James M (ca 1849).

All appear in the 1850 census of Wilkinson County, GA
which also shows that James Hoover owned $600 worth of
real estate.Surviving deed records don't mention James
Hoover as either a grantee or grantor.Presumably he moved
to Arkansas with the Peaco*cks in 1857-8, but his family is
missing from the 1860 census for Desha, Drew and adjacent
counties.The only clue to where the family may have settled
is that William Fletcher Hoover served in Company G,
Second Arkansas Infantry.Most of his papers state he
enlisted from Bradley County (although one indicates Drew

William Fletcher Hoover returned to Wilkinson Co, GA after
the Civil War to marry Sarah Jane Brown, daughter of
Holden and Rebecca Brown on 26 Jan 1865.They moved to
Florence, Arkansas about 1868.Their children were James
Monroe, Rebecca Jane, William H, Polly Ann, Ruth C,
Elizabeth, Joel M and Fletcher.

Eliza Ann Hoover was the probable wife of Walter G.
Peaco*ck, son of Sherrod Peaco*ck.

No trace has been found, so far, of the other children of
James Hoover and Mary Ann Peaco*ck.Along with the
Peaco*cks and Hoovers that moved to Arkansas from
Wilkinson Co, GA is the James H. Bush family.

The third known daughter of Jesse Peaco*ck and Eliza Ann
Hendry was Priscilla M. Peaco*ck.
She married John Tilghman Hoover (born 22 Oct 1822 and
died 21 Feb 1875) on 30 May 1844.He was the son of John
Hoover (probably by his first wife, Patience Peaco*ck) and
brother of James Hoover.The 1860 agricultural census in
Arkansas shows him owning 160
acres of land near Florence.Their children were Mary J,
Frederick D, Lovic M, James Andrew, Ellen Elizabeth,
Marcus, Sarah F, John W and Eliza R.
* * * * * *

JONATHAN LICHTY and His Descendants compiled by
Fannie Stutzman and Dora Swartzentruber , 1960.

This book lists several Hoover members and assigned them
numbers which is used here:

16 - Norman Lichty married 7 May 1905 at Boynton PA to
Stella Clyde Hoover who was born 1884 and died 27 Feb

41 - Emma Lichty born 18 Dec 1853 married William

42 - Ida Ellen Hoover, born 21 Sept 1872 married William

78 - Isiah Hoover, born 27 Jan 1875 married Cordie Weimer.

79 - Howard James Hoover, born 22 July 1899 married Mata

80 - Agnes Hoover, born 16 Sep 1900 married Frank

90 - Nettie Hoover, born 27 Jul 1878 married Edward

123 - Elijah A. Hoover, born 1 Dec 1881, married Mary

148 - Albert W. Hoover, born 3 Oct 1886, married Mary
Elizabeth Gorsuch.

152 - Nora Lydia Hoover, born 2 Jan 1890, married John

153 - Emma May Hoover, born 29 Jul 1894, married Roy C.

156 - Clara Pearl Hoover, born 2 Jan 1898, married Dallas
Joy Klink.

163 - Fannie Hoover, born 25 Jan 1900, married Trevor

There were other Hoover names listed who were born after

THE FAMILY CHAIN commencing with Henry Wideman
and Elizabeth Hoover, Markham Township Pioneers by Mrs.
Barris Reesor.

In the year 1764, Ludwig Hoover left Germany, came to
United States and settled in Lancaster, Penn.He had four
sons, Martin, John, Daniel and Christian.It is believed
Martin Hoover married Elizabeth Shaffer (some say Baker)
and they had one son Christian born, 1784.(ED NOTE:
Someone marked out the four sons and changed it to three
and then drew an arrow down from the first Christian to
Christian shown as the son of Martin and Elizabeth - which
is correct, I do not know).

1.Christian HoovermarriedMaria Troyer, born 1789, and
to them were born sevenchildren.

2.David Hoover married Miss Wismer.

3.Abraham Hoover married Elizabeth Cook.

4.Sarah Hoover married Jacob Sneider.

5.Susan Hoover married (1) John Smith (2) Lewis Locke.

6.Mary Hoover married Peter Raymer.

7.Catherine Hoover married (1) Christian Wideman (2)
Daniel Ramer.

8.Elizabeth Hoover married Henry Wideman and to them
were born nine children.
* * * * * *

One of the persons to whom I sent the unsolicited copy of
the newsletter was Eugene F. Huber Sr.His reply is most
enlightening and promises to be very helpful.He states "I
would like to read future issues, but inasmuch as my father
was born in Switzerland and I have traced the line ten
generations back to Kleinheinrigh HUBER b. abut 1580,
don't see how you can be of much help to me!However, will
be glad to help your readers (see below).I assume that you
found my offer in The Genealogical Helper to check my
alphabetic index to Billiter's research of the HUBER family.
Will be happy to repeat my offer (for publication in your
Newsletter).Julius Billiter was a genealogist in Switzerland
who, between 1896 and 1950, traced many Swiss lines.
Copies of many of his reports and
of his research notes are in the LDS library at Salt Lake, but
I don't believe they have a copy of mine.One of his early
projects was to search for HUBERs in the village of Elsau in
Canton Zuerich, Switzerland.From there, the trail led back
to Hegi, Oberwinterthur, and Rumikon, all in Canton
Zuerich.He completed his report some time after Feb 1902
and by April 1905 his clients, Johann Jacob HUBER and his
wife, Marie Elisabeth ABEGG in Utah, had begun submitting
names for Temple Ordnance work.Through the courtesy of
their granddaughter Mrs Eva Johnson nee Huber, I have a
photocopy of the original typewritten report with its many
hand written notations, etc.It consists of 69 pages
approximately 13 inches square with the information in family
group sheet format.There are 1470 names, HUBERS, and
their wives.The earliest record is for a family, married about
1586, whose child was born (or baptized) 29 Nov 1587.I
have made an alphabetic index to every name in the book
and will search that index upon receipt of a SASE plus an
extra 22 cent stamp.I must stress that the book contains
names only of persons who were born or lived in the villages
named.Name only is not enough, I must also have a year
(or approximation) of birth, since there are 60 Johann
Conrad HUBERs 40 Heinrich HUBERs, 80 Elisabetha
HUBERs, etc.!I received several dozen inquiries in response
to my offer in The Genealogical Helper.Many of them were
'fishing expeditions', so vague that there was no way I could
tie them into my book.Unfortunately, I was unable to help
any of the others, either.In addition to the usual names,
dates, and places, there are often very illuminating notations:
'Hans Jacob HUBER b. 3 Jan 1830 died in battle 6 Aug 1862
at Cadmir (sic) USA', 'Heinrich HUBER b. 15 Sep 1821 mar.
Rosina WIRTH b. 19 Dec 1828, went to America', etc.As
time permits, will copy more of these for you."

If any of you had ancestors that you have traced to Canton
Zuerich, Switzerland and then lost the trail, possibly the
above can help you.In any instance, I think his offer is very
gracious.Welcome aboard the family newsletter, Gene.
Your name has been added to our list for future issues.
* * * * * *

Other information included in his letter: "Searching the
NYG&B Record for some of my wife's ancestors, I found the
following:'German Reformed Church (now St Paul's
Lutheran), Rhinebeck, NY, married: 20 Dec 1763--Joh. Jacob
HUBER & Catharina
MIEHELM, by Dominie RIES'.I searched the baptismal
registers for several years after that date but found none for
that family.They must have moved to his town, for there
were several other families with names:MIEHELM,
MILHELM, MILHEIM, etc. but nary a HUBER, either as
parent or as sponsor."Can anyone shed any light on this?

Bentley C. Fallis sent a large envelope of 'things' which
included the address of Cheryl A. Schneck, so I will send her
a copy of our newsletter and see if she would like to be
added to the permanent list.As time permits, I will include
this information in one of the issues.
* * * * * *

As many of you know, I have been trying for a long time to
find a genealogy computer program that fits my needs.
When I had my Radio Shack computer, I was in the process
of writing my own but after the 1985 disaster, I never could
seem to get enough energy and time together at the same
time to start all over again.I have tried numerous programs
that were available but none were `exactly` what I needed
and/or desired.I believe that I have finally found that
program.In my connection with our local computer
genealogy club, ComputerRooters, I have found that there
are very few persons that have found the program that will do
the things they want or any that is even close.As a result, I
have decided to become a dealer for this company so that I
can spread the word.My object is to let people know that it
is available and how to operate it to obtain the maximum
benefit.Of course, if others in our group decide to use it, it
would allow them to send their things to me on a diskette or
even to upload their data to the DYNASTY Bulletin Board.
As I enter the information I have into the computer, that will
also be available to others to download direct from the
bulletin board or for me to search the data for them.I am
so enthusiastic about this that I have already started entering
some of the data I possess.This program will allow a search
of all names and then allow tying them together rather easily.
The one thing that I cannot test (yet) is just how it handles
over 5000 persons.They claim that it does it and they show
how it is done in their manual.Of course, until I get that
many names into the machine, I can not properly test it.

In addition to the data on my own family, I have started
entering the data from the family group sheets and
descendant charts sent to me by Ruth Gale and Wylma
Gardner.Since neither of them sent me all the information
about their families from themselves back to their earliest
ancestor, these made a good testing device.I wanted to see
if I could make the program handle a family where there is
a missing link!It does, though it took some reading and
playing around to discover how to make it do what I wanted.
Success has made me even more enthusiastic.

Now that I have given all that sales spiel, the name of the
program is ROOTS II and it works on IBM and MSDOS
machines.I had seen their program back in the CP/M days
and was not overly impressed with it, but the version now
available for the IBM and clone machines is fantastic.It also
includes one of the best manuals that I have seen in a long
time for any program on the market.The price of the
software package is $195.While this is considerably higher
than most programs on the market except Family Roots
which also sells for a similar price, this package out performs
everything that I have seen.The producers of this program
have some great things coming in the future.One is Tiny
Tafel which allows the entry of an abbreviated ahnentafel
listing onto a computer bulletin board.Then with another
utility, Tafel Matching System, these Tiny Tafel databases will
be passed around the country on the National Genealogy
Conference for matching with other databases on all of the
other bulletin boards.I believe that the 'future' of computer
genealogy has arrived!

Charles W. Finch writes: "My book, 'Finch & Relatives, 1585-
1985', is now ready for sale.It covers FINCH, BEEMAN,
The book is soft cover, 150 pages 8 1/2 x 11.Sale of these
books for a $13.95 plus 69 cents shipping will help return
some of my printing costs."The author also stated that he
had spent 33 years researching this book and says that,
"Children deserve the right to know where they came from".
That sounds like a good 'punch line'!
* * * * * *

FINANCES:For those of you that have deemed it necessary
or desirable to make a contribution towards the expenses of
this operation, may I say, THANKS!

* * * * * *

Clarence Wm Price sent me a copy of the genealogy of
Daniel Hoover, his great grand father.He states, "This
genealogy is the result of about 15 years of research on my
mother's family (my mother was Hattie Mathes Hoover,
daughter of Reuben O. Hoover) and since
little information in the Herbert Hoover genealogy is given,
I have tried to complete this line.My research has taken me
from Richmond, Indiana to Lodi, California.I have
furnished the Herbert Hoover Library in West Branch a copy
for their files.I had the pleasure of visiting the Library last
spring and was requested to give them a copy when I had
completed it."The genealogy states:This genealogy is
intended to supplement the information as shown in the
Genealogy of the Herbert Hoover Family since that book has
only a very short reference to DANIEL HOOVER on page
219, 2f 3a 4f.The code numbers are, as near as possible,
following the format as that used in the Herbert Hoover
Genealogy.Daniel Hoover, born 7 Jul 1817, IA died 30 Nov
1891, CA, was the sixth child
of Jacob Hoover and Catherine Yount.He was married 3
times, (1) Mabel Overman, dau of Reuben Overman and
Jane Spencer; m. 28 Apr 1836, IN. b. 5 Nov 1817, IN. d. 5 Jul
1850 CA and 8 ch. born in Indiana and Iowa.They lived in
Miami County, Iowa and Wapello Co, Iowa, arriving there
about 1846. (2) Hannah Jones, m. 7 Apr 1852 Wapello Co,
Iowa. b. 15 Dec 1835, VA d. 8 Feb 1868, IA. 2 children who
did not live to maturity. (3) Catherine Gray, m. Sep 1868, IA.
b. 29 Jul 1838, d. 27 Sep 1887. 7 children born in Iowa and

Clarence, thank you for the 5 pages of this family.Very
nicely done!

Betty Jane Mason writes, "Does anyone have a book I can
buy: 'Genealogical History of the Descendants of Johannes
Hoover (Huber) (wife, Mary Watson) 1937 by Mary
Catherine Ruthrauff Hoover?Have been told that my
lineage is in that book.Tried to get book on interlibrary
loan, but they will only 'copy' & not loan book.I can't get to
Fort Worth or Washington, D.C.If someone could sell me
the book -- or has the book & will look up my lineage &
copy it for me with title page -- I can't even tell a library
what pages to 'copy' until I study the book.Help! Help!
Help!I'll pay for copying & postage.(ED:I have checked
all of the books in my library but that is one that I am not
aware of, nor do I have. - Betty's address is shown in the
query section).

* * * * * *

Mary Patterson Ingebretsen sent me a page from the Western
Maryland Genealogy Queries
section.It included a query from Betty Young, 1100 Young
Place, Frederick, MD 21701 (I guess I will have to send her
a copy of our newsletter and see if she is interested!).
Magdalena Diehl born Frederick Co, MD, 1829 married (1)
Tobias Hoff 1854.Son George Abraham Hoff, born Lee Co,
Ill 1858.Tobias died there and Magdalena returned to MD
and married (2) Daniel Biddinger 1884.George married (1)
Annie M.E. Hoover in PA, divorced in 1893.George
married (2) Anna Bell Mentzer 1893.Want all data.Does
this tie into someone's family?

Mary also sent some other info that I will include later.

Arlene Mansfield writes:"I am searching for a copy of A
Genealogical History of the Descendants of Johannes John
(Huber) Hoover by Mary Rutherford Hoover, 1937".She
would like to purchase or borrow a copy from someone.
(ED:Arlene, this is not in my collection either).

Is this the same book that Betty Jane Mason is asking about
above?Everything seems to be the same except that one has
Mary Catherine Ruthrauff and the other has Mary
Rutherford.For both of your information, this is the family
line of the Hoover Vacuum Company.The vacuum company
was started by William Henry Hoover who married Susan
Troxell as mentioned above in the TWO PIERCE


1.I am interested in the Hoover name because of the
following:Darius Finch, born Kinderhook, Columbia County,
NY, 31 Aug 1792.No further record or previous record of
Darius until he migrated to Luzerne County, PA in 1816.
Married Phoebe Beeman.Son, Silas Finch, born Albany Co,
NY 15 Dec 1812, died Wilkes Barre, PA 2 July 1895 at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. P.L. Hoover, on Susquehanna
Street.Silas Finch married Minerva Horton in 1833.
Children were Edwin Wallace; Debra (married William
Stevens); Irwin (married Marilla Wise); Emily born 1842-1843
(married P.L. Hoover); and Adelaide (married Elgin May).
I thought perhaps that Mrs Hoover (Emily) might have left
behind a record of the names of Darius Finch's parents.If
her name is familiar with anyone, please write.Charles W.
Finch, address below.

2.Need parents, place of birth, siblings of Menno Simon
Hoover, born 7 Nov 1862 in Canada (exact location
unknown), married 15 Nov 1905 in Chico, Butte Co,
California to Helen Crummet Skillin.I have been searching
in Michigan, Canada and Iowa during 1875 to 1900.He lived
in Moscow, Michigan and Iowa before moving to California.
He was a logger, railway engineer, and streetcar motorman.
He may have worked as a millwright.J.R. 'Ray' Franklin

3.Is my Jacob Hoover, 1797-1889, Frederick Co, MD of the
lineage of Jacob Hoover 1779-1836 & Mary Grossnickle ca
1780-after 1832, John Hoover 1753-1822 & Susanna Stouffer
1773-1823, Johannes Huber ca 1700 Ger.-1804 & Mary
Watson?My first Jacob Hoover 1797-1889 m. Eliz.
Harshman 9 Jan 1820, Middletown, MD.Betty Jane Mason

4.I am seeking information on Henry Hoover, born 15 Jan
1834 in Wayne Co, OH, d. 31 Mar 1921 in Wilson Co, KS,
m. Mary (White?) Hesler, b. 18 mar 1835 in KY, died 6 Oct
1923 in Wilson co, KS.Both buried in Weakley Cem near
New Albany, KS. Children wereRose (born 1864(5?)) in
Indiana, m. Jessie Wilhite, lived in KS, later married G.M.
McNabb, d. 27 Sep 1914 in Ft Worth, Texas), and Eddie,
born 1867 in Indiana.Henry served during the Civil War as
a Private with Co, D. 85th Regiment Indiana Infantry
Volunteers.Lived in Coffey Co, KS in 1880 as a farmer.
Who are Henry's and Mary's parents?Where were they
married?Where were Henry, Mary, Rose and Eddie born?
Also seek more information on Rose.Keith W. Wilhite,
address below.

5. My line of Hovers is on my mothers side through my great
grandfather, Joseph Hover, born 24 Jan 1796.Joseph was
the son of Capt Henry Hover of Sussex Co, NJ and his
second wife, Maria Van Ness.Ted K. Clifton.Address

CONFUSION:I purchased the microfiche copies of back
issues of The Genealogical Helper.I searched out those
persons who had sent Everton Publishing Company an entry
for the Computerized Roots Cellar.I sent a copy of the
newsletter to each of them but few have answered.I am
confused.Why would someone pay money to advertise in a
publication but not accept a FREE newsletter.What am I
doing wrong?I have asked some of my genealogy friends
and several believe that it is the FREE idea.One stated,
"Henry, it is the word FREE.When you advertise something
for free, nobody believes it and figures that you are going to
get to them some other way."I don't REALLY want to
believe this.I would hate to charge but if that would get
more persons involved, then I would do so.Maybe it is my
attitude slipping after 4 years of publishing the newsletter.
Your comments would be appreciated!

Additions to our Mailing List

1. Eugene F. Huber, Sr.
2. Charles W. Finch
3. Sherry Hoover Arlotta
4. June Bork
5. Corinne Diller
6. Dorothy M. White
7. Alma L. Speed
8. Mary Alice List
9. Carol Huber
10. Ted K. Clifton
11. Doris Trewin
12. Gwen Yoder
13. Lucinda Meyers
14. Dan W. Olds
15. Mrs. August Stadler
16. Richard K. Albyn
17. Evelyn E. Graf

Address change:Keith W. Wilhite
* * * * * *

Jack Lines - I do not seem to have that book, though with my
listing information from several books and other sources,
things are kind of in a disarray.I would love to have a copy.
Let me know the price.
* * * * * *

Volume 4, Number 3

In the past few months, I have been going at my family
research fast and furious.It all began with the issue of
HOOVER HAPPENINGS by Linnie Howell in which she
listed my grandmother, Lydia Ellen Molen, marrying my
grandfather, Henry Hoover.This information was from a
book by June Bork who is descended from Alexander Baker
and Lydia Hoover, the grandparents of Lydia Ellen Molen;
all of whom lived in Macoupin County, Illinois.Since then,
I have identified Ralph Dixon as another Hoover researching
in Macoupin Co.He furnished the name of Patti J. Hoover
Otten as another Macoupin Co researcher.Remembering
that someone else had once written about Macoupin Co, I
checked my old correspondence and came up with the name
of Betty Collicott.Asking her for more information about
her Catharine Hoover who married George Poole brought
forth the name of another Hoover researcher in Macoupin
Co of Sherry Arlotta.Also information about a possible
ancestor named Felix Hoover who may have been the father
of them all.Betty Collicott gave me some information about
a Felix Jackson Hoover who died in Washington Co, Oregon.
Since my son lives in Vancouver, Washington which is across
the river from Portland, I ran over to Washington Co,
Oregon while we were there celebrating my granddaughter's
second birthday.I obtained probate records from
Washington County, Oregon and have been trying to sort
through things since.I got a call from June Bork who
wanted to know why I was not sharing my things with her as
I had promised, so I decided I had better get busy.She told
me some things I had not known about the Macoupin Co, IL
family and mentioned that Felix Hoover's wife had remarried
to a Rafferty after he died.I told her that the executor of
Felix Jackson Hoover's estate and guardian of 2 minor
children was a man named Rafferty.I photocopied what
papers I had obtained and included in a letter some of the
things I had copied while I was there.So all of you who are
researching the Hoovers from Macoupin County, Illinois
better get busy and share your research.As you can see, if
I had sent my things to June earlier I would have had some
good leads to work with.Mary Alice List, a new member,
says that her family is descended from John Waggoner and
Barbara (Barbary) Hoover who moved from Pennsylvania to
Maryland and then to Knox Co, TN where they died.Peter,
George, Henry and Polly (who married a Veoil or Veihl ?)
moved to Madison Co, IL and Macoupin Co, IL near Alton.
Coincidence or directly related?

All of this caused me to get busy entering my information
into my computer and some others into the computer so that
matches are possible.This computer entry business has
become a dedicated task to be completed as soon as possible.
As I enter all the information that any one of you have
furnished to me, I will send you a copy of what I have, ask
you for corrections and additions to your line that I do not
have.Upon receipt, those will also be entered into the
computer.Hopefully, when I am caught up on that task, it
will be a relatively easy task of cross checking the names for

Beginning with this issue, I will be going through ALL of my
folders on each of the correspondents.I will review what is
in them and if I have not printed the information that you
have furnished me in the past, I will begin doing so.Also, if
I do not have all of your Family Group Sheets, I will be
making a request that you send them to me.Since Sam
Agnew is alphabetically the first name on our mailing list, he
is the first one to be mentioned.Jennie Amrhein is the next
name alphabetically.Of course, all of you could send them
in now and I won't have to list your name for the requests in
a future issue.I would like to enter them into the Roots II

After I receive them and they are entered into the database,
I will have the Roots II
program generate a Tiny Tafel file (see below for a
description of Tiny Tafel) and then post it on the National
Genealogy Conference Bulletin Board Network.In that
manner, anyone researching any names tied in with your lines
can make contact with you.Please note that this is not just
for your Hoover line but for your whole family.The next
item will further explain this system.Those of you who do
not have computers do not have to worry about being left
out, as you will be taken care of by the editor and Dynasty


The most exciting new development in the area of data
communications and genealogy comes from Commsoft, the
developers of ROOTS II genealogy software.Howard Nurse,
the president of Commsoft was one of the prime movers in
establishing the National Genealogy Conference.The
Commsoft BBS is now testing "the NGC Tafel Matching
System."The current software allows Tiny Tafels [see further
explanation below] to be submitted and edited, and permits
'instant' matches of surnames of interest.The NGC-TM is
being run locally on our board (415-967-6730) and is available
to all who check in.If
you have not entered a Tiny Tafel into the database, you are
a 'new' user and no statistics regarding matches are provided.
Once you have entered a Tiny Tafel, you become an 'old'
user and all sorts of data is kept on your and other's activity
which is reported when you log in.The system will allow up
to 1,000,000 family lines to be stored and searched.

ROOTS II users can receive the necessary software to
generate Tiny Tafels free on request to CommSoft.Tiny
Tafels can also be generated using a word processor, as long
as the TT meets the specs described in the TT Spec sent to
all NGC BBSs in December (available for downloading from
Dynasty BBS).

Phase 3 of the NGC-TM system will allow queries and
associated reports to be sent over the NGC.Phase 2 testing
is underway and phase 3 will start soon.Howard says, "We
are anxious to have as many try the system as possible.
Please report any bugs or problems you encounter.More
complete details and documentation of this exciting system
will be made available in the near future."


"Tiny Tafels" are abbreviated ahnentafels which allow for easy
matching of surname interests among genealogists.The idea
upon which the NGC TM system is based was first put
forward in the summer of 1985 by Paul Andereck, editor of
'Genealogical Computing'. The objective of a "Tiny Tafel" is
to provide a compact way of describing a family database so
that the information can be rapidly scanned visually or by

Tiny Tafel submissions to the NGC database can be easily
prepared with a word processor (make sure you save it as an
ASCII file).The only required items are your name (on the
top line) and the data of interest.The data consists of a
soundex code, year of birth of the earliest ancestor in a line,
year of birth of the latest descendant in the line and family
surname.A "Z" line after the name line and before the data
tells how many lines of data will follow, and a "W" line at the
end tells when the TT was prepared.So a Tiny Tafel
submission could consist of as few as four lines.

Here is an example of a Tiny Tafel generated by the
Commsoft program:

N Howard L. Nurse
A 2257 Old Middlefield Way
A Mountain View, CA94043
B160 1698 1933 Bouvier/Long Island NY
F326 1690 1890 Fitzgerald/Suffolk Co. MA
K530 1793*1957:KennedyIreland/New York
W 11 Dec 1986

Additional optional information, such as your phone number,
the genealogy program you are using, your hardware, BBSs
you frequent, etc., can be added in additional "header" lines
with appropriate lead letters (outlined in the TTSPEC file).
asterisk is an expression of relative interest in the family,
based on this coding:

[space] No interest (level 0)
.Low interest (level 1)
:Moderate interest (level 2)
*Highest interest (level 3)

The general minimum format for creating a Commsoft Tafel
Matching System TT is:

N Your name
Z 1
ssss bbbb cccc name
W 2 Feb 1987

Where ssss is the soundex code of the name, bbbb is the birth
date of the earliest person, and cccc is the birth date of the
latest person.Birth dates are given in years.If you add
more data lines, the Z line needs to be adjusted accordingly.
The "Z number" is the total of the "ssss bbbb cccc name" lines
in your Tiny Tafel.


Instructions for accessing the NGC Tafel Matching System
and for submitting your family data are posted on the
Commsoft BBS.Commsoft also reports that it has available
a program called TINYFAFL.PIC, a Tiny Tafel generator for
Macintosh computers.If you plan to use a word processor to
develop your submissions and need help with soundex coding,
Dynasty Bulletin Board and most of the other bulletin boards
involved in the National Genealogy Conference have a file
called SOUNDEX.TXT (an explanation of soundex coding)
and SOUNDEX.BAS (a program that generates a soundex
code from a surname).You can do an "instant" search on
the Commsoft board, or you can leave pertinent information
about the surnames you are searching and a report will be
generated overnight and be given to you when you call back
the next day.It is anticipated that the

Tafel Matching System will be bug free and released to all
the bulletin boards involved in the National Genealogy
Conference soon if it has not already occurred.

As you can see, exciting things are happening.If this system
does what everyone hopes, we will really have electronic
genealogy.I can see the day in the near future when you can
go to your local library or if you have a computer with a
modem and access a database that will give you the names of
everyone that is researching your family lines.You can then
correspond directly with them.During the same time or
shortly thereafter, I anticipate the start of entry into
computers of all the 3 x 5 cards that have been completed for
years by all the genealogical societies throughout the country.
Can't you envision checking a computer for the obituary of
your great grandfather and have it show up on the screen and
then give you a paper copy at the push of a button.

By the way, if anyone is interested in buying the ROOTS II
genealogy program, I can make you a terrific deal.I will sell
it to any person whose name is on the mailing list for $170
plus sales tax, if any.I will pay the shipping.This deal is
ONLY good to those who are on the mailing list.Now aren't
you glad you are a Hoover researcher!

Also available is a group of utilities called PATHWAY that
will allow Personal Ancestral File (PAF - LDS Church
program) users to generate a Tiny Tafel, change data to
Roots II format, dBASE III format or BASIC format (all for
MS-DOS machines).This sells for $20.Again, I will pay
shipping, you pay sales taxes if any (California residents pay
6% sales tax, out of state purchases do not - sorry about

Along these same lines, I looked at an Optical Character
Reader (OCR) the other day.While the less expensive ones
do not read everything readily without numerous errors, they
are being improved and the price is coming down steadily.
Oh, maybe I should explain, these are machines that read a
page of paper and put the information into a computer.
Wouldn't it be nice to have one of them read all the books
in the LDS Church Library in Salt Lake City and have the
index of each book put into a database so that you could
search for your favorite ancestors name by computer?This
could be done in minutes.All of this is coming.REAL

More items from our LDS Library, Salt Lake City research:

From the book, The Descendants of Michael Shank 1756 -
18_ _ by Robert J. Shank, published Dec 1977 and revised
Nov 1978.I was intrigued by a comment by the author on
the first page."This genealogical study is meant to be a first
draft of what might someday be a reasonably complete listing
of all the descendants of Michael Shank, the first Mennonite
minister in Rainham Twp, Ontario.As such it suffers from
some inaccuracies, much incompleteness, and most dangerous
of all, the author's active imagination and hunches.Anyone
who can correct any of these faults, even in only the smallest
way, is asked to please contact the author and set him
straight.Especially intriguing to the author is the
identification of the children of Michael Shank.He said he
brought 10 of them to this country in 1800 and only 4 are
known, or assumed.Who were the others?"I found no
other items concerning this family in the library.Also, on
page 20, the author wrote, "Mrs. Vernice Hoover of
Springvale, R.R. Hagersville is compiling the Hoover Family
History".I found no record of this item in the library either.
Of course, not all published material has been deposited in
the LDS Church library and this editor's research methods
allows for missing volumes of information that may well have
been on file.

There are six (above note states four) children listed for
Michael Shank:

1.Henry Shank married Catherine Wideman
2.John Shank married Mary Magdalene Urmy
3.Michael Shank married Barbara Wideman
4.Adam Shank married unknown but his children are listed.
5.Barbara Shank married Isaac Cates
6.Elizabeth Shank married Jacob Hoover.

According to marriage records in the Eva Brook Bonly
Museum at Simcoe, Ontario, an Elizabeth Shank married
Jacob Hoover on 12 June 1812.Both are buried in the
Hoover Cemetery, Lot 6, Cone. 1 of Rainham Twp. along
with what are presumably 5 of their children.Elizabeth was
born in 1796 and died 8 Apr 1843, and Jacob died 13 Nov
1860.Because the dates fit, I am presuming that Elizabeth
was a daughter of Michael Shank. (ED
note:on another page, Jacob Hoover is listed as 1789-1860).
Their children are listed as:

1.Christian Hoover1813 - 1839
2.Elizabeth Hoover1819 - 1840
3.Samuel Hoover1820 - xxxxburied Selkirk
Union Cem.
4.Ulrich Hoover1821 - 1839
5.Margaret Hoover1824 - 1842
6.John Hoover1830 - 1852
7.Jacob Hoover
8.Christina Hoover1829 - 1852 (23 yrs, 5 mos)
married John Culver.

Jacob Hoover married twice more.His second wife was
named Esther and she died in 1854.His third wife was Chri,
(perhaps Christine?).There were three children from this

1.Jonathan1858 - 1884
2.Mary1856 - ?
3.Joshua1857 - 1930

From the book, The Descendants of Henry and Susannah
Paul by Herman Taylor, Sec. Com., Huntington, Indiana,
November 1917.Henry Paul had several brothers and sisters
but we have no definite knowledge of them or their
descendants (ED note:How the author knew there were
brothers and sisters is unknown).Henry Paul spent the latter
part of his life on a farm about 12 miles north of Martinsburg
in Blair County, PA.He and his wife were buried on the old
home farm.Their graves are marked by native stone,
appropriately marked.Henry and Susannah Paul were the
parents of thirteen children, all of whom lived to reach
maturity.One reached the age of eighty eight years, one
reached the age of eighty.Six were between seventy and
eighty at their deaths.The shortest lived one was more than
fifty-three at the time of her death.Out of the thirteen
children, 12 came to Indiana in the period from 1840 to 1850.
John, Catherine, Susannah, Elizabeth, Barbara and Jacob
settled in Liberty township, Henry county, and George,
Esther, Nancy, Henry, Mary and Isaac settled in Huntington
county.Jacob afterwards came to Huntington county.

(ED note:I listed so much on this family as they are
intermarried with the Hoovers in several generations - also I
am a little confused, as usual).

Henry Paul, born 19 Jul 1781, died 22 Jul 1846 married
Susannah Brumbaugh, born 8 Jan 1786, died 12 Jul 1847.
Their children who are connected with the Hoovers are listed

1.John B. Paul, born 18 Aug 1805, died 24 Jun 1861
married 1825 to Mary Hoover,born 27 Aug 1806, died 3
Apr 1888.

1.John & Mary's son, George Paul, born 6 Aug 1833,
died 21 May 1900 married in 1857 to (1) Margaret Hoover,
died 1862 and married (2) Elizabeth Brower.

2.George Paul, born 25 Apr 1807, died 18 May 1887,
married on 13 Apr 1837 to Barbara Bare, born 28 Feb 1818,
died 23 Jan 1896.

1.Henry B. Paul, born 4 Jun 1838, died 31 Aug 1908,
married on 23 Feb 1860 to Martha A. Hoover, born 31 Jan
1840, died 29 Mar 1916.

3.Catharine Paul, born 15 Jan 1809, died ???, married ???
to John S. Hoover.

1.Dan Hoover, born 30 Jan 1830, died ???, married 20
Nov 1857 to Lydia A. Crull

2.Susannah Hoover, born 11 Oct 1832, died ???, married
Aaron Shideler

3.John Hoover, born 6 Sep 1835, died ???

4.Catharine Hoover, born 25 Dec 1838, died ???

5.Elizabeth Hoover, born 16 Jan 1841, married 11 Nov
1866 to Daniel Burket

6.Sarah Hoover, born 2 Jun 1844, married Hiram

7.Mary Hoover, born 1 Apr 1847, died ???

4.Daniel Paul, born 2 Jan 1811, died 11 Dec 1890, m. 8 Sep
1838 to Christena Dilling.

1.Barbara Paul, born 12 Sep 1839, married (1) Henry
Chamberlin and married 22 Feb 1866 (2) Jacob L. Hoover,
born ???, died 20 Dec 1916.

From the marriage of Barbara Paul and Jacob L.
Hoover, there are 6 children listed.

2.Henry Paul, born 15 Apr 1852, died 10 Jul 1904,
married Elizabeth Hoover, born 6 Aug 1856.

5.Susannah Paul, born 2 Feb 1813, died 18 Mar 1877,
married 12 Jun 1834 to Daniel Miller, born 22 Apr 1812, died

Susannah and Daniel's great granddaughter, Effie Sherry,
born 22 Dec 1885, married 23 Dec 1905 to Ora Hoover.

6.Elizabeth Paul, born 2 Dec 1814, died 4 Aug 1868,
married 14 Dec 1836 to George Craig, born 22 Apr 1809,
died 15 Aug 1887.

1.Susannah Craig, born 21 Apr 1838, died 23 Sep
1865, married (1) 5 Nov 1857 to David Replogle, born ???,
died 13 Apr 1858 and married (2) 8 May 1858 to David
Hoover, born ???, died 15 Jun 1861 and married (3)
10 Apr 1862 to Henry Ulrich.

1.Sarah Ellen Hoover (dau of Susannah and
David Hoover), born 14 Jun 1860, died 24 Mar 1893, married
31 May 1877 to Alvy B. Sine.

From the book, The Family Chain commencing with Henry
Wideman and Elizabeth Hoover, Markham Township
Pioneers compiled by Mrs Barris Reesor (no publishing date

In the year 1764, Ludwig Hoover left Germany, came to
United States, and settled in Lancaster, Penn.He had four
sons (someone has marked through the four and written in
the letter 3), Martin, John, Daniel and Christian.(The name
of Christian is lined out with an arrow pointing down to the
name of Christian, the son of Martin).It is believed that
Martin Hoover married Elizabeth Shaffer (some say Baker)
and they had one son, Christian born, 1784.Christian
Hoover married Maria Troyer, born 1789, and to them were
born seven children.

1.David Hoover married Miss Wismer.

2.Abraham Hoover married Elizabeth Cook

3.Sarah Hoover married Jacob Sneider

4.Susan Hoover married John Smith for first husband and
Lewis Locke for second.

5.Mary Hoover married Peter Raymer

6.Catherine Hoover married Christian Wideman and Daniel
Ramer for second husband

7.Elizabeth Hoover, born 16 Feb 1814, died 16 Feb 1897,
married Henry Wideman, born 10 Jan 1801 and died 7 Apr

The remainder of this book is about the descendants of
Elizabeth Hoover and Henry Wideman.Their 5th child,
Catherine, had descendants who married a Hoover and their
6th child, Susanna married Samuel Hoover and their 8th
child, Fanny Wideman, had a son who married a Hoover.

1.Catherine Wideman, born 19 Jul 1845, married Jacob
Steckley, born 14 Sep 1838.To them were born 7 children,
including Selena Steckley, born 31 Mar 1864 who married
David Hoover, born 15 Jun 1861 and they had 6 children.

2.Susanna Wideman, born 19 Jan 1849, married Samuel
Hoover, born 4 Jun 1840.To them were born eight children:

1.Lewis Hoover, born 2 Jan 1873 married Gertrude
VanZant, born 21 May 1895.

2.Sarah Ann Hoover, born 7 Nov 1874, married Philip
Lot, born 8 Sep 1872.

3.Alice Hoover, born 31 Aug 1876, married Harry Spang,
born 3 Nov 1870.

4.Ada Hoover, born 23 May 1880, married Willis
Lehman, born 4 May 1876.

5.Jane Hoover, born 19 Jul 1882

6.Anthony Hoover, born 17 May 1878, married Linda
Davis, born 29 Nov 1888.

7.Frances Hoover, born 2 Nov 1884, married David
Stouffer, born 11 Aug 1880.

8.Bertha Hoover, born 15 May 1898.

3.Fanny Wideman, born 10 Mar 1855, married David
Moyer, born 29 Nov 1844.

1.Roy Moyer, born 21 Jun 1889, married Jennie Hoover,
born 10 Apr 1893.

From the book, WAGGONER - YOUNT ODYSSEY from
Germany to North Carolina and Points West, by Lewis E.
Vaughan, published by Gateway Press Inc in 1982.


This booklet covers my own lines of Waggoner and Yount
families from Germany to North
Carolina and points west.This booklet may also be of more
general interest, however, for the following reasons:

This booklet gives the correct, documented Yount family
lineage of ex-President Herbert Hoover.As far as I know,
this is the first time this has appeared in print.Copies of the
documentary evidence have been supplied to the Herbert
Hoover Presidential Library, and full information has been
furnished Hulda Hoover McLean, author of Genealogy of the
Herbert Hoover Family.

The lines covered herein are also those of the late Hon.
Forrest Donnell, former Governor and Senator from

From the Waggoner line herein stems the Waggoner family
of northern Texas that is noted for its extensive oil and
ranching interests.

-- Lewis E. Vaughan

Henry Yount married Marianne Waymire, a sister of George
Yount's wife, Rosannah.All their children were duly
recorded in the Center Monthly Meeting (Quaker).Their
daughter Catharine married Frederick Hoover.

Catherine Yount.All evidence pertaining to Catherine is
hearsay.As noted earlier, Wm. M. Yount's letter to Prof.
Theodore Hoover states that Catherine was included in the
old George Yount Bible.One of John Yount's descendants
wrote that there was one girl in the family who married
Daniel Wagoner.W. C. Yount mentions this, and also refers
to a report from Dr. William Reser that she married a Mr.
Fincher.To complicate matters further, the Genealogy of the
Herbert Hoover Family states that Catherine married Jacob

Other than to point out a couple of errors, I am unable to
shed any light on Catherine Yount.W. C. Yount refers to
land grants in North Carolina to Catherine, among others.
The grant in question is to Catharine Younts, not Yount.A
tax list of the same year, 1785, gives her name as Catay
Younce.More than likely this Catherine was a widow,
considering the period with which we are dealing.

Catherine's reported marriage to Daniel Waggoner is also a
case of mistaken identity.In the first place, the report refers
to the wrong Waggoner - it should be Jacob rather than
Daniel.In the second place, it is another Catherine Younts,
not Yount, who was Waggoner's bride.

Major Calvin Kephart in his series of articles in the National
Genealogical Society Quarterly on Hoover ancestry (Vol. xvii,
Nos. 1, 2, 4, 1929) asserted that the Yount and other related
families would probably be found in areas adjacent to those
where the Hoovers first settled (Lancaster County,
Pennsylvania, and Frederick County, Maryland).
Unfortunately, George Yount Sr. has to this point remained

George and Rosannah Yount headed the Yount line of
President Herbert Hoover through their son, John.John was
born 23 Sep 1768, died 1 Dec 1822, married Mary Lowe.
The Yount ancestral line to President Hoover is as follows:

George Yount, Sr.
George Yount, Jr.
John Yount
Rebecca Yount m. Jesse Hoover
Eli Hoover
Jesse Clark Hoover
Herbert Clark Hoover

From the book, Wagaman Family Genealogy and History
compiled by Paul Duane Wagaman, no publishing date but
the date stamp receiving the book at the LDS library in Salt
Lake City appears to be 16 Aug 1963.

There are several family lines in this country with the
surname of Wagaman.....The family line of particular interest
at this time are the descendants of John Wagaman and
Barbara (Barbary) Houser.

The Houser family was originally from Wondenburg,
Germany.The earliest member of the family so far to be
positively identified is Peter Houser (Howser), who was born
about 1708.Peter had three sons who migrated to this
country, as young men and settled near Hagerstown in
Washington County, Maryland.The sons were:Abraham
(born in 1740), Jacob (born in about 1742), and John (born
in about 1744).Abraham Houser and a Jacob Rohrer landed
in Philadelphia 30 Aug 1749.They had sailed from
Rotterdam aboard the ship Crown.

Abraham married Nancy Rhorer (Rohrer) in 1770.Nancy
was born in Germany in about 1750, and came to this country
with her parents, who also settled in Washington County,

Our forefathers left the Ohio River at the mouth of the
Kentucky River, and followed that river upstream to
Jessamine County, Kentucky.They settled near what was to
become the towns of Nicholasville and Wilmore.

Following is a list of Abraham and Nancy's children and their
husbands and wives.The list is exactly as it appears in The
Genealogy of the Houser, Rhorer, Hoover and Dillman

Jacob, married Mary Hoover
Abraham (II), married Mary Trissler
John, married Polly Arnspiger
Isaac, married Kate Bruner
David, married Sallie Piper
Jonathan, unmarried
Christopher, married Elizabeth Hoover
Henry, married Susan McGuire
Barbary, married John Waggamon
Elizabeth, married George Mason
Nancy, married Joel Hoover.

From the book, The DESCENDANTS of MICHAEL
WAGONER ca 1774 - 1826 Their Deep Roots and Tangled
Branches compiled by and available from Margaret M.
Wagner, no publishing date but microfilmed by LDS in Sep

Beginning on page 36, #28 Anna Marie Hoover Brumbaugh.

Anna Marie Hoover married William H. Brumbaugh, a
brother of Frederick Brumbaugh.They were the parents of
two children.We have Anna's obituary from the Huntington
Herald-Press Wednesday, Oct 21, 1931:"Anna M. Brumbaugh,
86, died at her home 429 South Lafontaine Street Tuesday
afternoon at 5:30 o'clock after a sudden illness.She became ill
Monday evening at 11 o'clock.

Mrs Brumbaugh was born August 15, 1845 in Cambria County,
Pa. to Christopher and Susan Hoover.Her marriage was to
William H. Brumbaugh, Dec 3rd 1864 in Lancaster township.

Surviving are the husband and one daughter, Mrs. Clara Nifer
of Huntington.A son, Carlton Brumbaugh is dead."

The author states, "We are fortunate in being able to visit the only
granddaughter of Anna
Marie and William H. Brumbaugh, Miss Gladys Nifer of
Huntington.Gladys supplied most of the photos of the Hoover
descendants which appear in this book.

Next on page 42, #29 Anderson W. Hoover.

We are sorry that we were unable to gather more information on
the Anderson W. Hoover family.We know only what we were told
by Mrs. Fred Hays of Hagerstown, Ind.We have contacted other
genealogists who are working on various Hoover families and
they tell us that Anderson W. Hoover has never appeared in their
records nor have they come across this name while researching
their families.We have wondered if the W could possibly have
stood for Wagner, named Anderson for someone in his mother's
ancestry.So far as can be determined there are no Andersons in
his father's ancestry.Thus we end the story of the descendants
of Susannah and Christopher Hoover.

Next on page 51, SUSANNAH WAGONER HOOVER 1814-1884

Susannah Wagoner or Susan Wagner, as she is shown on page
160 in the book "Souvenir of Loretto Centenary 1799-1899 by
Rev. Ferdinand Kitell, was the second daughter and third child
of Michael Wagner and wife Gertrude ________.When her
father died in Allegheny Township, Cambria County, PA,
Susannah was under twelve years of age and after becoming 14
years of age in 1828 she petitioned the Court to appoint a legal
guardian for her.Jacob Trexeller was appointed.

The next bit of information that we were able to find on Susan
was in Land Deed Vol. 113 page 635 recorded 12 May 1898 by
F.B. Jones, then Recorder of Deeds for Cambria County.In this
indenture made on 22 Jan 1836 between Susan Waggoner of
Clearfield Twp and Joseph Trexeller, of the same place, Susan in
consideration of the sum of $50 paid to her by Joseph Trexeller
transferred to Joseph Trexeller all her right, title and claim to the
tract of land on which her father, Michael Waggoner, resided at
the time of his death.Susan signed with her X mark in the
presence of her brother, Jacob Wagner, and Philip Noon.This
would seem to indicate that Susan was unable to write.She was
by then of legal age.From that time on Susan seemed to
disappear from the scene.None of the relatives, including this
writer's mother, were able to tell us of their grandfather's sister,
Susan.Being somewhat of a detective, as all genealogists have to
be, and inquisitive enough to follow up the faintest clue, we began
to ask ourself why did grandmother's brother, Michael Daniel
Wagner, travel way out to Liberty Township, Henry County,
Indiana, in 1851 to visit the Hoovers and after visiting them from
April 6 to April 23 return to Pennsylvania.Not once does he
mention a relationship or the name Susan, however he does say
that he helped Christopher Hoover cut and split a large Black
Walnut tree up on Monday 21st of April and on the 23rd he
wrote that he started for PA from Christian Hoovers in Liberty
Township, Henry County, Indiana.The diary kept by Michael
Daniel Wagner while on this trip is very interesting.This writer
was really bugged by this information but the last straw came
when we became aware of another diary, this one kept by Michael
Francis Wagner, uncle of Michael D., in Oct. 1856, who also
visited the Hoovers living about three miles north of Millville in
Henry County, Ind.The elder Michael wrote that he found the
Hoovers well but did not mention that he was visiting his sister
and her husband.In fact, Christopher and Susannah aren't even
named in the diary of Michael Francis Wagner, included in its
entirety in this work.He stayed with the Hoovers for only a
couple of days on his trip out to Iowa.

So where to turn next?We decided to write to the Indiana
Historical Society and become a member of same, inserting a
query in their publication, Hoosier Genealogist asking for
information on the Christian and/or Christopher Hoover family
who lived about three miles north of Millville in Henry County in
1856.Months passed and finally a letter arrived in Feb 1966
from a Mrs. Fred Hays of R.R. Hagerstown, asking if I had ever
received any response to my query.She said that she had
information in her files that showed that a Susannah Wagner,
(1814-1884) had married Christian Hoover, the second son of
David Hoover and that both died in Huntington County, Ind and
were buried there.

(ED Note:I wrote all of the above, to give you an idea of the
'detective' work and the never take no for an answer attitude that
is required to make a good genealogist.I am sure that all of you
know that but positive reinforcement is good for the doubtful.

Susannah Wagner, daughter of Michael Wagoner and
Gertrude/Charity Marks, born 14 Nov 1814, Allegheny Twp,
Cambria Co, PA; died 22 Feb 1884, Lancaster Twp, Huntington
Co, Ind; buried Hoover Cem; married 9 Dec 1838, PA,
Christopher S. Hoover, son of David Hoover and Mary Shultz,
born 19 Mar 1815, Blair Co, PA; died 24 Dec 1882, Lancaster
Twp, Huntington Co., Ind; buried Hoover Cem.Christopher and
Susannah lived first in Henry Co, IN moving to Huntington Co,
sometime before 1860.They were the parents of 4 children:

1.Sarah Jane, born 14 Nov 1840; m. George Washington Jewett
Children: Eugene Christopher, Alice M, John Franklin,
Charles Hoover, Pauline,
Barbara, Lawrence Emmett, Laura.

2.Amanda, born 14 June 1842; married Frederick Brumbaugh
Children of James H., Laura Anna, Austin, Florence E,
Millie A, William Jefferson, Eleanor Marie, Bertha May,
Frederick Jr, Amanda Maude.

3.Anna Marie, born 15 Aug 1845; married William Brumbaugh
Children of Carlton Roscoe and Clara M.

4.Anderson W, born 28 Apr 1847, Henry or Wayne Co, IN,
married in Indiana 12 Jun 1874 to Sarah Fitzsimmons, born ca
1857.Little is known of this family.They lived in Huntington
Co, IN until after Anderson's parents died.They were listed in
the 1880 Census with 2 children.We were told that they later
removed to Arkansas and died there.We wonder if Anderson was
given Wagner, the maiden name of his mother, for a middle
name?We believe that the S. in his father's name stands for
Shultz, the maiden name of his mother.Since Sarah was yet
young in 1880, we are assuming that there may have been more
children in this Hoover family.Two known children are Arthur,
born ca 1876 and Austin born ca 1878.

Also listed is Robert James Maloney born 1902 who married
Margaret Hortense Hoover and his brother Russell Levy Maloney
born 1903 who married Catherine C. Hoover.
In later generations, there are others in this family who married
in a Hoover line.

From the book, OUR RENSBERGER ANCESTORS by Stanley
C. Fruits.

Jacob and Anna Rensberger Jr lived in St. Joseph County,
Indiana as early as 1857 and were recorded in the 1860
census.Their daughter Elizabeth, born 28 Sep 1842 married
Henry Hoover on 26 Oct 1862 in St. Joseph County.He died
in January 1932.Two children are known:

1.William Lester

Elizabeth later married H. Clayton by whom she had three

The above concludes all of books in which I found
information.I still have a few more notes and other items
plus a box of family group sheets which will be included as
space and time allows.

Here is some information sent to me by Jennie Amrhein
sometime WAY in the past.

Cambria County, PA, St. Boniface Church, marriage index:

Huber, Augustinum K. to Mariam A. Semelsburger, entry 95,
pg 107
Huber, Barbara to Joseph McMullen, entry 71a, page 102
Huber, Catharina to Carolum Becker (Bedier), entry 25, page
Huber, Elisabetha to Franciscum C. Endler, entry 94, page
Huber, Helenam to Joannem Overberger, entry 46, page 98
Huber, Maria Anna to Antonium Klein, entry 86, page 105
Huber, Mariam Magdalenam to Josephum Overberger, entry
22, pg 95
Huber, Mary Mathilda to John Hahn, entry 35, page 97
Huber, Michaelem to Alice Delozier, entry 85, page 105
Huber, Philomenam to Gulielmum Amrhein, entry 13, page
Huber, Rosam to Benjamin Hupfer, entry 44, page 98
Huber, Rosalia to Hericum Thomas, entry 85, page 105
Huber, Teresiam to Carolum Becker, entry 72, page 103

Cambria County, PA, St. Boniface Church, baptismal index:

Huber, Albertum Cleopkam, entry 58, page 7
Huber, Anna Gertrudem, entry 703, page 78
Huber, Annam Magdalenam, entry 194, page 21
Huber, Carolinam Rosiliam, entry 175, page 19
Huber, Carolum Augustinum, entry 12, page 2
Huber, Dorthea, entry 105, page 11
Huber, Franciscam Rosaliam, entry 597, page 62
Huber, Franciscum Xaverium, entry 30, page 4
Huber, Jackbum Engelbertum, entry 174, page 19
Huber, Georgum Eduardum, entry 235, page 25
Huber, Lidwinam Catharinam, entry 50, page 6
Huber, Maria Helena, entry 661, page 70
Huber, Mariam Aureliam, entry 80, page 9
Huber, Mary Philomenam, entry 8, page 1
Huber, Mathildam Catharinam, entry 732, page 81
Huber, Sophiam, entry 10, page 1

Unfortunately, no dates are given on the above items.

Cambria Co, PA, St Benedict Church, Carrolltown.

BOOK I: Marriage index

Huber, Peter to Cathar Strittmatter, 30 Jun 1840, page 2
Huber, Henry to Mary Cramer, 26 Aug 1841, page 3
Huber, Philip to Margaret J. Kirkpatrick, 4 Jul 1848, page 6
Huber, John to Eva Hell, 6 Nov 1849, page 9
Huber, John to Mary Ann Himmel, no date, page 44

BOOK II:No explanation of what entries are for (death,
baptismal, etc ?)

Huber, Thomas, 1866, page 6
Huber, John, 1866, page 6
Huber, Joseph, 1873, page 20
Huber, Simon P., 1874, page 22
Huber, Joseph, 1878, page 26
Huber, Andreas, 1885, page 58
Huber, Tobias, 1886, page 60
Huber, Peter, 1892, page 92

BOOK II:Interment index 1889 - 1944

Huber, Antonetta, page 8
Huber, Peter, page 11
Huber, Jakob, page 12
Huber, Philipp, page 20
Huber, Mary El., page 30
Huber, E. page 31
Huber, Edward, page 44
Huber, Thomas page 47
Huber Thomas, page 49
Huber, Barbara, page 51
Huber, Philip, page 53
Huber, ----???----, page 60
Huber, Catherine, page 63
Huber, Otto, page 66
Huber, James, page 7?
Huber, Jacob S., page 7?
Huber, ----???----, page 78
Huber, Helen, page 83
Huber, Simon P, page 87
Huber, Anthony, page 89
Huber, Sr. Theresea, page 94
Huber, Jas. M, page 96
Huber, Elizabeth, page 99


Huber, Peter John - twin
Huber, Cath. - twin, 1864, page 2
Huber, Lawrence, 1864, page 10
Huber, Elis, 1865, page 14
Huber, Susan, 1865, page 14
Huber, Philipp, 1866, page 26
Huber, A.M., 1866, page 30
Huber, Mary Ann, 1869, page 58
Huber, Anna Theresea, 1870, page 66
Huber, Jacobus, 1870, page 66
Huber, Jane Elisabeth, 1871, page 74
Huber, Maria Agnes, 1871, page 76
Huber, Anna Maria, 1872, page 80
Huber, Maria Kath., 1873, page 88
Huber, Fredericus, 1873, page 92
Huber, Henry William, 1873, page 92
Huber, Engelbert, 1874, page 96
Huber, Edward Joh., 1874, page 100
Huber, Maria Theresea, 1875, page 108
Huber, Lucinda Philomena, 1875, page 110
Huber, Thomas Edward, 1875, page 114
Huber, Marg. Francis, 1876, page 118
Huber, Ambrose H, 1876, page 120
Huber, Beno A, no date, page 120
Huber, Henry F, 1878, page 134
Huber, Mary A. Katherine, 1878, page 138
Huber, Frances, 1878, page 138
Huber, Helena, 1878, page 138
Huber, Wm. John, 1879, page 142
Huber, Rose Theresa, 1880, page 154
Huber, Benjamin R, 1880, page 154
Huber, Anna Regina, 1881, page 158
Huber, Catherine Mary, 1882, page 168
Huber, Clara Helena, 1883, page 176


Joannis Huber, parents Jacob Huber and Barbara Mayer (6
Nov 1848) to Eva Hell,parents Joannes Hell and
Elizabeth Mohr.


Huber, Andreas died 9 Feb 1850
Huber, Ambrose Henry, age 5 yr, 9 ds, bur 20 Jun 1881,
parents Francis Huber and MaryMagdelena Noel.
Huber, Magdalene, age 7 yr, 8 ms, 20 ds, died 26 Jun 1881,
parents, Francis Huber andMary Magdalena Noel.
Huber, Barbara, age 64 yrs, died 22 Oct 1850
Huber, Benjamin A., age 7 yr, 7 ms, 11 ds, died 14 Mar 1884,
parents James Huberand Elizabeth Stolz
Huber, Benjamin Rupert, age 15 ms, died 1 Dec 1881,
parents Jacob Huber and CatharineMiller
Huber, Clara Helena, age 4 wks, died 12 Jul 1883, parents
James Huber and Elizabeth Stolz.
Huber, Conrod, age 6 hrs, 1 Oct 1878
Huber, Elizabeth Ann, age 3 yr, died 16 Feb 1860, parent
Philip Huber.

There is more information from St Benedict Church that will
be printed later.

The 1986 'Fall' issue of The Report from the Ohio
Genealogical Society contains the following regarding
Ohioans in Edgar Co, Illinois:James HOOVER, born 1816
IN, m 1848 to America PICKENS b. 1829 in Fairfield Co,
Ohio.This was abstracted from page 663, History of Edgar
County, Illinois by Wm LeBaron Jr & Co, published in 1879.


Mary Patterson Ingebretsen:Thanks for the typeset items.
At the present time I cannot use them as I do everything by
computer.If (when?) I start making xerographic copies, they
will be very useful.Your thoughtfulness is sincerely

Marie T. Anstadt:Your letter regarding your Huber ancestor
was greatly appreciated.Could you send me either a Family
Group Sheet or a Pedigree Chart (preferably both).Persons
contributing to this newsletter are not ONLY those whose
ancestors were born in the United States.Besides your
ancestors and mine may be the same as I do not know who
my emigrant ancestors were or when they arrived in America.

G.W. Hoover writes:Linnie Howell is my sister (ED:
HOOVER HAPPENINGS publisher).We started
researching our Hoover roots independently of each other.
However, we both seem to have gravitated to the same
approach to the problem.That is we have both purchased a
computer and have recorded all Hoover information that we
came across without regard to its bearing on our line.I use
an Apple IIe, AppleWorks, and the My Roots program by
Mark Peters.(ED: I also own a copy of that program).

I am very happy with the whole setup.Linnie has a
completely different set up with which she is equally happy.
Of course a computer can not replace the human mind.As
an example, I read in a query in Vol 3, # 4 that information
about a Hoover who married an Eversole was requested.
The name Eversole was stuck in my mind for some reason so
I asked the computer if it knew anything about Eversole.
Bingo, it spit out the very person in the query.Without that
memory the information could have stayed in the computer
forever.I mailed the printout to the person who placed the
query.I have over 4000 Huber-Hoovers and their spouses in
my database and would be happy to help any of your readers.
(ED:What is everyone waiting for?)

Almyra Bush:I have never found a Hoover in Stark Co, OH
(of course I have not been able to research very much).The
dates you gave do not match what I am looking for but I
thought if you could give me an address of someone in that
area that perhaps they could help me.(ED:I do not know
anyone that actually lives in that area but I believe that there
were several Hoover families that lived in Stark Co, Ohio at
one time.Maybe some
other Hoover researchers working in Stark Co will
correspond with Almyra at 65 Lenox Court, North Kingstown,
RI 02852)

Wilbur Lindner:In the last Hoover newsletter you gave what
you had found in Salt Lake City "The Samuel Hoover Family,
1772-1972" compiled by Estella B. Keefer.I was interested
in this especially the family of Adam Hoover.I have been
fiddling around with the Puterbaugh-Butterbaugh families for
about 25 years, and in this time I have accumulated
considerable material on many other Brethren families -
including Hoover, Brumbaugh, etc.These families inter-
married to such an extent (they always married within the
church so their selection in choosing a mate was limited,
which often resulted in cousin marrying cousin) that at times
it is almost impossible to keep every one straight.

I have recently received a copy of Stephen J. Kennedy's The
Ancestors of Albina Johnson (Hoover) Lehr (revised 1986).
Mr. Kennedy gives the will of Adam Hoover.His
interpretation of the will is that Adam Hoover was the father
of 14 children, namely:Christian, Samuel, John, Adam,
Susanna and David -- by his first wife -- and George,
Christian, Samuel, Margarite, Catherine, Frederick, John and
William by his second wife.Now this WILL plainly names
the last 8 children - ' as children of my present wife
Catherine'.So we know that he and his second wife had 8
children.BUT - there was no mention of just how many
children he had by his first wife.I disagree that Adam
Hoover had 2 sons named Christian -- two named Samuel
and two named John.The Brethern people did not make it
a habit of having two children of the same name -- LIVING.
They often used a name again after a child had died in
infancy, but this is just my way of thinking - I could be wrong.

What we do agree on is that the Jacob and David Hoover
that are named in many versions of this family as having
married the Schultz sisters were sons of Christian Hoover and
Ann Houser and not sons of Adam.This Christian Hoover,
a brother of Martin Hoover, was from another Hoover line.
This is enough discussion of Adam Hoover's children.I am
sending you some material on the family of Jonathan Hoover
(son of Martin Hoover Sr) and Elizabeth Puterbaugh (dau of
Jacob Puterbaugh and Susannah Ulrich).As you can see by
the page numbers (at top of each page) I have just selected
the group sheets that I thought would be of most importance
to you, so I do have some additional information on some of
these people.I cannot guarantee the accuracy of all of these
as they have been gathered from many different sources.
There will be a notation at the bottom of some of these
pages giving the source, but not all will have this notation.If
you are not familiar with the source that I give I will be glad
to further explain that source.P.S.I would be happy to
discuss or trade info with anyone who is interested.Wilbur
Linder, 616 West High Street, Portland, Indiana 47371(ED:
Wilbur, no such package ever arrived ? ? ?)

The above brings out ONE MORE TIME that people should
NOT accept someone else's interpretation of information as
being ABSOLUTE.Unless the source is cited and you can
then confirm the source yourself, you should use the
information ONLY as leads.

Lucinda Meyers:As a new addition to your mailing list, Vol
4 Number 1 was an exciting issue as I found my Hoover roots
that I have been searching for, for some time.The
information that you gave on Adam H. Hoover was very
helpful.I am a descendant of his son, John Hoover, born
1782, died 1839 and who married to Elizabeth Brumbaugh.
My mother's parents were descended from two of their
daughters, Elizabeth and Esther.Is it possible to get an
address for Mrs. Chas Specht, the historian for the Adam H.
Hoover families?I am interested in knowing more early info
on Adam Hoover as to when he came to America, etc.
Thank you for a reply, if there is any cost for information,
please inform me.(ED:No cost and thank you for the
information on your Hoover line).


1.John Hiner, the fifth child of John and Magdalena
(Burner) Hiner, was born on the old Hiner homestead near
Doe Hill, Highland County, Virginia on 12 Feb 1781.For a
wife, he chose Rachel Hoover.She is also of German
ancestry, believed to be the daughter of Michael Hoover,
born in Germany in 1752, naturalized in 1773, died 1842,
served during the Revolutionary War and believed the son of
Sebastian Hoover who was killed in 1780.Rachel was born
in Pendleton County, Virginia on 23 Oct 1788.John and
Rachel left Virginia in Sept 1836 and reached Peru, Miami
County, Indiana on 19 Nov 1836.John Hiner died 30 Jun
1851 and Rachel Hoover Hiner died 16 Sep 1872.Both are
buried in Tillett Cemetery, Miami County, Indiana.Need
assistance in further research.Roma Hindman, address

2.Gave your newsletter address to Henry Hoover Yount
who was here several weeks ago from New Freedom, PA.He
and I are looking for Susan/Susannah Keeler who married a
Hoover.I have been searching for years for this Hoover.
They had a son, Anthony Keeler Hoover who was in Clarion
County, PA in the 1850 census.Peter Kealear died
1811/12 in Butler or Armstrong County, PA, married
Elizabeth (??).A daughter, Susan/Susannah married an
unknown Hoover.They had a son named Anthony Kealear
Hoover.Susan had a sister Sarah who married John Yount
and a brother Anthony Kealear who married Mary Ann
Adams.Any assistance appreciated.Sara Clawson

3.I am descended from Martin Wenger, Chambersburg, PA
who married Anna Gingerich, born 1743, died 1793, daughter
of Yost (Joseph) and Anna Hoover Gingerich, granddaughter
of Jacob Huber, died 1763, wife Anna, maiden name not
known, great granddaughter of Hans Huber, born
Switzerland, came to America 1717, died 1750, wife Margaret
(maiden name unknown).I would like more information on
these people.Mennonites - Martin Wenger and Anna
Gingrich Winger had a son, Joseph Wenger (Winger), born
1760 PA, died 1840 VA who married Katrina A Hoover
(Huber) and I would like to know her parents, etc and if she
was related to her mother-in-law.Pauline Walters

4.Enclosed is my check for Version 2 of Roots II software.
I received literature from Commsoft that made quite a point
of the increased productivity of the Version 2.(Lynn, I
shipped it the next day so you should be far along in your
data entry by now!)I am quite excited about getting my
genealogical data into the computer.At this point I have
the feeling that I don't know what I have!The Adam
Hoover mentioned in your last newsletter who died in North
Woodberry Township and is connected with the Brumbaugh
and Ulrich families is my man but I can't seem to find any
primary sources to confirm this.Once I get all my data
entered I will send you the most beautiful charts and perhaps
learn how to use your Bulletin Board.(Ed:I'm waiting, I'm
waiting!).Can anyone help with the primary sources.Lynn

5.Margaret (Peggy) Hoover (1825-1859), married John
Bohlen CASTNER, 17 Mar 1846, Bedford County, PA.They
lived in Middle Woodbury Township of Bedford County.She
was the daughter of David Hoover (II), born 1782, probably
in York Co, PA, died after 1850 and is buried in Brothers
Valley Township, Somerset County, PA (gravestone has no
dates).He was married to Mary Grier/Greer/Green, also
believed to have been of York County, PA.David (II) was
son of David O. Hoover/Huber, born ca 1753, York Co, PA
and buried May 1827 (age 74) in Keagy Cemetery, Woodbury
Twp, Bedford Co, PA.David O. was married to a Nancy
Snyder, born 5 Feb 1774, Lancaster Co, PA, died 5 Mar 1863.
She is buried in the Hoover Brethren Cemetery, Fishertown,
Bedford Co, PA.David O. was the son of a John Huber,
who was married to some lady who was believed
to be named Slagle, whose will was probated 2 Jan 1800 in
Germantown, York Co, PA.We think that John Huber may
have been an immigrant, possibly from Switzerland.Any
help on this one would be appreciated.Charles E. Morris

6.I am descended from Andreas Hoover (Huber),
progenitor of President Herbert Hoover.(ED:Thanks for
the computer printout of your information).Corrinne Diller.
(ED:I printed this as a query though it actually wasn't so
that other descendants of Andreas Hoover might all share
their research).

7.I am looking for information on Jonathan Hoover, born
3 Jun 1783 and died 1-6-1856 (ED:Either 6 Jan or 1 June -
I can't tell from this type of abbreviated date) as to his
parents, etc.Jonathan Hoover was married to Elizabeth
Puterbaugh, born 26 Jan 1786, died 23 Oct 1866.I am also
descended from their son, Martin Puterbaugh Hoover, born
2 Jan 1805, died 1 Jun 1866.He was married to Mary Long
born 29 Apr 1800, died 26 Sep 1879.They lived in
Henrietta, PA.Lucinda Meyers

8.My great grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Hoover (Mollie)
was born 9 Feb 1849 in Covington, Miami County, Ohio.
According to the death certificate, her father's name was
Samuel Hoover and her mother's name was Mary (maiden
name not listed).The family is listed in 1850 census with
another daughter, Minerva, 13, and a son (ED:no name
given for son).Mollie married her childhood sweetheart,
R.C. Maurer in 1877 in Miami County and moved to Kansas
where his family had moved about 1863.I have done some
searching in the Ohio area, libraries, court houses and have
found at least three Samuel Hoovers listed but none seems
to have listed a Mary Elizabeth or Minerva as children.Do
you or your members know any of the names cited?Joan H.
Cole, address listed below.

Additions to our Mailing List

1.William A. LaBach
2.Marie T. Anstadt
3.William J. Bowers
4.Mary H. Koru
5.Gayle M. Williams
6.John D. McWethy
7.Roma Hindman
8.Lancaster Mennonite Hist. Soc., 2215 Millstream Road,
Lancaster, PA 17602 - 1499
9.Joan Cole
10. Charline Brown
11. Mary Ann Huber
12. W. Wendell Hoover
13. Josephine Morris
14. Marilyn Alcorn
15. Thelma M. McMullen
16. Patricia H. Edwards
17. Kay Graham
18. Charles D. Johnson
19. Julia M. Owens
20. Sallie C. Peterson
21. Marcella Hoover
22. Marjorie Hoover Witz
23. Terry McAfee
24. Deborah Freeman
25. Vera Andrews
26. Robert Whitmoyer
27. Jane Beckowich
28. Ladd R. Hoover
29. Shirley Murray
30. Periodicals Unit, State Hist. Society, 816 State Street,
Madison, WI 53706 - 1482
31. Homer G. Benton
32. Patricia L. Simonett
33. Harry D. Tinsley

Address changes:

Christine E. Pulliam
Joyce S. Pendery
Thomas D. Bain

Volume 4, Number 4

With the holiday season upon us, this newsletter will be a
little shorter than some of the more recent ones.We are
planning a trip to Vancouver, Washington for Thanksgiving.
Will I have time to go back to Washington Co, Oregon for a
little more research or maybe even a trip down to the state
capitol in Salem?I feel that there are more clues in Oregon
pertaining to my family line in Illinois and Indiana.The clue
on my grandmother of Macoupin Co, Illinois came from a
book on Wayne County, Kentucky by June Bork.Isn't it
strange how the information is often in places other than
where you might suspect!

The following was uploaded to Dynasty BBS by Donald
Garber.Since this includes considerable information about
a Huber family that left the US and went to Canada (some
of whom later returned), I thought it was of more than
passing interest.While I have taken the liberty of performing
a small amount of editing, I believe that I have retained the
important data and not eliminated anything of importance.

[Note:The following information was in a batch of papers
given to meby a friend and fellow genealogist, Gerald
Detweiler Weaver (neeBurrows).In the form he gave it to
me it was a copy of a typewrittenmanuscript with some
handwritten notations (not in Jerry's writing);some faint
marks in one corner indicate it may have come from a
"Genealogy Box" (in an archive somewhere?).I have
indicated thehandwritten notations in braces {}; my own
notations are in brackets [].Donald Garber, 917 S. 12th St.,
Goshen, IN 46526]


"The Hoover family were of Swiss descent and the
Mennonitepersuasion.They had emigrated to Pennsylvania
over a century beforeAmerica gained its independence from
the British.They, with others ofthe faith, settled in the
state as a colony under the treaty from GreatBritain (mainly
in the counties of York and Lancaster) and became known as
the PennsylvaniaDutch.Oneof the reasons they left the
U.S. was their religion.The government would not ratify the
treaty they hadwith Britain as to exemption from military
duty.Sometime after, theynot only exempted them, but the
Quakers and Dunkards as well.It was,however, Canada's
gain of a thrifty and industrious clan of people."

JACOB HOOVER:In 1791, Jacob Hoover came from York
County,Pennsylvania, on horseback to look over the land
and decided to locateon the southern part of the townships
of Rainham and Walpole.Hepurchased 2500 acres of land
along Lake Erie, a distance of 5 miles.Hethen went back
to Pennsylvania and the next year (1792) a number of his
sons came over to clear some land at the point where Stoney
Creekempties into Lake Erie, to prepare for the families
who came over in1793.

JACOB HOOVER (1729 - Feb 6, 1810) m. Barbara
Summers (1735 Nov 2, 1818)


Davidb. 1774 d. 1846
Henryreturned to U.S.
Benjaminb. 1777? (listed in 1851 census)
Johnreturned to U.S.
Danielb. 1779? (listed in 1851 census)
Susannahm. George Wolf
Marym. John Miller
Elizabethm. Peter Sternaman

The land in Rainham Township was purchased in the name
of David Hoover,who then transferred it to members of the
family, including the sisters and their husbands.

DAVID HOOVER (1774-1846)married Elizabeth?


Jacob b. {1806} (listed in 1851 census) {Haldimand
County, Ontario}
Detrick b. 1818? (listed in 1851 census)
Isaac b. 1807? (listed in 1851 census)
Benjamin b. 1810? (listed in 1851 census)

ISAAC HOOVER (1807? - 1855)married Charlotte Swartz

Isaac Hoover married the daughter of the Mennonite
minister in Rainham Township, Charlotte Swartz.Charlotte
was born May 16, 1817 and the marriage took place in 1835.
In 1854 the family moved to Elkhart County, Indiana.There
was a large Mennonite community there and they worshipped
in the Clinton Brick Church.Shortly after moving, however,
Isaac died (1855) and Charlotte and the children (listed
below) moved back to Rainham and lived on her father's
land.The 1861 census for Handimand County lists Charlotte
Swartz Hoover as the head of household, her children
Leonard, Barbary M., Mary M., and her parents, Samuel and
Anna Swartz {Hannah Overholt Swartz}.After her children
had married, she lived the remainder of her life with them in
Indiana and Michigan.She died June 4, 1886, in Elkhart
County, Indiana, in the home of her daughter, Anna Hoover
Weaver, and was buried at the Clinton Mennonite Meeting


Elizabeth b. 1835? [2 June 1835 d. 21 Apr 1908 m. 23 Aug
1855 to David Garber - my, Donald Garber, great-great-
Tillmanb. 1837d. 1 Feb. 1919Winfield, Ks.
Annab. 1840d. 3 Jan. 1932Goshen, Indiana
Leonardb. 1842
Barbaryb. 1845
Mary M.b. 1849

The dates of birth for all but Tillman and Anna were guessed
at from thecensus reports of their ages in 1851 and 1861,
which are not terriblyaccurate!

I surmise that while living in Indiana for the year his father
lived, Tillman met Eliza Ann Grimes.When the family
returned to Canadain 1856 Tillman either did not go or
returned in 1857 to marry ElizaAnn.A copy of their
marriage certificate certifies that they weremarried on
August 3, 1857 in Elkhart County, Indiana.

The 1861 [sic] census for Elkhart County shows them living
with herfamily (Nancy Grimes, her mother, listed as head
of household).Byreading the census, however, one finds
that the eldest child of thisunion, Mary Elizabeth, was born
in 1858 in Canada.One must assume thatTillman took his
bride back to the family in Canada and the move toIndiana
took place sometime between 1858 and the 1861 census.


Mary Elizabethb. 1858m. Lemuel Winters {b. in
Leonard Williamb. 16 Feb, 1861 in Elkhart, Ind.
Annab 1866m. William Watkins {born in
Elkhart County, Ind}
[same for following three]
Josephb. 1868m. Nora Mapes
Matilda Annb. 1870m. Charles Gordon
Georgeb. 1872m. Pearle Crabtree
Edwinb. 1875never married {b. in Missouri}

At some point after 1870 and before 1875 (Edwin's birth) the
familymoved from Goshen (Elkhart County), Indiana to
Missouri.Just where isnot certain.And at some point they
moved from Missouri to Kansas,again not known for sure.

Leonard William Hoover married Sarah Hellen Newlin on
October 29,1884.They were married in Tisdale {, Kansas}
by E. P. Young.They settled on a farm outside Winfield,


Jenny Leeb. 1885 (June 26)d. Oct., 1885
Nora Aliceb. Sept. 21, 1888 {my grandmother} m. Dee
Lee McAlister
Frederick Claude b. Oct 19, 1890d. Sep 12, 1957 m. Ruby
Helen Crandall
Ray Lewisb. Oct 29, 1892d. {Dec 1976} m. Elsa
Elizabeth Tandy
Edna Maeb. Jan. 12, 1895 d. May 21, 1977 m. Charles
M. McCue
Lottie Alleenb. Nov. 2, 1898d.19__m. William Bell

[Note:In May 1986 I found the following information in the
MennoniteArchives of Ontario at Conrad Grebel College,
Waterloo, Ont.It wastypeset and printed on one side of a
single 11 X 14 sheet of paper.Donald Garber, 917 S. 12th
St., Goshen, IN 46526]

by Mrs. Anna Burkholder, wife of Mr. Christian Burkholder.

My great-grandfather, John Hoover came from Pennsylvania,
U.S., andsettled on a farm on the 3rd concession of
Markham, Ontario, in 1804.He was married to Elizabeth
Keefer, daughter of Jacob Keefer.They hadfour sons and
two daughters:--John, Martin, Daniel, Christian, Elizabeth
and Christana.

My father's uncle, John Hoover married Barbara Heisey and
had a familyof six children.Their son Chris. married Sarah
Heisey.They had onedaughter, Annie, who married Levi
Schell.Their son Daniel, notmarried, died many years ago.

Their son John married Sophia Brillinger; they had two sons.
Davidmarried Salina Steckley; Levi married Catherine
Doner.Their daughterFanny, married Thos. Fisher.

Their daughter Barbara married George Shafer.Their family
were six innumber.Aaron married Mary Swolam.Martha
not married.Mary Annamarried James Connor.Malinda
married George Hilse.Elizabeth notmarried and dead.

Father's uncle, Martin Hoover married Barbara Steckley and
begot afamily of eight children.Their son Daniel married
Maria Nigh.Madaline married Casper Wideman.

Elizabeth married John Wideman; they had two daughters.
Sarah marriedJacob Horner.Maria married Peter Hoover.
John married Anna Ramer; nofamily.

Abraham married Margaret Reid; had five children.Isaac
marriedElizabeth Wideman.Martin not married.Simeon
married Mary Ann Morley.David married Sarah Henas,
Aaron married Hulda Richeart.

Maria married David Ramer; they having eight children.
Their familymarried as follows:--Samuel married Mary
Hoover.Martin married BessieHague.Daniel married
Elizabeth Nut.Noah and Diana not married.Adaline,
Anna and Anthony died young.

Christian Hoover married Mary Baker and had a family of
four children.Isaac married Sarah Wideman.Jesse,
Elizabeth and Peter not married.

Martin Hoover married Margaret Eather and had a family of
fivechildren:--John, Martin, Anna, Sydney, and Maggie who
married GeorgeNoble.

Father's uncle, Daniel Hoover married Fanny Barkey.Their
familyconsisted of five children.Elizabeth married
Abraham Koch; They hadthree children.Joseph married
Saloma Wideman.Elizabeth unmarried andEsther married
Christian Gayman.Jacob, John and Sarah Hoover not
married.Daniel married Susannah Sherk; their son Henry
marriedElizabeth Burkholder.

Christian Hoover (my grandfather) was married to Anna
Lehman daughter ofAbraham Lehman; their family
consisting of eight children.Abraham (myfather) was
married to Fanny Grove, daughter of the Rev. Jacob Grove,
Mennonite minister; they had a family of six children.Anna
married Christian Burkholder, son of Joseph Burkholder;
they had two children.Lydia married Herman C. Reesor
(they have one boy, Harvey B. Reesor).Levi H. Burkholder
not married.

Jacob Hoover married Anna Wideman, daughter of Christian
Wideman, had a family of four children, Franklin, Lena, Alda
and Anna.Alda died.Mary married Peter Burkholder, son
of Joseph Burkholder; family of four children.George died
in infancy.Adah Elizabeth, Albert Isaiah and Anna H.

Joseph married Anna Barkey, daughter of Rev. Joseph
Barkey, Mennonite minister; family of five children, Tilman,
Harman, Jacob, Albert and Mary.

Christian married Adline Hoover, daughter of Christian
Hoover; have two children, Norman and George.Fanny
married Benjamin H. Reesor, son of Benjamin B. Reesor;
have one son, Wilfrid Addison.My uncle John Hoover died
in his boyhood.

Aunt Elizabeth Hoover married Joseph Fretz; have two
children, Jacob Henry who married Deema Hist and Sarah,
not married.

Uncle Christian Hoover married Susannah Hoover.Their
family are seven in number.Elizabeth married John
Brownsberger.Their family Eli,Ezra, Anna and Samuel.
Anna Hoover married Henry Moyer; They have six children,
Matilda, Emma, Reuben, Ada, Ruth and Minna (dead).
Fannymarried Amos Lehman; who have two children, Ida
and Ormsby.Davidmarried Josephine Pipher; one child,
Florence.Susannah married Edward Moyer; their family:
Nellie, Wesley, Percy, Allan and Isaac.Matilda not married.
Sarah married Robert Smith.

Uncle Samuel Hoover married Fanny Barkey and have a
family of seven.Elsia Ann married Samuel Wideman who
have sons Jacob, Harvey, Willis,Roy and Augustus.Rolph
is married to Mary Ellen Meyer who have one child, Lena.
Lydia, Joseph, Samuel, Fanny not married; Esther married to
William Wideman.

Aunt Susannah Hoover married John B. Hoover; they had
three children.Joseph married Fanny Reaman, who have a
daughter Ray.Mahala died young, and Eli married Ada

Aunt Anna Hoover married James McConnochie, who have
a family of four,David, Andrew, Robert James.Robert
James married Nettie Pipher, whohave four, Albert, Myrtle
(not living), Harvey and Alfred John Henry,not married,
Mary Annie, dead.

Uncle David Hoover married Maria Hoover and had a family
of four, Emma,Albert, George (not living), and Frederick.
Uncle David dead.

My father's aunt, Elizabeth Hoover married John Heisey;
they had afamily of five.
Christian married Nancy Witmer; their children asfollows:
John married Anna Hilts, Jacob married Hattie McLean,
Elizabeth married Albert Brillinger and David married
Susannah Shaver.

Elizabeth married Peter Doner, whose family are five; Daniel
marriedElizabeth Heisey, Rachel married Abraham Klink,
Peter married SarahStakely, John married Susan Stakely,
Elizabeth married Albert Hunt.

Their daughter Fanny married George Brillinger.They have
a family of eight.Elizabeth married Robert Kelly, Nancy
married Josiah Sider,Fanny married John Baker, Christina
married John Nigh, Christian married Christina Burkholder
and George, Sadie and Magdalena are not married.

Their daughter Christina married Samuel Baker, who have a
family offive.Peter married Barbara Wideman, Catharine
married Adam Wideman,John married Fanny Brillinger.
Daniel married Matilda Lewis, Nancymarried Samuel
Richert.Their son John married Mattie Baker and have a
family of five.Samuel married Elizabeth Alexander, David
married MaryBrillinger, Reuben married Mary Cober, and

My father's aunt, Christina Hoover married Daniel Horner,
who had adaughter, Mary Ann.She married Jonathan
Brillinger, whose family is asfollows:Christina married to
Benjamin Climanhagey, John married MaryAnn Eyer.
Mary, Rachel and Eli are not married.

This is a chronological record of our branch of the Hoover
familyembracing a period of nearly one hundred years, and
is as correct as thefacts can be obtained from various
sources gathered in Canada.

Anna Burkholder, wife of C. Burkholder, Mongolia, P.O.

Dated March 7th, 1899.

[Note: In May 1986 I found the following articles in the
Mennonite Archives of Ontario at Conrad Grebel College,
Waterloo, Ont.They were evidently photocopied from a
book, with the following penned in at the top of the first
page: "J. Russel Harper, The Early History of Haldimand Co.
n.p.: The Grand River Sachem, 1950."My notations arein
brackets [].Donald Garber, 917 S. 12th St., Goshen, IN

[p. 28] Article XII


Rainham and Walpole, unlike the balance of the County of
Haldimand, were opened to white settlement by the
government at an early date.While the Nelles and Young
families settled along the Grand River at the invitation of the
Indians, those who came to Walpole and Rainham were
settling in British territory which had been previously
purchased by treaty from the Chippewa Indians.

The oldest and most important of the families to enter these
townships were the Hoovers.They were originally clannish
Quakers [?] from Switzerland who had, by reason of religious
persecution, been forced into Holland and had later migrated
to William Penn's settlement in Pennsylvania.Some of the
family became loyal Britishers, and at the close of the
American Revolution their lot was so miserable that some
were offered a tract of land in Canada which they gratefully
accepted.David Hoover was the first to come, travelling by
horseback from York County in Pennsylvania in 1791.He
purchased 2000 acres of land along Lake Erie between the
Cheapside and Rainham Centre side roads.He returned the
next year with his seven sons who cleared some of the land
at Hoover's Point, and the following year brought over the
families with their goods and children in wagons, crossing the
Niagara River at Buffalo and driving up the beach to their
new homes.

The sons were named David, Daniel, John, Christian, Henry,
Abraham andBenjamin.John went back to Pennsylvania in
1812, and Henry, the onlyother son who did not stay, had
a grandson, David Byers, who became thefirst assessor of
Rainham Township.David Hoover bought the land and
held it in his name, but on his death the 2000 acres was
divided upamongst the various sons and descendants of
some of the sons are stillliving on the land so given [p. 28]
a century and a quarter ago.On thefarm of Christian
Hoover on which was the burying plot of the earlymembers
of the family, was also built the first grist and saw mill along
that part of the lake, on Stoney Creek.This mill was built in
1802 andwas a great boon not only to the white settlers in
Rainham and Walpole,but also to those along the Grand
River.Previously it had beennecessary to take grain to the
famous Sugar Loaf Mill at Port Colborne,or to the mills at
Port Ryersie.

Benjamin Hoover has been called the artisan of the family,
and his skillas a gunsmith made him popular with the
Indians when their musketsneeded repairs.He brought apple
seeds with him from Pennsylvania, andbuilt the first cider
press in Haldimand to accommodate [sic] his apple crop.He
had only one child, a daughter, who married a Stickler and
descendants are still in Haldimand.

The Hoovers quickly took up more land in the two townships
since in 1800David Hoover bought an additional 2000 acres.
Just before 1812, JohnHoover bought another 700 acres
from one Van Alstyle, but this wasseized by the government
and sold at a judicial sale in old Vittoria,the proud little
capital in its day of nearly one quarter of Ontario.The
reason for the disallowance of the sale was the non-
registration of Van Alstyle's deed but protests from the
Hoover family were of no avail.In 1812 John Hoover went
back to Pennsylvania and never returned to Canada.

A survey of the early families of Rainham show other names
besides that of Hoover which are still to be found.By 1816
there were only five other families in the township.Benjamin
Stewart lived on the RainhamRoad and Michael Sprangle
on the First Concession.On the lake shorelived a Shank
who was a Menonite [sic] preacher.A descendant still
carries on the work.The other family was that of Jacob Fite
close toMiller's Point whose last descendant died in 1936 at
Selkirk.In 1816Peter Culver arrived and his descendants
still live in Rainham.Otherswho came at a later date but
may still be classed as pioneers were thefamilies of
Vanloon, Wardell, Yeager, Babion, Smelser, Holrood,
Reicheld and Holmes, many of whom were of German

Some other facts concerned with the opening of Rainham
settlement areinteresting.The western part of Ontario at
that time was governed fromVittoria the capital of Norfolk
County.This county then includedRainham and Walpole,
and Quarter Sessions were held there during the year for the
transaction of business for the general welfare of thecounty.
Among those attending Quarter Sessions in 1817 was
Benjamin Hoover, who was appointed Pathmaster in
Rainham with a beat extending from [p. 30] Stoney Creek
(believed to be that on which Nantico*ke is situated) to the
Indian lands, the edge of the grant made to the Six Nations
on the Grand River.A number of years were necessary to
make the Rainham Road passable for teams.In the year
1827, Solomon Minorconstructed a dam at Dunnville and
founded that town.The settlers of Rainham saw the
advantage of having a market at the new town, and were
anxious to have access to the mills so in the fall of 1829 they
extended the Rainham Road to Dunnville.The first road
was chopped through the woods so that the sleighs were able
to get through in winter.This road was surveyed by Peter
Culver with a pocket compass because the districtsurveyor
threatened to tax them for his services in laying out the road.

[p. 45] Article XXI


The influx of settlers to Haldimand called for the building of
more and more roads to serve their needs.The Rainham
Road from the Hoover settlements in Rainham and Walpole,
was one of the important early pioneer roads.This road
joined an earlier road which crossed Rainham going to
Dunnville, and on which Ben Hoover had acted as
pathmaster since 1817.Boats in touch with the larger centres
through the Welland Canal, were beginning to come into
Dunnville, new mills were being erected at that point, and the
Rainham and Walpole settlers saw the obvious advantages
which would be derived from a direct route to that point.

[p. 49] Article XXIV


With the breaking of trails through the dense woods, the
earliest settlers carried their wheat on their backs long
distances to grist mills to be ground into flour.The first mill
used was at Niagara where Paul Park, a resident who lived
just west of Jarvis, walked upwards of fifty miles with their
grain.They followed after its construction, theSugar Loaf
Mill at Port Colborne was built which was one of the most
noted of all pioneer Ontario mills.To reach these mills, the
members of the Nelles and Young families walked upwards
of fifty miles with their grain.They followed a trail
approximately following the Talbot Road, or along the lake
shore from the mouth of the Grand River.Those who had
horses went by horseback, and some few went down the river
by boat.

Others pioneers in Haldimand County visited the early mill
built at Windmill Point which is along the shore of Lake Erie
in Welland County not far from the Sugar Loaf Mill.With
the building of a grist mill at Ancaster, the residents of
Oneida and Seneca found it more convenient to go there, but
those at the lower end of the county still continued to visit
the Sugar Loaf and Windmill Point Mills.The Millers and
other early settlers in Rainham and Walpole took away their
business from the Sugar Loaf when a mill was built at Port
Dover.Their flour came from there for a number of years
until a mill was built in Haldimand.

The first recorded grist mill in the county was the Hoover
Mill on Stoney Creek below Selkirk in Walpole Township,
constructed in 1802 by the father of Jesse Miller and
operated at a later date by Jesse Hoover.The mill stones
were made of hard heads about eighteen inches in diameter.
They were dressed every [p. 50] twelve months, and even
when freshly dressed they only bruised and crushed the grain
rather than really grinding it.The bolts were about six feet
long and the size of a flour barrel.The new mill was a great
accomodation [sic] to the settlers, and was on certain
occasions even visited by the settlers from as far away as the
Grand River.

[Note:In May 1986 I found the following article in the
Mennonite Archives of Ontario at Conrad Grebel College,
Waterloo, Ont.It was in typewritten form.Donald Garber,
917 S. 12th St., Goshen, IN 46526]


Taken from The Selkirk Sentinel, January 12th, 1937; copied
from The Selkirk Star printed in 1908.

The first step towards the making of the village of Selkirk was
taken in the year 1800, when David Hoover, the originator of
the Hoover Settlement, bought ten lots of Captain
Dochstader -- five on each side of the town line between
Rainham and Walpole; stretching on each side from the lake
shore across the fourth concession--containing two thousand
acres and covering the present site of Selkirk.

Shortly afterwards, Christian Hoover, brother of David, built
a log house and a log grist mill on the Stoney Creek a little
below the bridge; and his son Henry on his marriage built on
the South end of the same lot, on the site now occupied by
the house of George Gamble.In 1827 he sold it to William
Steele, who thinking the cross roads a favourable place for a
village, sold some village lots and named it Williamsville after
his own name.

The first man to reside in the village was Robert Stillwell, a
carpenter, the brother of the late Rev. Thomas Stillwell.
Early in the 30's David Evans built a log store on the south
and a plank hotel on the north side of Main Street, the site
of the property now held by R. J. Winyard.Shortly
afterwards a log school-house was built on the cornerwhere
the Bank of Hamilton now stands, and a frame store was
built by William Mudie on the site now occupied by John
McFarlane as a carriage shop.

In 1833 the settlers of Rainham cut a road through the woods
of the Indian Townships of South Cayuga and Dunn; opening
up the land communication between Dunnville post office
and the mills of Rainham and Walpole.Soon after this a
weekly mail service was
established between Dunnville and Port Dover; the Dover
post office and village at that time being one mile north of
the present Port Dover, at the Dover mills.

Some little time later a post office was opened at
Williamsville and it was the only post office in the township.
It was named Walpole and Wm. Mudie was the first
postmaster.Just before Mudie started his store Joseph Gee,
the father of Hiram and Ephriam [sic] Gee, kept a store for
a short time near where the present hotel stands.The store
wasafterwards kept for a short time by the late Thomas

The frame of the present hotel was erected in 1836 and it is
the only one of the old building left.About 1841 Mudie left
and his place was taken by Wm. Barker.The store was
shortly afterwards burned down and Barker erected a new
one on the corner now occupied by the Holmes block, which
was first kept by Howard Wiseman, who in the winter of
1855, sold out to Henry, son of James Kent.

Some years before this Samuel Swarts, father of the late
Gideon and Darius Swarts, had built a brick store, the first
brick building in the village.This store soon passed into the
hands of Daniel Hoover, one of the first settlers of the
Rainham, who sold it to James Kent.So Kent did a large
business here for many years and during his occupancy the
size of the store doubled; the block now owned by John

For a long time dissatisfaction had been felt with the name
of the village.Before the village was thought of, the locality
from the name of the creek was called and generally known
as "Stoney Creek."The village was named, though never
called "Williamsville."The post office was named "Walpole."

[Note:In May 1986 I found the following article in the
Mennonite Archives of Ontario at Conrad Grebel College,
Waterloo, Ont.It had been photocopied from the Ontario
Register, pp. 231 f.; the book evidently came from the
Norfolk Historical Society Archives, the photocopy from the
City of Nantico*ke Library, Selkirk Branch.Donald Garber,
917 S. 12th St., Goshen, IN 46526]


The return is headed "Muster Roll of Captain John Eakins
Company, Rainham" and was signed by him at Rainham on
26 June 1832.The document is now preserved in the Public
Archives of Canada, Ottawa.

Capt. John Eakins
Lieut. David McF. Field
Ensign Samuel Eakins
Sgt. John Hendershot, 31
Sgt. William Younglove, 24

Christian Fight, 18
Jacob Wolf, 31
John Yager, 22
Isaac Thomas, 33
Samuel Strickler, abs w/o lve
Henry Simmerman, ditto
Jacob Hoover, abs w/out lve
Isaac Hoover, ditto
Benjamin Hoover, ditto
Henry Miller, 30
Peter Null, 25
Jacob Fight, 19
George Brolinger, Mennonist
John Renderick, 21
Samuel Swarts, abs w/out lve
Christian Hoover, ditto
Henry Yokum, 40
John Yokum, 17
Aaron Overholt, 27
John Osburn, 26
Isaac Cates, abs w/out leave
Jonas Overholt, 29
Adam Shark, abs w/out leave
Jacob Vanloan Jr., 18
Benjamin Stewart, 34
Isaac Overholt, 20
Wm McDonald, abs w/out lve
Martin Fight, 45
Joseph Evans, abs w/out lve
Peter Culver, 42
Abraham Holmes, 25
Wm Homes Jr., abs with lve
James Wheeler, 45
James Stewart, 33
William Row, 33
James Johnson, 32
James Drinkwater, abs w/o lv
Baltus Chrisler, 29
John Hoover, abs w/out lve
John Null, 33
Christian Rohrah, abs w/o lve
John Camp, 27
Isaac Camp, 19
Henry Camp, 21
David Hoover, abs w/out lve
Colin Matthews, sick
Thomas Martin, 27
Isaac Miller, abs w/out lve
Solomon Hurst, abs w/out lve
Martin Syder, abs w/out lve
Robert Howey
Jacob Hoover Sr., Mennonist
Tice Yager, Mennonist

Since very little had to be done to prepare this for the
newsletter, it is very much appreciated.Others that have
computers and would like to transfer their information to me,
can do so by uploading to Dynasty BBS or can send me a
diskette (IBM compatible) in either ASCII or Word Perfect
form.This would make my job much easier.


Note from Betty J. Mason:I received a copy of the book A
Genealogical History of the Descendants of Johannes or John
(Huber) Hoover and his wife Mary Watson who settled in
Lancaster Co, PA 1710-1937 by Mary Ruthrauff Hoover through
Inter Library loan for $5 out-of-state.I have enclosed a copy of
title page and children of said John Hoover & Mary Watson.
Also, in my quest, I came up with some type of a manuscript of
John Hoover & Mary Watson (Chronicles of the Catoctin District
Hoovers by Harold Howison) which, by the way, I feel is my line
because Catoctin is the area of my Hoovers.They were a close
knitgroup, for the most part Brethren or Dunkards.Anyhow,
the Catoctin Chronicles lists different children for John Hoover
& Mary Watson.This is all very frustrating!Tell Arlene
Mansfield that she can get a copy of the book by Inter Library
loan from Cleveland Public Library, 325 Superior Ave, Cleveland,
Ohio 44114-1271.It cannot be taken out of the library, so take
along change & use the library copy machine.She must have the
same informant that I had to be using the name Rutherford
instead of Ruthrauff.I am answering this way because she will
read your next newsletter & it may help someone else also.

Note from Patricia Simonett:My father's people were Swiss/Penn
Dutch.In my mother's family we have a Rahn/Hoover family.
I have sent them your address.I do have some information on
them and will be happy to send it if you don't hear from them.
(Have heard nothing yet).Please send information on your
Hoover line so that we can share with others.

Note from Christine Pulliam:Finally got my Martin Hoover tied
into the President's line thus gained 6 generations!How about
sharing the tie-in with the rest of us.


1.My great grandmother was Adella Anna Hoover.She was
born Jan 1, 1849 in Indiana.I have no info as to which county
nor her parents and siblings names.She was raised in Iowa,
marrying Edwin D. Lake on 15 September 1864 in Davenport,
Iowa. She had five children.Moved to Reno, Nevada in 1874-
1875.Divorced, 3-4 marriages thereafter and died in 1920 in
Cashmere, Washington.Family legend has it that her father and
brother Tommy died after drinking poisoned milk and that the
cow died also.Her mother remarried and the children from the
first family were farmed out as stepdaddy didn't care for them.
Any information would be appreciated.Josephine Morris

2.My (3) great grandfather was Henry Hoover, born 22 Jan
1790.He resided in Lorra, Thorold, Ontario; now known as
Lorra, Oxford Co, Ontario.He died 15 Mar 1837 and married
Margaret Eliza Fairchild on 24 Jun 1814.My information
comes from the Stratford Perth Archives.It further states that
first settlers, Hoover family from Pennsylvania, 1791.Any
information would be appreciated.Marilyn Alcorn

3.My interest is in Mary Huber, 1792-1852, married William
Loudenslager, 1794-1884, came to Jackson Twp, Lycoming Co,
PA in 1820 from York Co, PA.William was the son of Jeremie
Lautenschlager, 1775-1865.Thelma M. McMullen

4.I am interested in information on Maria Hoover of Baiern,
Germany, who immigrated to the US ca 1845 with her (future)
husband, George John Von Braun.They settled in Erie, PA and
raised a family of four children: Christina (married William
LANG), Mary (married HAAS), Elizabeth (unmarried), and
George John (married Ruth Cooper SPENCER).Maria's
maiden name may have been HOOPER or HUBER.Family
sources say that they came from Berlin (not Bavaria), that he
was escaping the army, that her father was a professor.In the
1850 census, they are living in Erie, PA, own a butcher
shop, and have a 13 year old female living with them by the
name of Behimin (not sure of spelling) HOOVER.Do you have
any information to share?Patricia H. Edwards

5.I would like to hear from anyone descended from this group
of brothers and sisters, all born in Bedford Co, TN.

Robert William Hoover, born 1838, married Mary Jane Jeffries.
Clementina F. Hoover, born 1840, married Isom Stammer
Martha Ann Hoover, born 1844, married Asa S. Stem
Mary Elvira Hoover, born 1847, married Arthur E. Wilson
Elizabeth Elinor Hoover, born 1848, married (1) Emmett
Winstead and
(2) William Nance
Susan Olivia Hoover, born 1851, married Dr. Ben R. Thomason

The above family is descended from the Mennonite, Hans Huber,
born about 1675, Switzerland.

Mary and Susan are buried in Gainesville, Texas

Joe R. Clement

Additions to the Mailing List

1. Donald Garber
2. Marlyn R. Lewis
3. Susan Hoover
4. Eve Fee
5. Beverly Huber Woodin
6. Homer G. Benton
7. Shirley Stover Murray
8. Rozetta Tary
9. Jane Bekowich
10. Blanche Keeney Stephens
11. Joe M. Moore
12. Laura Williamson
13. Rayburn Lewis
14. Parke G. Hoover

The first 4 names have been added from users of the National
Genealogy Conference, the computer genealogy bulletin board

Address changes and/or corrections:

Christine E. Pulliam
Marjorie Pennington
Anna J. Hubble
Richard K. Albyn

Additional note:Last issue in query 7, I said that Jonathan
Hoover died either 6 Jan or 1 June - Christine Pulliam notified
me that his date of death should be 6 Jan 1856.Christine is
descended from Jonathan's brother, David Hoover.She gives
their parents as Martin Hoover, Sr and Catharine Knee.She
gives his parents as Martin Hoover and Getrude (2d wife of
Martin); and parents of Martin as Jacob Hoover and Anna (no
last name given).Thanks to Christine for the additional

Added Query

I am trying to find information on my Hoover family.My great
great grandmother, Nancy Hoover, born in Pennsylvania on 16
Sep 1812, died in Bradford, Darke County, OH on 28 May 1900.
She married Jonathon Stover who was born in Maryland
sometime in 1811.Their children were Mary Elizabeth, David,
Emmanuel (my great grandfather), Mary and
John.Shirley Stover Murray, address above.

I am nearly convinced that my Catherine is probably the
daughter of Adam Hoover of Washington Co, MD, (The
Ancestors of Albina Johnson (Hoover) Lehr).I have traced
down numerous Catherine Hoovers and they all belong to
someone else.In 1810, they are living in Bedord Co, PA,
Greenfield Twp, page 81.I have not found them for 1820 or
1830 but in 1840 they are in Armstrong Co, Buffalo Twp, PA.
In the 1850 census, Christian is living with his son, Christian
and their family, Armstrong Co, North Buffalo Twp, page 90,
dwelling 14.Christian is 68 years old.I need help proving the
parents of this Catherine Hoover.Mary Burt


Send mail to: [emailprotected]

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