The Buffalo News from Buffalo, New York (2024)

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in Shipper club. club, Social Society Brant in church. street chanter DU 6 HO 14 50 46 North hrs. class. in wood and and club, temple, 10 RECORDS -EVENTS BUFFALO EVENING NEWS: THURSDAY, JANUARY 24, 1929 RECORDS--EVENTS 31 IN MEMORIAM.

MURPHY- Sarah. in loving memory of beloved mother who passed away five years ago today, Jan, 93. Days suffering, nights of pain Are over for God thought beat To call you from this world sOrrOW And bring you home to rest. SON AND DAUGHTER. ARMSTRONG- In this elty, Jan 1920, Robert beloved son of Albert and Marion Armstrong (e0 Stollmeier), brother of William Geraldine and James Armstrong.

Funeral will take place from the family home, 260 Cambridge avenue, time to be announced later. BARONE--Jan. Frances (nee. Spero), beloved wife of Orazio, mother of John and Josoph Barone of Detroit, Thomas Charles and Frank, Mra, Charles Privitera. Mrs.

Anthony, Buffamanti and the late Orazio, Funeral will be held from the family restdence, 130 Georgia street, Friday morning at 9 o'clock and from St. Anthony's church at 9:30 o'clock. Frienda are invited to attend. Rochester papers please copy, 22124 BERNADT---In Buffalo. N.

Jan. 91, 1939, Daniel, busband of Augusta Bernadt, father of Frank. Walter, Henry Benjamin and Alfred Bernadt and Mrs. Earl Staffan. Funeral from the family restdence.

105 Downing street. Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Friends are invorted to attend. his residence, 604 Bird Le Roy CHUR 1099, suddenly, nt husband of Allee Churchill; brother of Dantel Churchill of Fullerton, California. Fuheral takes place from Arbury-Delaware Methodist Episcopal church.

Delawaro ave. nue and Tupper street, Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Friends are invited to attend. CLARK-In Kenmore, Jan. 23, 1029, Benjamin beloved husband of Grace M.

Clark (nce Baker), father of Benjamin F. Clark Jr. Funeral will be held from his late residence, 88 Westgate road, Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Friends are invited. De.

ceased was a member of Erie lodge 161, 3 F. A. Zuleika Grotto, Buffalo ConHistory, Ismailia temple, A. A. O.

N. M. 9.: Adytum chapter 235. R. A.

Mizpah lodge 518, I. 0. 0. and Salome chapter 311, 0. E.

9. Services under the auspices of Erie lodge, F. M. Members will please assemble at the temple at 2 o'clock sharp. 23124 CORRIGAN--Jan.

29. 1029. James Corrigan, husband of Teresa Fellman, brother of A. F. Lenahan of Wilkes Barre, and Edward Corrigan of Sugar Notch, Pa.

Funeral from family residence, 2528 Main street, time to be announced later. Deceased was A member of Buffalo council No. 184, Knights of Columbus, and Cantsius sodality. DECHENT---In Gowanda, Jan. Margaret Jaster, wife of the late Charles Dechent, mother of Mrs.

Amelia Takebe and Mra. Louise Armes, sister of Mra. Nancy Barber of Buffalo. Services from the family residence. 113 Chestnut street.

Gowanda, Friday, at 1:30. Burial in Forest Lawn, Buffalo. Friends invited to attend. 23124 DICKERSON- John in this city Jan. 22.

9011 of Mrs. Elizabeth Cuddeback of 16 Penlield street, brother of R. J. Dickerson of Jamestown. N.

Y. Funeral services Thurs. day at 2 P. M. from the chapel of Smith and Smith.

344 Jefferson avenue, at 2:30 P. M. from Michigan Avenue Baptist church. Interment at Pine Hill cemetery. GERALD 00.

1929, R. Emmett Fitzgerald, husband of Marion E. Halloran, father of Pexgy Fitzgerald, brother of Michael Fitzgerald, Mre. John Scofield. Mrs.

Chester Sturges and Mrs. John J. O'Connor. Funeral from the residence of his father-in-law. Joseph P.

Halloran. 014 North Park avenue, time to be announced later. FRANCIS--In Buffalo. Jan. 22.

1929. Jane Clara Francis, beloved wife of the late Morris J. Francis and mother of Myron A. Francis of Brooklyn, N. and Mrs.

Fred N. Molfett of Buffalo, N. Y. Funeral will take place from her late residence, 237 Normal avenue. Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Friends are invited to attend. Interment at Griffins Mills, N. Y. 23124 FREEDMAN- Jan. 23.

1020. in Buffalo, Rebecca, widow of Philip Freedman: mother of Esther F. Aaron and the late Hattie Boasberg. The funeral, which will be private, will take place from 370 Franklin street. Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

FRUEHAUF-In Buffalo. Jan. 23, 1929. M. Eleanor Willmann, wife of Edward D.

Fruchauf; mother of Florence Evelyn Lavinia and the late Hugo A. Fruehalf. Funeral from the family residence, 91 Host street, Saturday morning at 8:30 o'clock and from the Annanciation church at 9 p'elock. Friends are invited to attend. 23125 GREENWOOD In this city.

Jan. 21. 1929, Mary A. Greenwood (nee Biehl), wife of the late Charles E. Greenwood: mother of Charles 8., Eugene P.

and Mrs. Edward J. Gese: sister of Julia Merkle. Funeral from her late residence, 112 East Ferry street. Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Burial in Elmlawn cemetery. 92123 HUBER--In this city, Jan. 02. 1029. Elizabeth, the late Joseph Huber; mother of the Inte Elizabeth Danscher.

Funeral from the family residence. 138 Austin street, Friday morning at 8:30 and from St. Francis Xavier church at 9 o'clock. Friends invited to attend. Deceased was a member of Christian Mothers' Sodality of St.

Francis Xavier church. 23124 LENHARD-In this city. Jan. 21, 1929. Caroline, wife of the late Jacob F.

Lenhard and mother of Mrs. Frank X. Kaltenbach, and the late George J. Lenhard. Funeral from her late residence, 17 Hughes avenue.

Friday morning at 9:30 and from St. Mary's church at 10 o'clock. Friends are invited tor attend. 22124 LESSLER-In Buffalo, Jan. 1029, Eugenia Lessler, daughter of the late Joseph and Betsy Lessler.

Notice of funeral hereafter. Flowers gratefully declined. LINDHOLM--Suddenly, in this city. Jan. 22.

1929: Carl eon of John and Charlotte 1. Lindholm (nee Carlson) and brother of Mrs. Nina Stanley, Mrs. Edith Hardenbrook, Ellie Lindholm and the late. John, Mildred Lindholm and Mra.

Jennie Clark. Funeral from the family residence. 149 Royal avenue, Friday afternoon 2:30 clock. Friends are invited to attend. 02128 LOEHR- West Seneca, Jan.

22, 1029. Frederick husband of Catherine Hilbrand Loehr, father of Fred Henry William Louisa Katharine A. And the late Dorotha E. Loehr. Funeral from the family residence on Fisher road, Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Friends are invited to attend. 23124 LOOS--In Buffalo. Jan, 1029. John, husband of the late Mary Huntinger: father of William. Henry, Caroline and the late John and Christian Loos, age 87 years.

Funeral from the residence of his son, Henry Loos. 03 Orange Saturday P. M. at 2:30 o'clock. Friends are invited to attend.

Deceased WAs a member of Haywood Post No. 554, G. A. R. MERLAU-Suddenly, on Jan.

1029. Mary K. (nee Kobarg), beloved wife of John mother of Mrs. Edward Zittel. Mre.

Orlin Closs and Edwin daughter of Mra. Caroline Kobarg and the late Theodore: sister of Mrs. Edward Lilga, Mrs. Harvey Seeger, Mrs. Edward Mundt.

Mrs. George Trier and Mrs. Bertha Coppings. Funeral private from the family residence, East Aurora, N. 011 Friday at 2 P.

M. PARKER-In Buffalo, Jan. 23. 1929, Manly, husband of Grace Alexander Parker; father of Ned J. Parker, Funeral from the family residence, 2111 Seneca street, Saturday afternoon at 1 o'clock.

Friends are invited to attend. Burla! at Arcade, N. Y. Deceased was a member of Blaring Star Lodge No. 691, A.

M. of East Aurora, Zuleika Grotto, Buffalo Consistory, and Lodge No. B. of L. F.

E. 93125 POLILLA-In this city, Jan. 21. 1929, Carmella (nee Margarucei), beloved wife of Carmine Polilla: beloved sister of Pasquale, Alfonso and Dominic; beloved mother of John, Mrs. Mary Marianacelo, Andrew, Joseph.

Mrs. Rose Morano. Anthony. Louis, Jennie and Fanny, Funeral from the family reeidence. 330 North Division street.

on Friday morning, Jan. 25. 1920. at 8:30 o'clock, and from St. Lucy's church at 9 o'clock.

Friends are invited to attend. 22124 RANDS-In Buffalo. Jan. 21, 1990, Sarah McArthur, beloved wife of David Rands: mother of Thomas John Marion this elty, Dr. Howard A.

of Little Rock, Arkansas, and the late Evelyn C. Rands: grandmother of Edith J. Rands. Funeral from the family home, 424 Winslow avenue, Thursday afternoon, Jan. 24, at 2:30 o'clock.

Friends invited. Interment at Forest Lawn cemetery. 22123 ROWLAND -In Kenmore, N. Jan. 23.

1929, Barbara McCallum, wife of the late John l'esley Rowland in her 87th year, mother of John William H. and Horace A. Rowland. Mrs. Mary Luke and Mrs.

Marion Henderson. Funeral from the residence of her son, William H. Rowland. 87 Knowlton avenue, Fridas afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. Friends are invited to attend.

23124 ROSAR-In Lackawanna, N. Jan. 23, 1929, Joseph husband of the late Mary Blessinger Rosar, father of Joseph Mrs. E. R.

Weiss of Atlantic City, N. Marie, Matilda. Fred and William A. Rosar. Funeral from the family residence, 423 Victory avenue, time to be announced later.

Friends invited to attend. Scranton, papers please copy. 23126 ROTH-In this city, Jan. 22, 1920. Adah A.

wife of the late George F. Roth and mother of Merrill W. Roth. Funeral from the family residence. 740 Bailey avenue, Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.

Friends are invited to attend. 92:93 SAUVARY-In Buffalo, Jan, £3, 1929, of No. 42 Belmont Thomas are 10 years, 2 months, beloved son of Henry C. and Adah M. (nee Holland): brother of Alice Sauvary.

Funeral private from Buffalo City hospital, Grider Thursday forenoon. Jan. 24, at 9:30, Interment at Forest lawn, Legal Records Jutlan Dutidewler to Polish Co-operative Savings Loan $1800, Minton E. Smith. Zotia Konieezny to Julian Zerzutek, $1400, Oneida W.

Raze. Sigrid C. Groh. to Alvina Fiscus, $3000. Myera N.

Genesee, Sherid C. Groh to Alvina Fiscus, $9100. Myera N. Genesee. George J.

Kirsch to the Western Savings bank of Buffalo, $37,000, Beverly road Jefferson. William C. Rittman to Buffalo Abe Titlo $8000, Balley N. Dartmouth. Robecen Brodzinsky to Max Rosenthal, $400, North half sub lot 60.

Mao Karcher to Byron P. Lyth, 87000. Amherst. Emiline Harrington to Buffalo Savings bank. Kensington W.

Balley. Joseph Stulberg to Bowen Securities Genesee N. Chippewa. Thomas F. Perry to Louis Viedt, $7000.

Cheektowaga. Arnold L. Bachro to Letitia Cooper, $7000, Delnvan W. Main. Emma Danitz to Margaret Schwendler, $5250, Cheektowasa.

Sumo to same. $5950. Cheektowaga. William d. Fox to Manufacturers Traders-Peoples Trust $2000.

Amherst. Bassle Stilwell to Erie County Savings bank, $5600, Fourteenth E. Connecticut. Amy Reddalt Logue to Income Property $1000, East line West avenue. Anastas Malnchowaki to Anthony Ulicki, $1000.

Wilson S. Genesce. Mary Schultz to Erie County Savings bank, $2500. Red Jacket W. Abbott.

E. Stoddard, to Buffalo National $3000, Kenmore. Hannah Shepard to the Prudential Inauranco Co. of America, $18.000, Amherst. Bertha M.

Stoddard to Buffalo National $3000. Kenmore. John Walker to Lena Pfeiffer, $500, Fay S. Walden. Elva P.

Henry to J. Lloyd Hendershott, $1500. Cover 930.. Paul Aguglia to Buffalo Abstract Title $6500, South line Review place. Clara Clark to Evelyn J.

Anderson, $150. Hamburg. Discharge of Mortgages. Nathan Gelman to Irish American Savings Loan Dec. 21, 1020.

Herman J. Taft to Deane H. Andrews, Aur. 0, 1024 Charles A. Pooley to Elizabeth M.

Gruner Jan. 19, 1914, Ruben J. Burrows to Charles E. Eisele, Jan, 1, 1922. Frances Helena Knibb to Frank W.

Love, Sept. 14, 1926. Beckie Greenberg to Irish American Savings Loan Jan. 27. 1921.

Ernest C. Kasten to James F. Ward, March 1, 1921. Louis Goldberg to Esther Seller, Aug. 1927.

Previously Recorded. John J. Weigl to Ell1 W. Goldstein, July 14. 1926.

Arthur Ward to Wilber J. Bagley. Nov. 10, 1927. F.

Eisele Home Building to John Hellriegel as Exr Sept. 1. 1919. Robert Sheehan to Anna W. Sheehan, Sept.

15, 1924. Blema Bernstein to Victor Wagner, Aug. 3, 1027. Meyer Eisenberg to Irish American Savings Loan March 7, 1921. Cornelius W.

Cooper to Annie Barber. July 1, 1900. Nicholas Pappas to George Likes, Jan. 31. 1928.

Bessie A. Bishop to Erie County Savings bank, April 1020. Bessie A. Stillwell to Helen L. Bishop, March 29.

1927. Wendell E. Long to Bertha Small. July 24, 1919. Adolph W.

Hartman to Buffalo Savings Loan July 1, 1920. James N. Kneeland to Yolande Colter. Dec. 1.

1024. James N. Kneeland to Hamburg Planing Mill Sept. 1, 1925. Louis Rosen to Irish American Savings Loan Feb.

3, 1921. Jonathan M. Keller to Charles E. Eisele, May 26. 1927.

Charles Depke to Charles Doner. Dec. 7, 1923. Adolf Wegner to Clinton Mutual Savings Loan Assn. June 5, 1921.

Daniel Donohue to Grace E. Davis, Aug. 0. 1016. Adolf Wegner to Clinton Mutual Savings Loan June 5, 1994.

Henry F. Pape to Robert Evans, Jan. 4, 1924. Mollie Estes to Harriet Louise Nunn, May 1. 1920.

Anna A. Clark to Philip Kerwin, Aug. 30. 1923. Michael Paufler to Ernestine I.

Seifert, July 1. 1014. Catherine Campbell Stewart to Adoll Langendorfer, June 16. 1927. Louis Zimon to Samuel Arluck, April 26, 1926.

John Nucherero to Irish American Loan Feb. 24. 1921. Bernard J. Fenski to William J.

F. Guinther, May 10. 1918. Samuel Fuhr to the Western Savings Bank of Buffalo, Jan. 9.

1924. Joseph Wisniewski to Ann E. Selbert, Oct. 1. 1900.

John Tobolski to Joseph Rosenthal, May 17. 1928. William C. F. Rittman to Giesecke Kinsey May 9, 1922.

Charles J. Zifle to the Buffalo Savings bank, Oct. 5. 1928. Beatrice McGirr to Eliza J.

Haller, Jan. 9 1911. Olivin D. Connelly to the Transit Banking company. Fee.

15, 1927. John J. Weight to Erie County Savings bank, Jan. 28, 1925. Joseph Deja to Sir Walter Scott, Jan.

1, 1021. Income Property to Queen City Holding Dee. 18, 1923. Mary Schultz to Erie County Savings bank. Sept.

11. 1928. Amherst Building to County Savings bank, March 8, 1917. Giesecke Kinsey to Amelia L. Chevreux.

Feb. 20. 1922. Frank Kwiatkowski to George Szymecka. uly 1.

1926. of Mortgages. George L. Guinther to Eugene Duttweiler, $2000. Gertrude Heaco*ck to Arthur H.

Bernhardt, Emolene J. Laverty to Bank of Angola. $1600. Andrew J. Newman to Pennsylvania Fuel Supply Company, $25,000.

Previously Recorded. J. Lloyd Hendershot to Harry L. White, $1500. Matilda E.

Rosenberger, by to Clara E. Mather, $2397.07. Rose B. Smith to Matilda E. Rosenberger, by Exr, $3300.

Thomas P. Perry to Alfred Wildermuth, $400. Elmore F. Whitman to John D. Kowalak Jr.

$3000. Rite O'Connor to Helen O'Connor. $1500. American Exchange Irving Trust to Edward Coat-worth. $450.

Weima N. Dodson to Edward C. Randall, $3000. Evelyn Newcomb to Edward C. Randall.

Evelyn Newcomb to Edward C. Randall, $3000. Bowen Securities Corp. to State Mutual Life Assurance Co. of Worcester, $16,000.

Emma A. Werener to William Schmitt, $2482.50. Lis Pendens. Minnie C. Arndt ve.

Abraham S. Cody, Previously Recorded. Virginia S. Barrett va. Ellis H.

Colvin, Brant. L. N. Whissel Lumber Vs. Sarah Weinstein, Butfalo.

Joseph Schramek vs. Joseph Torma, et Buffalo. Elizabeth Staebell Ellen Roberts, et al. Buffalo. Earl Hazen vs.

Estella Stefan, Buffalo. -Santina Lomeo ve. John Vinci, Buffalo. Edward J. Coonly Va.

Clarence Turner, et Lancaster. Satisfaction of Judgments, Charles Minton in favor of Frank Brown, $219.91, May 5. 1927. Stanley S. May.

Frieda Swiatkowski and Stanley Swiatkowski (not summoned) in favor of Monetary Service corporation, $110.30, July 22, 1027. Frank Mason in favor of Dr. H. Harrington, $73.20, Oct. 10, 1927.

Charles W. March and Margaret March in favor of Freeman March, $100.11, Nov. 1, 1928. Nathan Mohilewaky and Hyman Mohilewsky in favor of Louis Troyan, $1287.02, March 8. 1998.

S. H. Natowitz in favor of Gibson Snow $160.45, Ang. 26, 1927. Patrick Rechin in favor of Barnhardt Motors, $401, April 6, 1928.

Laurence J. Arber in favor of Barrett Varnish $89,43, Sept. 97, 1928. George Edwards in favor of Penn Yo Plumbing Supply $531.98, Oct. 31, 1927.

Benjamin Keleman in favor of Alex Molien $29. April 3, 1928. Mary Gerpinka in favor of John Zladowski. $223.50. May 21, 1928.

Paul Aguglia in favor of Leo J. Burns, $910.25, May 10, 1923. Schoellkopf Inc. in favor of M. S.

Produce $63.30. Dee. 29, 1928. Katarzyna Stypineki in favor of Wawrzyniec Mozdziach, $549.40, Feb. 29, 1928.

Bills of Sale. David Gross to Hyman Jacobson. $530.52. Jacob Wohifield to Stephen Bracikowski. Paul Paar to Anna Drahowiez, $1.

Chattel Mortgages. Anne Marie Anderson to Edward C. 'Brian, $650. Farm and Garden Produce Markets Buffalo. Congright.

1090, by BUFFALO EVENING NEWA WEDNESDAY. Jan. 93, 1920. -Official jobbing prices of produce on the Buffalo markets an compiled and corrected daily by the Buffalo Produce exchange for the Buttalo Evening News, the official organ of the exchange, are as follower Butter, Exes, Cheese, Poultry, BUTTER--(Price. to retall grocers) -Sup ply good, market steady.

Creumery, spectal tuba (03 score) 51 4059 Creamery, extra tubs 50 051 Creamery, extra first tuba (01 score) 48 0040 40 0840 Creamery, 1at tub (88-00 47 00 018 Add 4 cents for pound carton prints (Candled prices to Grocers, etc.) EGGS--Supply good, market steady. Candled. white, nearby fancy 15 0 48 Few DO Candled, white. grade A. 43 00 10 Candled.

mixed, grade A 38 to 43 Candled, grade 32 40 85 Candled. grade 90 0031 Nearby hennery, white, fey. at mark 39 042 Few 4:1 Nearby bennery, mixed 35 0 38 Nearby, white, at mark 35 0038 Nearby small white. at mark 33 4 35 CHEESE -Supply good, market steady Plata, old. Flats.

new 90 Daisy. 25027 Daisy, old 32 0 84 Brick 27 0 098 Briok Swiss. 34 0035 Lonshora 26 0 27 Limberser 32 0 33 FOWL--Dry packed. dry picked. 12 to box Fair Prime Fair Prime Wt.

to to Wt. to to Lbs. Good Fancy Good Fancy Up to 30.. 09 00 35 31-25 30 00-05. 35 36-42 83 35 43-47 11 71-78.

31 18-54 33 35 70 34 CHICKENS Fair to Prime to Extra Good Fancy Fancy 21.94 the. 85 88 25-30 1b8. 35 81-35 1h9 30 36-42 Ib8 32 35 43-47 lbs. 34 48-54 lbs. 35 38 55:59 Ibs.

36 60-65 Ibs. 40 68 lbs. up 38 Stage large 06 29 Stage, small 93 20 TURKEYS- Dry pteked Western, young 00 41 DICKS Western, per lb 93 0 027 Geese, western, per lb, 41 (2 26 CHICKENS-12 to a box. frozen, Under 17 40 44 48 17 to 20 ibs. 38 43 45 01 to 21 109.

37 48 05 to 30 34 349 31 to 35 Ibs. 31 30 36 to 42 Ibs. 81 30 43 to 47 lbs. 0u 38 48 to 54 lb8. 33 55 to 59 34 40 60 to 65 86 30 41 66 lbs.

up 35 40 49 FOWL--14 a DOX. frozen, western Fair to Prime to Good Fancy Up to 30 lbs. 48 30-35 Ibs. 30 36-12 Iba. 31 13-47 1bs 18-54 lbs.

55-59 lbs. 60-65 314 66-71 lbs. 79-78 lbs. 33 79 lbs. up LIVE POULTRY--Good supply, slow demand: Fowl, heavy, per 1b.

20 30 Fowl, leghorn. per It 25 co*cks, old. per. lb. 19 90 Chicken.

colored 28 80 Chickens. leghorn, per lb. Rabbits (dead), cottontails, each. 23 Fruits and Vegetables. ARTICHOKES---Moderate sunply.

fair de mand. box, 54.00 1.50: one half boxes. $2.50. APPLES--Good supply. fair demand.

Homegrown bu Wealthy No 51 60 2.00: unclassified. $1.00 2-inch, 60 75e: homegrown Baldwins, No. 1, $1.50 1.75: homegrown 20 ounce bu, No. 1. $1.50 (0 01.75 Melntosh.

unclassified. 81 50 0 2.00: No. 1. $2.75 Kings. No.

1. bu. $1.75 2.00; unclassified. $1 25 Snow. No.

$1,50 01 75: unclassified. $1.00601.20: Greenings, 51.00 1.25. No. 1, $1.75 (02.00. unclaestfied.

$1.00 fro 1,50: bu. Northern Spys cotn mercial pack, $2.50: No. 1, 59.70: unclassi-2-inch, fied, $1,00 Hubbardson No. 1. bu.

$1,25 1.50: unclassified. homegrown barrel, Baldwin, $4.50: Homegrown Wolf Rivers, unclassified, $1.00 Idaho Rome Beauty, some 2 -inch. $9.50: westerr, boxes, delicious. extra fey. 54.50 4 3.75: Spitzenberg.

fancy, smalls 81,504 1.10. grade. $1.7542.00: Rome Beauty, extra fancy. 52.40 (02.65: fancy, grade, $1.75 (02.00: combination, Winesaps, fancy, $2,50 0 2.75, BEANS---Moderate supply: fair demand. Florida, hamper, green, $5.00 47 7.00, according to quality: wax, fair, $0.00 7.00; fancy, $7.50: poor lower.

BEANS---Dry marrow, $12.50 pe 100 pounds: white kidneys. $13.00 0 13. pea. $10,50 medium, $10.50 11.00: red. kidney, $9.50.

BEETS- Moderate suonly: fair demand Homegrown, $1.25 (1.50: Texas, crate. $2.50 crate, $2.50. BROCCOLI -Moderate supply fair demand Texas, $1.75 California. fancy pea, crate, $1.50: Texas, crate, $2.75 Tex, $1.25 1.35. CABBAGE--Good supply, slow demand.

Homegrown, washed, $1 1.50; No. 2.50c $1.00: red. $1.50 0 1.75: Holland. hamper, $3 00 Fin. hamper.

2.50: Texas, crate, 0 4.75. CARROTS--Good supply: demand. Homegrown, washed, 31.50 fair. $1.25 1.50; poor, lower; Texas crate, $2.75 according to quality; crate, $4.50. CELERY--Good supply, fair demand.

Washed, dwarf, dozen, 900 $1 25: washed bunch. New York, storage stock, two thirds size, $3.00 3.50; poor lower; large crate fancy, $0.50. Califorma rough $5.00 4: few. $7.00, according to size. CELERY ROOT -Per dozen, 75 00 90c CRANBERRIES-Moderate supply, slow demand.

Late Howe, barrel, box, $1.95: barrel box. $8.00. COCOA NUTS--Southern bags. $8.00 CHESTNUTS--Italian, per 7 8c, CHICORY -Moderate supply, fair demand. crate.

59.75 8.00. CAULIFLOWER- supply, slow demand. crate, $1.50 ESCAROLE--Good supply. slow demand. La.

$3.50 poor, lower; per hamper. $1.75 (09.00 EGGPLANT--Cuban, crate, $6.50. ENDIVE--Moderate supply, slow demand. Belgian (native) per 90 0 45: No. 10 15e; imported, $3.50 GRAPES Good supply, slow demand.

Emperors, kegs. $3,25 4,25, according to quality: Emperors, sawdust, luga, $4.25 00 GARLIC--California. per 180. GRAPEFRUIT -Gond supply, fair demand Florida, box, choice. $2.50 3.50: fancy $3.50 00 4.25; poor, lower: Lee county, $3.25 5.00: small, low as $2.00: poor, lower.

KALE- $1.50 2.00. HORSERADISH ROOT--St. Louts, barrel. extra select, $16.50 LEMONS--Moderate stipple fair demand. California, box, choice, $5.50 6.50; fancy, $6.00 (2 7.00.

LETTUCE--Good supply. slow demand. Calif. Iceberg. crates 48 and 55, fancy, $3,50 poor, lower: Arizona, crate, Iceberg.

49 and 5s. $2.50 0 3.00: poor, lower: Florida, hamper. $1.50 hothouse. 5- lb. basket, 40 50c: 10-lb.

basket, 90 1.00. Good supply, slow demand. Three pound haskets fancy whites. 75c $1.00: creams, 65 15c. ONIONS Good sumpis.

fair demand. 505. $2.25 0 2.30; hall ense $3.00 Ebenezer, bit. $3.25 Indiana, 100-Ib. bags, Fellow.

large, New York. 100-lb. bar. yellow, $5.00 $5.50: Idaho, 100-lb. bar sellow.

Michigan, n0-Ib. bag. vellow. $3.40 4: 2.50; 100-15. bag.

yellow, Oregon. yellow. $5.50. ORANGES- -Good supply. good demand.

Light supply of larze marels, Calif. navels, $1.50 7.00. few $7.25: small low as $3.00, according to size and quality: Fla. box. $3.00 40 4.25: 3249, low: as $2.00 pineapples, $3.00 5.00: few, 3218.

low as $2.50: according to size and quality. Lee county and Indian River pineapples. $3.75 5.50: round. $3.50 5.00. OYSTER PLANT--Homegrown.

per dozen bunches. 90c PEAS--Moderate supply, fair demand. Mexican, crate, $5.50 4 5.75: poor. lower. POTATOES--Good supply, fair demand.

Homegrown. 63 6275c: fair, 50 60e: Idaho, 100-lb. bag No. 1, $2.50: bakers, 50-Ib. bag.

$1.80 1.65; New York, 150-lb. sack. $2.00: Idaho, baking, 15- lb. carton, 70e: boxes. $2.75 03.00: Bermuda $11.00 19.00; No.

9, $9.00 10.00; Maine, 150-Ib. sacks. $2.25: Long Island, 150-1b. sacks. $3,10, PEARS- Light supply, fair demand.

Washington. box. Anjou, 81.50, PARSLEY -Bermuda. crate, $2.00 Texas, $2.50. RADISHES Hothouse per doz hunebes.

20 35c. necording to size: poor tower, hamper, $1.00 1.25; few. $1.50, PINEAPPLES--Porto Rican, crate, 24s. $8.00. RHUBARB -Hothouse.

5-1b. crate. $1.00 few. $1.25. according to quality.

SWEET POTATOES- Moderate supply. Fair demand; Dela, hamper, $2.00 2.05; hamper. $2.00. SPINACH -Good supply. slow demand.

Texac, bu, 75c $1.00. The Daily Calendar All deeds, mortgages and assignments left record previous to and including Jan. 15, NOW ready for delivery, Deeds. James O'Neil to Lulu V. Detwiller, Tonawanda.

316 8. O' Nell. William J. Grace Jr. to Henry L.

Kleine, May wood 205 S.E. Newman, Esther Seller to Henry W. timer 180 N. Broadway. Freeman Taylor to Edward F.

Coughlin, South Park 905 N. Triandle, Land Field. to r'. Derende, Gerald W. Cor.

Nawburch. Previously Recorded. South Side "Own Your Own Williams, Koumore. McConkey Realty 'Herbert M. to Frank 1, Wallnat, Cover 1119, sub 978.

Hattio P. Montgomery to Merrill J. Palmer. ton. Regina 307 S.

Mohican. Prank Brenon to Margaret Zimmerman. Tonawanda. Margaret Zimmerman to Jacob C. Janes, John McLeod to Jennie M.

Spangler, CheekTonawanda. towara. Meadowbrook Syndicate, to William Marries, Clarence. John W. Dodda to Clarence P.

Foster, Tonawanda. Agnes Hakes to May Porter Vous, Tonawandn. Louis Weill to Allen Klopp. Grand Island, Nelson M. Fischer to Charles Pfell, Kenmore, Charles L.

Wiedrich to Foster Dadson, Tonawanda. Charles Depke to Charles H. Barber, Aurora.Frank Milas to Helen Milas, Person 970 N. Schlenker. John F.

Siegel to Marion Silkovitz, Alma 780 W. Bailey, John S. N. Sprague to Black Rock Mutual Home Savings $4000, Henrietta N. Ontario.

Ignatz Passman to John Gottler, East 330 Austin. John G. Sattler to Alphonsus James MeCormack, Tonawanda. Same to Ernest Leisner, Tonawanda. James Severino to James Severino Fourth 308 S.

E. Carolina. Ernest Leisner to Alphonsus James MeCormack. Tonawanda. Bernard Alt to Janette Alt, East line Stephen Eugene C.

Murphy to Anthony Gristner, Evans. Peter Morgante to Joseph Nappo, West 321 Albany. Meadowbrook Syndicate, to Howard Long. Clarence, Sherwood B. Sipprell to Charles J.

Kelly, Hamburg, Leonard F. Kissig to Joseph H. Acheson, part in Buffalo, part in Amherst. Barneth Satuloff Harry Harriton, Hertel 279 W. Parkside.

Victoria Skotnicki to Zofia Konleczny, Oneida 33 W. Raze. The Stony Point Land Co. to Alex Micewiez. Lackawanna.

Same to Stefan Korzeniewski, Lackawanna. Same to Anton lunpet. Lackawanna, Same to Aniello Covino, Lackawanna, Raymond A. Smith to Gertrude A. Smith.

Evans. Same to same. Erans. Elizabeth E. Coeres to Cornelius L.

Keough. St. Louis 799 N. Walden. Alvina Fiscus to Sigrid C.

Groh, Myers 157 N. Genesee. Stella Land to Harry H. Crocker, Tonawanda. Charlotte B.

Howard to John Grundon, Cover 782. sub lot 55. Matthew F. Krystaniak to Joseph Stulberg, Genesea 104 N. Chippewa.

Rose B. Smith to Neil Savage, Eagle 150 E. Lord. John G. Sattler to John: E.

Montgomery. Cheektowara. Henry J. Jentz to Mary Babin. Peabody 260 S.

Perry. Edward T. Skeffington to Perry A. Fellows. East Line West Ave.

Roman Szymanski to Lillian Walkowiak, West Side Erickson. Roman Szymanski to Anna Szypajlo, Courtland 686 S. Delavan. Arthur Ward to Evald Jensen, Ramona 140 E. McKinley, Joseph Hoch to George A.

Hoch, Downing 2000 E. South Park. Letitia Cooper to Arnold L. Baehre, Delavan 175 W. Main.

Donald C. Case ns trustee to Harry Goss, Tonawanda. Leroy Siebert et al to Emma Danitz, Cheektowaga Same to Pine Ridge Building same, Income Property to Amy Reddall Logue, East Line West Ave. Mortimer A. Sullivan to William Meissner, part Buffalo.

part Kenmore, Buffalo General Electric to Irving Terrace Tonawanda. J. Lloyd Hendershot to Elva P. Henry, Cover 939. Buffalo Riverside Estates.

to Aguglia, Sandrock N. Review PI. Roy F. Clark to Evelyn J. Anderson, Hamburg, Evelyn J.

Anderson to Clara L. Clark, Hamburg. Joseph Stulberg to Matthew F. Krystanlak, Broadway 134 E. Mortimer.

Meyers Lumber to Courtenay G. Kerruish. Cheektowaga. Gertrude C. Jones to Bernard J.

Wittman. East Ferry E. Morley. Mortgages. Frank Simons to George L.

Guinther, $2000. Delaware N. Hertel. Henry L. Kleine to William J.

Grace Jr. $1600. Maywood S.E. Newman. Paul Aguglia to Buffalo Riverside Estates, $2600 Sandrock N.

Review. Esther Seller to David Munter, $400, Broadway W. Mortimer. Teresa C. Mack to Elizabeth Bender, $150, North E.

Peach. Previously Recorded. Matthew F. Krystaniak to Liberty Bank of Buffalo, $5000. Broadway E.

Mortimer. Courtenay G. Kerruish to Meyers Lumber Ine. $1000. Cheektowaga.

Same to Alfred Wildermuth. $3000. same. Same to Thomas F. Perry.

$100. same. Beruard J. Wittman to Gertrude C. Jones, $9200, E.

Ferry E. Morley. John H. Runnert to Henry W. Brendel, $1500.

Hamburg. Herbert M. Williams to McConkey Realty $2562.50. Kenmore, Theodore H. Schlarmann to Edward J.

Garono. $000. Bowdoin E. Bailey, Merrill J. Palmerton to Hattie P.

Montgomery, Regina S. Mohican. Helen Jelingka to Agatha Bukolt, $1600, Edison N. E. Seneca.

Jacob C. Jones to Margaret Zimmerman, $11.500. Tonawanda. Clarence Foster et al to Erie County Savings bank, $5500, Kenmore. Frances Helena Knihb to Leroy W.

Farnam, $12,500, Starin N. Tacoma. Clarence P. Foster et al to John Dedds. $5500, Kenmore, Merrill W.

Palmerton to Edwin W. Montgomery. $500, Regina S. Mohtean. Elizabeth 0.

Keller to Edward L. Keller, $2075, Cover 1407. John A. Troidl to Joseph C. Treidl, 9 000.

Amherst. Edith M. Graham to Thomas J. Griffin. $1000.

Kenmore. Hamburg Plating Mill to Dana R. Kruse, $1500. East Hamburg. Foster Dadson to Charles L.

Wiedrich, $1800, Eva Fischer to Frank: Rykaezewski, $600, Sub lot Blum Construction Corp. to Thomas J. Griffin, $2000. city several parcele. Same to same, $1075, Sub Jot 13, cover 679.

Marya Kowal to Buffalo bank, $2200. Germain street. Fleck Home Bids. Corp. to Denter, Van Dick Walter, $475, Kimmell N.

Abbott road. Same to Christian Flier! $1600, same. Martha M. K. Bohline to Erie Savings Loan $3300.

Unger S. Seneca. Dernard J. Fenski to William J. F.

Guinther, Coit N. Lovejoy. SMITH -In Buffalo, Jan. 22, 1090. Betty Jane, aged 9 years and 6 months, dearly be.

loved daughter of Alexander and Wilma (nee Boos). sister of Charles and the late Witliam Smith. Funeral from the family home, 971 Bird avenue, Thursday afternoon, Jan. 24, at 2:30 o'clock. Friends invited.

Interment at Elmlawn. East Hamburg, N. Jan. 29. 1929, Harold, husband of Mary (nee Brossman); father of Henry W.

and Carlton C. Silleman. Funeral from family residence. Jan. 25, at 2:30 P.

M. Friends invited to attend. Burial at Armor. N. Y.

SCHNEIDER-At East Eden, N. Jan. 90. William, husband of the late Mary Bettinger: father of Mary. Bertha, Olive and William brother of Mrs.

Mary Schieber. Fred, Edward and Louis Schneider and Mra. Frank Marlow. Funeral from his late residence, Jan. 26, at 2 P.M.

Friends invited to attend. THOMAS--In Buffalo, Jan. 91. 1929. Gordon Thomas, beloved husband of Florenco M.

Herr, father of Marjorie, son of Oscar A. and the late Elizabeth Thomas. Funeral from the family residence, 277 Cherry street. Thursday afternoon. at 2 o'clock.

Friends are invited to attend. WOLBRECHT-In this city, Jan. 22. Frances Ellen, beloved wife of Anthony Wohlbrecht, mother of Robert, Florence, Anthony Jr. and the late Grace Wolbrecht.

Funeral from the residence of her sister, Mrs. Arthur Riebero. Clinton street, Gardenrille. N. Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

Friends are invited to attend. Order Flowers at Anderson's, Florist, 440 Main St. Seneca 2987. Flowers Deltrered Anywhere, Anytime--Adv. Samuel DL Marco to William Di Marco, $150.

Henry Schnter to Milton Dumble. $2500. M. Irwin to The Home Credit Company, $200. 1.

Grenzebach to same, $100. J. Harris to American Credit Company, $102. E. Han to same, $75.

M. Nicholson to Hame. $150. Rents Katherine Kaczmarek to The Home Credit Co. $200.

Ren: Carl D. Nye to Pearl A. McGuire, $2100. Mechanic's Liens. Elmwood Lumber de Shingle Ine.

VA. Allen Reckahn. owner: Walter Reekahn. contractor. $150.57, Hamburg.

Louis Leisner va. Herman Luther, owners: Herman Luther, contractor, $25, Cheektowara. Lackawanna Builders Supply vs. George S. Wussinger, owner: John E.

Redans Jr. contractor, $895.40. Buffalo, Same VA. Frank Knowlton, owner and con tractor, $207.09. Buffalo.

Ernest John Barrett va. George Bradley, owner and contractor, $66.35, Kenmore. Judgments. Arthur Zubler in favor of Wick Sterling $116.03. Edsu Suitor, also known as Edna Cooper, or Edna Mohi in favor of Max Cooper, $1563.33.

Milton Palmer in favor of Rochester Chapter of Sigma Delta Epsilon $155.18. M. Blowers and Bessie Blowers in favor of James H. Reader, $04.63. awent in savor of Robert A.

Lesemann. $204.50. George W. Haentges in favor of Alexander Maixel. $54.88.

Claude Spaulding in favor of Walter Reader, $27.13. Caspar Scalzo in favor of W. A. Case Son Mir. $08.90.

Ray Fissler in favor of the Bison Oil Products $130.63. John Raymond in favor of the Fisk Tire Company, $06.17. W. F. Pfister in favor of the Fisk Tire Company, $140.80.

James H. Dugan, doing business 24 Grip Rite Manufacturing In favor of Edward C. Bowers, Charles L. Feldman ag receivers of Wickwire Spencer Steel company, $195.80. Irving Robinson in favor of Leon H.

Miller. $334.55. Frank J. Hill in favor of Adin Olsen and Harry E. Olsen, Waclaw Raczkowski and Apolonia Racz18 not personally served with summons) in favor of Walter Rutsowski, $164.90.

Maude Heinaman in favor of Carrie Kaiser. $88.84. Waterman Berlin Snyder in favor of Henderson Lithographing $434.49. Gilbert E. Clark and Avery clark in fnvor of Melvin Greene, $30.15.

Francis Hudomient and Michael Hudomient 11 favor of Henry J. Petrie, $776.81. awa and Mary Zabawa, Stanley Graham and Frank Graham in favor of Nelson I. Barrett. $287.75.

Stanley Jakiel in favor of Joseph Wachowiak. $78. Floyd A. Freeman in favor of George H. Napier et al.

$220.95. Mike Sesanvyieky in favor of Black Rock Mutual Home Savings $33.39. Carolyn B. Darrow in favor of IrishAmerican Sav. Loan Assn.

Francis G. Gundlach in favor of Bank of liamaville, Hang G. Geyer in favor of Bank of WilJiamaville. $578.58. Daniel Andrewe in favor of F.

D. Turcot, $19.08. Ralph E. Parsons in favor of Klepfer $401.80. Stanley Zinllrowski in favor of A.

Vietor Re Co. $353,80, Howard Schaefer in favor of Anthony Brusi, $33.40. Albert J. Rubeck in favor of Joseph C. Rundel.

$262.39. Stephen Federowiez in favor of Richard H. Kuehas, $30.79, Paul E. Radetich in favor of Joseph C. Rundel, $130.99.

Sam Freedman and Sidney Rosenberg in favor of Sidney Murstein, $83.25. Martin Wozny in favor of John Wilk, $129.15. Ellen Kingella in favor of Frank J. Groth, $46.51. S.

Schwartz in favor of Jacob Smukler, $60.40. John G. Stowe in favor of George C. Gebelein. $52.10.

William Lux and Mary Lux in favor of Charles Lomonto and Salvatore Lomonto. $570, George Hummell and William Prange in favor of Dairymens League Co-operative association. $563.97. William Griffith in favor of Frank E. Sterling.

$86.44. Symon Rossen and Helen M. Rossen. his wife, in favor of Israel Toskov. $2971.23.

Seebert Building in favor of William C. Doeing, $3337.11. Leo Cuckovich in favor of Lake View Brewing def. International Railway Co, in favor of Leo Karlinak $868. Jack Williams and Edward Williams, doing business under the assumed name and style of Jack Williams Son, in favor of Peter Priljeva, BIRTHS Certificates filed in the Bureau of Vital Statistics.

Bureau of Health. up to 2 P. Jan. 23. Girls were born to Mr.

and Sam Alfenbaum, 374 Spring, Jan. 16. Daniel Barr, 269 Hampshire. Jan. 15.

Joseph Bukowski, 60 North Central, Jan. 11, Michael Bykowiez, 97 Sweet. Jan. 13. Joseph Cieslik, 111 Jones, Jan.

14. G. S. de Launders. 70 Fougeron, Jan, 15.

Martin Donnelly, 217 West. Jan. 14, G. J. Fitzgibbons, 101 Marlemont, Jan, 13.

Howard Fritsch, 92 Wex, Jan. 3. E. N. Griffitha, Niagara Falls, Jan.

8. R. C. Herrmann, 132 Arden, Jan. 16.

C. W. Herrod. 245 Rhode Island. Jan.

13. Daniel R. Hibbard, 14 Pickford, Jan. 13. Robert P.

Holden, 5 Stratford, Jan. Mack E. Horton, Tonawanda, Jan. 14. Albert Huenninger, 77 Benzinger, Jan, 13.

Mercer C. Hufford, 2075 Main, Jan. 10. John Kasprzak 131 Bush. Jun.

15. Edwin W. Kollman, 217 French, Jan. 19. Boys were born to Mr.

and Frank L. Aures. 31 Stanley, Jan, 14. George Bailey, 397 Grider, Jan. 11.

Cameron A. Bean. 241 West Ferry, Jan. 13. William J.

Beckley, 45 Kilhoffer, Jan. 13. W. Cassick. Clarence Center.

Jan. 11. Henry L. Cole. 14 Edna, Jan.

Edward J. Coonly. 350 Richmond. Jan. 13.

Felice de Palmo, 271 No. Division, Jan. 14. W. G.

Gehring, 199 Courtland, Jan. 16. Alfred Grant. 351 West Ferry, Jan. 13.

W. F. Henewluckel, Olympic, Jan. 6. Jacob J.

Johler, 456 Spring, Jan, 13. Michael Kareken, 178 Dupont. Jan. 3. Edwin Kelley, 20 Melvin, Jan.

8. Merle H. King, 629 South Park, Jan. 8. W.

H. Kitchen, 76 Progressive, Jan. 13. John H. Klehm, East Aurora.

Jap. 9, Nicholas J. Krebs, 014 East, Jan. 17, John Kuberka, 103 Hagen, Jan. 16.

Walter Kublak. 58 St. Mary's, Jan, 15. H. C.

Loesch, Barker, N. Jan. 12, Twing were born to Mr. and Albert Kraft, Arcade, N. Jan.

11 (girls), MARRIAGE LICENSES Marriage licenses were issued to six couples Wednesday morning. They are: John J. Carroll, 530 Perry street---Catherine McNamara Kappen. 538 Perry street. John Woloszynaki, 190 Lovejoy street Wanda Birnack1.

275 Davey street. Felix Kozlowski. 74 Bush--Eleanore Grabowska, 81 St. Florian. Casimir Kubala, 125 Peter-Hedwig Waczkowski, 80 Peter.

Leroy E. Peters. 35 Haven street-Mildred A. Geyer, 75 Colt. Frank Hefter, 637 Broadway- Theresa Bauerfeins, 46 Kirkpatrick street.

DEATHS Certificates filed in the Bureau of Vital Statistics, Bureau of Health, up to 2 P. Jan, 23. R. M. Thomas, 5 958 Pratt.

Jan. 20. Ignatz Zue, 39, 373 Smith. Jan. 16.

Charles Valliero, 69, 79 Main, Jan. Frank J. Gorski 2, 240 Rother, Jan. 19. Rita V.

Witucka, 6 395 Dave, Jan. 20. Michael Schultz, 72, 108 Ruhland. Jan. 20.

Caroline Lenhard, 60, 17 Hughes, Jan. Josephine McGee, 72, 151 Normal, Jan. 20. Sidney Calking, 91. Williamsville, Jan.

21. Hanna Hibbard, 38, 219 Bissell. Jan. 21. Joseph M.

Gable, 73, 383 Florida, Jan. 20. George Tamizer, 55, 155 Amherst, Jan. 18. John M.

Koehler, 69. 23 Coe. Jan. 21. Adah A.

Roth, 60. 710 Bailey, Jan. 29. Frances Romski, 69, 75 Sattler, Jan. 91.

James Casserly, 85, 162 Selkirk, Jan. 20. Norman J. Felschow Jr. 5 mosths, 589 Northland, Jan.

21. L. Schuncair, 59, 612 N. Division, Jan. 21.

Margaret Roth, 43, 94 Newburgh, Jan. 20. Louis Nemezak, 46, 92 Perry, Jan. 9. Moses Burtun, 49, 433 Clinton, Jan.

21, Marie S. Gast. 78. 188 Congress Jan. 21.

Bridget Mostyn 69 694 S. Division Jan. Victoria Jurya. 46. 76 Ideal.

Jan. 19. Henry Filarecki, 22, Cheektowaga, Jan. 19. Teofil Ostrowski, 41, 66 Page, Jan.

31. John A. Dominiak, 45, 195 Krupp. Jan. 92.

M. A. Greenwood, 68, 122 E. Ferry, Jan. 21.

Nellie Zawadzki, 16, 1392 William, Jan. 21, SHALLOTS--Good supply, flow demand. La, $5.00 6.50: Lay SQUASH- supply. slow demand, Homegrown per det Ohio, per lb. STRAW slow demand.

Pin. freezers, per quart, 00 pints. 90 TANGERINES- G004 supple stow doe mond. Plan halt box. $1.00 04 4.00.

PARSNIPS- -Moderate fain mand. Homegrown, -halt $1.001 0: 9.00. Good supply, slow demand. Hothouse, 10 fancy emall. no, repacked.

8-basket carsone, $3.00 Cubam packed, 10-lb. cortone. $1.50, 3 cartons, choice, 81.00: Na Talend. TURNIPS- -Moderate supply; fair comand. Canadian, yellow, per 100-D 91.15 New York City.

The following quotations on fruits and in New York city, representing wale up to 8 A. are supplied by the State Department of Agriculture and Mare ket Quotationa on sales of original colvers are published exclusively in Western New York by the Buffalo Evening News. January 23. CAULIFLOWER--Despite the lighter unloadings of cauliflower on the local wholesale section this morning, the dertone of the market was rather gieh and values tended downward. The demand was generully light.

Crates of 8 and 14 heads from California sold at $1.25 1.75, occasionally as high $2.00. Florida consignments brought $1.25 LETTUCE--Low prices fentured market on Florida Big Boston lettuce. Supplies were moderate but the demand was exceedingly limited. Hampers of 30 and 40 heads changed hands at 75c $1.25, In few Instances even lower. The western iceberg type lettuce varied greatly in condition and quality and sales ranged accordingly, Crates of 43 and 60 heads from Arizona worked at $2.00 3.00 and California.

83.50 4.50. BEANS--Arrivals of Florida string beans and Cuban lima beans were moderate. Prices were lower weaker market, Trading was less notive. Bushel hampers of lima beans wholesaled at $2.50 5.00, depending upon quality and condition. Seveneighths bushel hampers of various kinds of green and wax beans brought from 82.50 7.50.

BEETS--New crop bunched beets carrots from Texas were in moderate receipt. Trading was only fair prices were a shade lower on carrots but remained about unchanged 011 beets. Crates containing 43 and 60 bunches of beets jobbed out at $2.50 3.25 while carrots brought $2.50 3.00. CELERY- Florida new crop colery was in lighter receipt, the tone of the market was weaker and values further declined. Crates of four and six dozen stalks, in the rough, peddled out at $3.00 3.50.

During the preceding week Florida shipped 126 cars of celery 88 against the movement of 11 during the week before. PEAS -Supplies of green peas from Mexico were moderate. The market and prices showed no material change. The demand was fair. Sales on crates containing approximately 40 and 45 pounds were reported at $5.00 6.00.

Spocial to BUFFALO EVENING NEws (Copyright) NEW YORK, Jan. The following tations compiled by the New York of the State Department of Agriculture Markets represent sales of original receivers on the New York city markets. shippers should receive these prices love commission other charges. Prices for fruits and vegetables represent sales up to 8 A. M.

APPLES- Western and Central New store and storage Barrels, wins, U. No. 1, 2 1g-inch. 55.00 6.00: $5.50 7.00. McIntosh, U.

S. No. 1. $7.50 11.00. to according $0.00 7.50.

Northwestern Greenings, U. S. No. 1. U.

1 -inch, $3.50 5.75. Northern Spys, S. No, 1, 3-inch, $7.00 8.00: -inch, 56.50 7.50: inch. $6.00 Rhode Island Greenings, U. S.

No. 1, 3-inch, $7.00 7.50: $5,00 7 5.50. Unclassified. $4.00 4.75. Baskets, Baldwins, No.

$1.50 2.00: McIntosh, No. 2 $2.50603.00: Hubbardstou, No. 1. $1.45 Kings, 0. No.

1. 9 $1.20: Rhode Island S. No. 1 51.150 2.00: inch. $2.00 0 $1,00 1.45.

2.25: inch, Various other kinds, No. $1,50 2.00. Unclassified, $1.00 1.25. PEARS---New York. store and sales, Kieffers, wide size condition and quality, $1.20 1.75; few fancy lurke, $2.00.

CABBAGE--Western central Now York, at railroad white Danish type in bulk, jobbing sales. ton basis, 850 50: red, medium to large best. $60 small and poorer 540 sacked. 85-100 lbs. store white Danish type.

$2.35 00 red, $2.00 8.25, according quality, condition and size stock: Denmark, old crop cabbaze, about 110 158. white. $3.50 bushel hamper. 2.00; poorer. 81.00 1.25: Into -bushel hamper.

South Carolina, white, $1.00 $1.75 61 9.00. CARROTS--Western cut per bushel basket, store (2.15, occasionally 59.25: unwashed, per 100 pounds, moatly new crop, bunched crate, 48-60 bunches. California, 4,50. mostly $3.50 04 4.00: Texas, 82.500 0 3.00: new crop, cut stock. per Texas, best.

$1.70 42.00: $1.25. CELERY--Western New York, thirds crate, store stock. the condition poor to ordinary, 1,50: California celery, in large $3.00 7.00, depending upon quality dition: new crop. crate to ten dozen stalks, 57.50 3.50. ONIONS--Western middle western states, carlot 100-pound sales, low, 8.

No. 1, best, $3.00 stock in poor condition. 3.63; Western Now York. sack, medium sized yellows. sales.

$4.00 Holland, vellow onions. sack of about 110 pounds, chiefly 55.00. Western New York. hothouse, per 5 pound carton. $1.001 Michigan, per 5-pound carton, to fancy grade, 40c0 51.00.

POTATOES--Western New York. round white, in bulk. per 180 pounds, jobbing. $2.50 2.65. some fancy higher: Bermuda, new crop, double-headed barrel, red variety, No.

1, mostly $0.00. BUTTER, EGGS, CHEESE. 03. BUTTER-Steady. Receipts, 13.045.

Creamery, higher than extra 48 61 Extra (92 score) 474 First (88 to 91 score) 047 Packing stock, current make No. 1 31 1 do No. 30 Receipts, 18,335, Fresh gathered, extra 11 49 Fresh gathered, extra first 39 11 Firsts 38 Seconds 36 Storage. extra firsts 30 011 do firsts do seconds Nearby hennery brown, extra. 47 6748 selected extras 47 448 Nearby hennery, white Nearby hennery brown, 047 Pacifin coast, white, extra do firsts tor extra firete 46 State whole milk fints, fresh fancy to fancy specials do June special Jan.

23. DRIED FRUITS--Dull. APRICOTS 13 PRUNES 41 015 APPLES .19 PEACHES LIVE POULTRYGEESE FOWLS 6 30 BROILERS .32 40 ROOSTERS .20 CHICKENS 133 DUCKS 30 TURKEYS CAPONS 038 DRESSED POULTRY- Firm. GEESE 10 CHICKENS FOWLS .20 2.35 DUCKS CAPONS .20 50 DUCKS 26 0 97 BROILERS ..30 TURKEYS 0 050 COMMODITIES WOOT-Quit; domestic fleece, 43 057e: do. pulled woured 040 91 115 Texas clean basis.

DSc 6 $1.10. Central America, 31c. HOPS- -Steady; state, 30 33e; Pacific coast, 12 0 950, BEANS--Dull: marrow. choice. $10.25 peas.

choice. $10.50 red kidney. $8.50 8.75. COFFEE- Rio No. on spot, 181 Santos No.

4. SUGAR- Raw, steade: spot 96 test. delivered, duty paid, refined. dull: granulated, $3.10. VEGETABLES.

POTATOES--Steady, receipts 79 cars. Long faland, boil, 180 84.75 4 8.00: Maine 81.50 NE 4.06: Bermuda. barrel, sweets, bishel. 1,50 4 Marsland and Delaware, $1,50 CABBAGE- white, $50.00 65.0 wed, bushel 31.00 ROCHESTER, CARLOT Western New Yorks compiled Federal Market State Rochester on information of rallroada Jawa: Western New York Shipping Point Informaton for APPLES- Domand limited, market steady, 54,75: Kin U. Special to No.

to 91.00, Bushels, inches wins. $1.50 Hubbardatons, $1,35. CARDAGE trading CARROTS Demand limited, market terms, 100-pound wanker. Cartoada sales deducted, Rochester to 5.00. POTATOES--Demand No.

sacks, $1.80 1.15, mostly $1.80: wiron cash Western New York carlot destinations for Fourteen CABBAGE- Yoric to 10 Philadelphia. 4 Baltimore, each Daston. Rich- cash various points, stenny, Carloads York to 6 to Akron. 10 New to Detroit. enolt medium Newark, Columbus, Toledo, Let- CARROTS to New York to CELERY---One Philadelphia, Allentown.

Serantou, Morrie- to Philadelphia. Falls, Wilkes- to Cleveland, three Richmond, three to Charlotte: to New York Albany. Atlanta, Washington, Pottsville, Baltimore, New Durham, Point, Shelby, High Greenwood, Sumter, Florence Spartan- CURTISS COMPLETES ITS CAPROMI MERGER Factory for Making of Italian Type of Planes Not Likely to Be in Buffalo. Formation of the Curtiss Capront, A new corporation linking the Curtiss Aeroplane Motor company with the Societa Aeroplant Caproni of Milan, Italy; for construction in this country of seaplanes and airplanes under designs and right of the Caproni company, as announced last week In New York, was confirmed Tuesday by Clement M. Keys, head of the Curtiss interests.

Buffalo will probably not get the new factory, according to C. Roy Keys, vice president and general manager of the Buffalo plant. Speaking In the absence of his brother, who is located in Garden City, Mr. Keys said the formation of the new concern has just taken place and that plans for the future are not yet definitely matured. It likely, however, said, the new factory will be Eastern of the part the country.

The Caproni one of company is best known designers and manufacturers of large airplanes in Europe. It said to have produced more large type planes during the World war than any other company. Both the Caproni company Curtiss concern will own substantial Interests in the new organization. The outstanding stock will be about 000 shares, some held by stockholders other than the two concerns, the and capitalization will be $4,000.000. it said.

The new factory probably will manufacture large type planes only. Curtiss-Reid light airplanes and equipment for student training in Central South America la to undertaken soon by the Curtiss Aeroplane Export corporation of Garden City. The machines are Curtis3-Reid by ramblers, manufactured CurtissReid Aircraft company, of Montreal. They are small two-seat biplanes with folding wings. The machines will be flown from Monthe plant within the next few weeks the Buffalo plant for shipment to southern destinations.

ALBERT FOX SEEKS RIGHT TO RUN HAMBURG BUS LINE Petition to the Public Service com- to mission 8 franchise operate a transportation line over the new McKinley parkway extension connecting Hamburg and south towns of Erie county with Buffalo was being prepared Wednesday by Albert Fox Buffalo, Republican state committeeand former supervisor. The proposed route would enter McKinley parkway at Hamburg and extond through Armour, Big Tree, Blasdell, Lackawanna and Buffalo to Lafayette square. Right to take on Dassengers both in Lackawanna and But- falo will be sought as well as temporary use streets in Lackawanna that are now used by other bus lines. The parkway is not yet completed within the city limits of Lackawanna. WELSH ORATOR PRAISES AMERICA AS HE SEES IT The monarchial form of government such as that of Great Britain's compared by Arthur Walwyn Evans.

known as the "Welsh orator," in speaking Wednesday noon before Buffalo Kiwanis club in the Terrace room of Hotel Statler, to a grandfather's clocka as a timepiece, a fizzle but great thing as family Institution. Talking on "What America Means Me." Mr. Evans said, "America extracts the best in all the that go to people make up its population and fuses this into one people. American. This concentration of abilities of the best 1m- migrants from all countries add a richness and vitality to American life that is a preservative against Its CROSSING ENGINEER NORTON CALLED TO ALBANY PARLEY Maj.

George H. Norton, chief engineer of the Grade Crossing and Terminal Station commission, will leave for Albany, Wednesday night, to attend a conference. Thursday. called with a view to expediting plans for the elimination of the grade crossings in Amherst, Tonawanda and Austin streets. Black Rock, An effort will be made to complete arrangementa to begin the work early the spring.

Others at the conference will Include Charles R. Vanneman, chief engineer of the Public Servlee commission, and 0 representative of the attorney general's office. Maps of the lands and easem*nts to be acquired will be among the subjects discussed. LAMAR. Mo- and Mrs.

W. O. Irwin and three sons, ages ranging from 17 to 22 years, are to spend five tears in prison. They were convicted of stenling 1200 chickens in a few months. THE WEATHER.

Western New York: by Thursday, cloudiness, followed Thurs DIED day night, Weather Conditions. Bushels, The storm over western Town has moved northeastward to the Lower St, Lawrence Its center passed to the northward Buffalo at ahout 1:00 A. Wednes. day, when the wind velocity at Buffalo wan miles per hour from the west. A wellarea of high pressure covers western sections the country, Precipitation has reported the northern Rocky mountain all districts enst of the Miami except along the South Atlantie Gulf marked fall in temperature has occurred between the Appalachian and Rocky moun with temperature generally below Mississippi river, Zero temperatures have been reported as far South town and Nebraska Minimum temperaMontana and North Dakota ranged from to degrees below zero.

Maximum temperature at -Butfalo on Wednasday was 40. lowest, $5 nverage, 8 degrees above the normal. Tuesday, Wed. Noon. 8 P.M.

A.M. 20.84 29.79 Humidity TUG 100 78 56 Direction 8.E. Wind Velocity 10 44 Cloudy Snow Clear Precipitation .08 .13 Weather in Many Cities. Temperature, King 84,00 8.00€ ONIONS- lich past Night Wed. 44 Law.

Prece 8 A.M. Buffalo 40 Clear bulk Tuesday. Albany, Minneabolia. Schenectady, Albany 31 Cloudy Atlanta 60 Cloudy Atlantic, 40 30 .10 Clear Snow Canton. 6,01 Snow Chicaro 1.00 Clear Cleveland ,46 Clear Denver 10 Clear 10 Clear Detroit Clear .10 Clear Galveston Cloudy Haven .66 02 Cloudy Kansas City Clondy 44 Los Clear Marquette fit ,08 Clear Memphis Clear Miami 0 Clear Moorhead .06 Clear 66 Cloudy New York 28 Cloudy North Platte PL.C1'y Cloudy Pt.

CT Pittsburgh Pt. Cl'y Raleigh 44 Cloudy Francisco, 16 Pt.Cl'y St. 18 Clear Clear Ste. Marie Snow 18 Clear Washington Clear Montreal 14 10 ,01 Clear Toronto Cloudy Clear Win pes Clear Medicine Hat Clear means below zero. Two trace, EVENTS THURSDAY.

Card Parties. Altar society of Nativity church, church Albany P. M. Jefferson Businessmen and payers' association. Oriole hall, 560 Jeffer- son P.

M. Benefit St. Mary's church of Ireland, Hotel Stutler-8 P. M. Queen Jadwiga society, Dom Polski, Broadway and Playter street- 8 P.M.

Olive chapter 325, Order of the Easters Star. Buffalo Lodge -temple, Cazenovia street-8 P. M. Women's auxiliary of Buffalo Orpheus, clubrooms. Franklin street-8 P.

M. Benefit Our Lady of Victory Infant Home, South Park Neighborhood House, 520 South Park avenue --8 P. M. Alumnae Mt. St.

Mary's Academy, the school. Delaware P. M. Colfax circle, Mizpah temple. East Ferry and Herkimer streets- 8:30 P.

M. oncetts. Andrea Segovia, guitarist, auspices But. Musleal Foundation. Hotel P.

M. St. Olaf Lutheran Choir. Elmwood Mosic hall. Elmwood avenue and Virginia P.

M. Dances. Buffalo Police Mutual Aid and Benefit 174th Armory, Niagara and Connecticut P. M. Keamore post, American Legion, Memorial Delaware road, Kenmore---9 P.

M. Dinners, Oberlin Alumni nesociation, Park lane, P. M. Businessmen's association, Larkin plant, Seneca street-7 P. M.

Lectures. Hygiene and Women." Dr. Daisy Michigan Avenue Y. M. P.

M. Luncheons. Rotary club, speaker. Dr. Arthur W.

Evans, What America Means to Hotel P. M. Knights of the Round Table, Hotel P. M. Mercator club, Hotel Buffalo- P.M.

Quadrua Delaware Avenue Y. M. P. M. Exchange club.

Hotel P. Criteria club. West Side Y. M. C.

Grant and Ferry streets, speaker. Roy W. Nagle. Days Buffalo' P.M. Businessmen's association, Denbel restaurant, 9085 Bailey M.

Meetings. Methodist Home Women's Missionary 80- ciety of home Mre. Stephen H. Peaco*ck, 101 Garner P. M.

Afternoon Study home of G. M. road-1 P. M. Literary club.

home nI Mra, A. Henderson, 18 Brayton street- M. P. Rainbow home of Mra. William 49 Burgard P.

M. Order M. of Illiminate, Hotel Lafayette---3 P. Federation of Education associa- Broadway Minor Broadway and P. M.

Commerce club of Canisius college. the Main Jefferson P.M. avenue- 8 Betay Ross 690. Order of the East. Star.

Ilighland 2456 Main M. street for Stael Grating, Hotel P. M. Knapp-Valher Central Park Methodist Episcopal church, church P. M.

Plays. Parkside Park United Presbyavenue and LynP. M. Fashioned Mother." First Presbyterian United Swamer Richmoud avenue, and P. M.

SHIP NEWS. NEW YORK. Jan. 23. Drottningholm ARRIVED TUESDAY FROM Gothenburg Siboneg Havana Glasrow Avon Havana Liverpool SHIP RRIVE WEDNESDAY FROM American London Voltaire Buenos Aires sh*tP ARRIVE THURSDAY FROM Providence Marseilles West Indies cruise Bermuda Santa Marta SHIP SAIL, WEDNESDAY FOR Bun Bremen Calzarie West Indies cruise City of Alton Rotterdam Far North St.

John's Fort Victoria Hamilton Metaban Santa Marta Bremen SHIP SAIL THERSDAY FOR American Farmer London Avon Hamilton Ebro Valparaiso Monterey Vera Cruz Reliance West Indies cruise Harte Sam Lorenzo San Juan Piraeus SHIP ARRIVED ABROAD AT Excellency Marseilles, Jan. Caronia Havana, Jan. 99 Vandrek Rio Janeiro, Jan, 21 Carinthia Las Palmas, Jan. 21 Caledonia Glasgow. Jan.

00 DIED Van. 93. ANNOUNCEMENT PIERCE E. BARRON Undertaker and Embalmer Wishes to announce he has taken over the business AT 615 WALDEN AVE. Lately conducted by his brother, the late Lea T.

Barron. He also wishes to thank you for past favors extended to his late brother and promises you prompt and courteous service in the future..

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