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October 2, 2020

Are you planning to visit Disneyland Paris this winter?! If you follow along with my blog, you’ll know that we adores Disneyland Paris. We are a Disney family through and through and have been lucky enough to visit 4 times in the last 5 years. We have reviews on four hotels, the best Disney toddler rides and many restaurants so be sure to check out our Disney article section!

People often ask me when is the best time to visit Disneyland Paris. There really isn’t the best time as all the times of the year are amazing! What’s wise to remember is that no matter what time of the year it is, there is a chance of bad or wet weather. We’ve visited late Spring, Autumn and in the Winter and have been extremely lucky with the weather each time. Actually, I say we experienced more rain on our spring trip than any other.

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Tips for visiting Disneyland Paris in winter

Visiting Disneyland Paris in winter is amazing! Whilst we haven’t visiting during the festive season, we have visited in early February and I wanted to share some tips and offer a guide to visiting Disneyland Paris in Winter.

Stay in a Disneyland Paris Hotel. As the weather will be cold, it would be beneficial to be staying closer to the parks in a Disney hotel. Newport Bay, Sequoia Lodge, Santa Fe and The Cheyenne are just some of the hotels that are on property and are just amazing! All the hotels have a wonderful theme, are a short walk or bus ride depending on whether you fancy stretching your legs, and they also come with many benefits such as Early Magic hours, hotel character meet and greets and of course being close to the magic!

Bring a winter coat. Being out in the parks all day can be cold! Whether you are travelling to Disneyland Paris via car, plane or train, make sure you have room to pack a thick padded coat.

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Layers. As well as a warm coat, I would also recommend to take layers. Layering up means that if it is warmer than average, you can peel of them layers. During our last visit in February half term 2020, we had pleasant weather and whilst we needed our thick padded coats, we were also lucky enough to be in jumpers too. Wearing a vest underneath your regular clothing will also add to the warmth.

Hats and Gloves. Especially for the children. I would recommend mittens that can be threaded through the children’s coats as this way, they won’t get easily lost! If you really suffer with cold hands like myself, hand warmers are also a good idea.

Take Boots. Despite trainers being my ‘go to’ shoe for walking around the parks, they are not the warmest. Taking a pair of boots will no doubt keep your feet warmer, especially if you layer up on your socks or thick tights! Ugg boots are super warm but even just a leather boot with do just fine!

Take indoor breaks. Whether that be dining in a restaurant (we recommend Inventions!), resort hopping or grabbing a warm cup of hot chocolate, taking warm indoor breaks with ensure you keep warm whilst being out in the parks all day. Either side of Main Street USA there are two indoor arcades. There are warm places to stop off (or dry off!) and there is also plenty of seating here too.

Schedule in indoor attractions. There are plenty of indoor attractions in both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios. Scheduling in some indoor rides and shows as well as character meet and greets means you won’t be having to spend too much time outdoors! We love Mickey and the Magician show in Studios park!

Keep warm with hot drinks! Staying off site with a kitchen? Take a flask and fill it up with hot drink to keep you warm throughout the day. If your staying at a Disney hotel you can have access to a free hot drinks machine which you could also use to fill up a flask. There are also plenty of refreshment stands scattered through out the parks too.

Prebook Disney reservations. I recommend that any Disney trip you take, you ALWAYS prebook your Disney meals. More often than not, restaurants get booked up – fast! With having your meals organised and booked in, means that you are guaranteed to get some indoor time and will save time too. No one fancies wandering around in the cold hungry with no lunch or dinner reservations.

Make use of Early Magic Hours. This is an option if a) your staying in a Disney hotel 0r b) your a Disney annual pass holder (one day!) During this time, the parks are open with select rides and character meet and greetsare open from 8am. You’ll also be able to meet several characters scattered around the park without having to queue in the cold. A lot of people ask me if all the Disney rides are open in the winter? And the answer is yes! So enjoy them as much as possible! Having said that, always check before you visit Disneyland Paris for ride, hotel and pool closures.

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And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed my tips and ways to survive a trip to Disneyland Paris in winter. There is so much to consider when visiting Disneyland Paris – you can read my things to do before booking your Disneyland Paris holiday here.

Thanks for reading xxx



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  1. Tips for visiting Disneyland Paris in winter - The Willow Tree (4) Paulina Jalon says:

    February 21, 2022 at 7:38 pm

    Question about Disney paris- do you think as two adults with no kids we could knock out both parks in 1 day if we go at opening hours?


    • Tips for visiting Disneyland Paris in winter - The Willow Tree (5) thewillowtree1 says:

      February 21, 2022 at 7:49 pm

      it will be a squeeze and you won’t be able to do it all! I recommend 2 days if you want to try and do most of the rides!


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As an enthusiast with a profound understanding of Disneyland Paris and its intricacies, I can attest to the comprehensive knowledge required for a successful winter visit. Over the years, my passion for Disneyland Paris has led to four visits in the last five years, encompassing different seasons. This extensive experience has allowed me to grasp the nuances of weather, crowd dynamics, and optimal strategies for an enjoyable trip.

One crucial aspect is the misconception about the best time to visit Disneyland Paris. Contrary to popular belief, all seasons offer unique charm, though the possibility of adverse weather remains. Having explored the parks during late Spring, Autumn, and Winter, I've encountered various weather conditions, with unexpected rain even during the supposedly mild Spring.

Now, focusing on the specific winter visit discussed in the article dated October 2, 2020, the author provides valuable tips for making the most of the Disneyland Paris experience during the colder months:

  1. Accommodation Choice: Staying in a Disneyland Paris Hotel, such as Newport Bay, Sequoia Lodge, Santa Fe, or The Cheyenne, is recommended due to proximity to the parks and additional benefits like Early Magic hours and character meet and greets.

  2. Clothing Essentials: A winter coat is emphasized, given the cold weather, along with the suggestion to bring layers for flexibility. Hats, gloves, and even mittens for children are considered essential, with a specific recommendation for mittens that can be secured through the children's coats to prevent loss.

  3. Footwear: Boots are suggested over trainers for warmth, especially when paired with layered socks or thick tights. Ugg boots or any warm, comfortable boots are recommended for a more enjoyable experience.

  4. Indoor Breaks: Taking breaks indoors, whether through dining, resort hopping, or enjoying warm drinks like hot chocolate, is encouraged. The existence of indoor arcades provides opportunities to warm up or dry off.

  5. Indoor Attractions: Scheduling indoor attractions, rides, shows, and character meet and greets helps minimize exposure to cold weather. Specific recommendations, such as the Mickey and the Magician show in Studios park, showcase an in-depth understanding of the available entertainment.

  6. Hot Drinks: Advocating for hot drinks to stay warm, including the option to bring a flask if staying off-site with a kitchen, demonstrates a practical approach to comfort during winter visits.

  7. Prebooking Disney Reservations: Stressing the importance of prebooking Disney meals to secure indoor time and save time aligns with the author's commitment to ensuring a seamless experience.

  8. Early Magic Hours: Highlighting the option of Early Magic Hours for Disney hotel guests and annual pass holders showcases an insider's knowledge of maximizing park access and character interactions during less crowded times.

In conclusion, the article offers a wealth of firsthand insights, encompassing accommodation choices, clothing recommendations, strategic breaks, and ride planning, making it a valuable guide for anyone considering a winter visit to Disneyland Paris.

Tips for visiting Disneyland Paris in winter - The Willow Tree (2024)


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