What To Pack For Florida Vacations (2024)

As a Florida native who has spent many summers at theme parks and many weekends touring my own state, I know exactly what is needed for a vacation to Florida. Whether you are going to the beach, the theme parks, or downtown Miami, this comprehensive list of what to pack for Florida vacations will help you plan for the perfect time in Florida.

After 27 years of being a Florida resident and MANY mini-vacations in my own state, I’ve learned what really needs to be packed and why. Some of these will seem obvious, some of them will need an explanation. Be aware that this isn’t your normal packing list, I’m not going to tell you to bring 3 blouses or 6 pairs of underwear. I’m here to help with the things that are Florida-specific and don’t have a travel timeline. I can promise you that this list will help you have the perfect Florida vacation.

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  • Shorts: I hope this one is obvious to you, but Florida is HOT. I don’t care who you are, pack at least two pairs of shorts for your Florida trip: one walking around pair and one athletic pair. You will regret only bringing leggings or jeans very quickly.
  • Bathing suits (at least 2): Because of all of the aquatic activities available to you, it would be best to bring at least 2 pairs of bathing suits if not more depending on your itinerary. Bringing more than one bathing suit will give one the opportunity to dry during the day while you are wearing the other one. Likewise, ladies, don’t just bring those sexy, barely-there bikinis, bring at least one bathing suit that you know will stay on while riding down a waterslide at a waterpark or kayaking in the Everglades because I have watched a lot of people lose their bathing suit tops on waterslides. It’s important to bring at least one that can withstand a bit of adventure.
  • A pair of Jeans: Florida is notorious hot, but the hotels are notoriously cold. When deciding what to pack for Florida vacations, be sure to bring a pair of jeans for walking around those highly air conditioned hotels. It also should be noted that bringing a cardigan can also be really nice for the hotels. Floridians like their air-conditioning so hotels are usually freezing.
  • Sundresses: I truly believe that sundresses are a godsend for women. It’s cute without trying and the perfect pantless option. Plus in Florida, they function as a great beach cover-up as well as a cute outfit for taking pictures in front of the city murals. Sundresses are going to be one of your best friends in Florida. Keep in mind that if you plan on walking on the beach in a dress, it can get incredibly windy so plan to wear shorts under the dress.
  • Loose clothing: While form-fitting clothing may seem like the smart option because of the heat, Florida isn’t a dry heat like you may experience in the desert. It is a humid, wet heat. This means that any article of clothing that is sticking to you to begin with will morph to your body and become like a second, wet skin. If you want to stay dry, unsweaty, and airy, choose loose fitting tops and clothing to help keep you feeling fresh through the day.
  • Tank tops: Let’s be real, it’s hot and you aren’t going to want to wear a lot of clothing. When deciding what to pack for Florida, you’ll appreciate having some sleeveless options, especially in the summer months.
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Area Specific Clothing

  • If you are going out for a night in Miami: Miami is a definitely a place where people get dressed up to go out. If you are trying to figure out what to pack for a Florida vacation that includes a night out in Miami, you will need to bring the proper clothing or they won’t let you into the clubs. Women need to dress up and so do men. Jeans and shoes won’t cut it. For men, bring a collared shirt and slacks. For women, it is common to wear a form fitting dress, a nice jumpsuit, or two piece skirt set with high heels. People enjoy wearing bright neons in Miami, but there are also “white” parties that require everyone to wear all white. The Fort Lauderdale area is similar to the Miami scene, but a little less high maitenance. Check out these top 5 things to do in Fort Lauderdale.
  • If you are going kayaking, canoeing, or boating for a day: Bring shorts and a t-shirt to throw on over you bathing suit in case you start getting burned by the sun. Make sure that you bring water and beer with you on the boat as well as some snacks. Heat exhaustion is no joke and you will want to make sure that you stay hydrated and have electrolytes in your body. Bring sunscreen, a towel, sunglasses, a hat, and flip flops as well to fully enjoy your time on the boat.
  • If you are going to a theme park: find the complete list here: What to Pack for Disney: Items You Can’t Forget for Your Magical Day
  • If you are going to the Wynwood Walls in Miami or anywhere artsy: Make sure to bring something fashionable to take artsy instagram pics in. For example for ladies: a pair of high waisted jean shorts, an off-shoulder white top, and some cute tan wedges.
  • If you are going to the Keys: bring snorkel gear and extra towels! There’s so much to do in the Florida Keys.
  • If you are going to a waterpark: Most waterparks will allow you to rent towels or use them for free (check the website in advance). However you will want to bring flip flops and a change of clothes for after you are done getting wet! Here’s a list of 35 awesome waterparks in Florida to check out.
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  • Sandals: Don’t forget these, you will end up buying ugly, over-priced flip flops at Ron John.
  • Wedges or heels for going out: Let’s be real, wedges are more comfortable, but if you are going out with the rich and famous in Miami, go with the heels. If you are going out in Orlando or Tampa, you can get away with a cute pair of sandals.
  • Shower shoes for camping/walking in lakes: If you plan on camping or doing any “in water” fishing or wading, make sure to bring wet shoes. There are plenty of razor sharp shells, stingrays, and crabs just waiting to attack you feet, make sure you protect them if you plan on walking in the water (or gross camp showers).
  • Walking shoes: You will absolutely need comfortable walking shoes if you are going to any of the theme parks. If not, a nice sandal will work for about any other occasion.


  • Facial Sunscreen: I could talk about sunscreen forever, but basically your face will often require a different kind of sunscreen than the rest of your body. You want to make sure that your face is thoroughly covered and protected from the sun in order to prevent early aging and skin cancer. I like to use Neutrogena sunscreen on my face because it is made specifically for the face and doesn’t irritate my skin.
  • Chapstick: Did you know that your lips can get sunburned? Make sure you get a chapstick with SPF in it like this one.
  • Waterproof mascara: Waterproof everything really. Use a good setting spray if wearing makeup or it will all come off with the humidity.
  • Want to feel fancy when flying and landing? Check out these tips: Travel Tips for Women: How To Look Good AND Feel Good


  • Sunglasses: You can always buy a pair in Florida if you forget. Just know that you can’t wear them on rides at theme parks or they will be gone forever so when planning what to pack for Florida vacations, maybe opt for bringing your favorite pair for walking around and a cheap pair for the theme parks.
  • Hat: I would recommend like a baseball hat if you are going out on any type of boat or kayak. It will help protect your face from the sun and keep you cool. Plus, it hides your messy hair!
  • Bathing suit cover-up: This is a nice thing to have for when you get out of the pool or leave the beach to just grab a bite to eat. You don’t need to get your clothes sandy or take the time to clean up. Instead, just throw on a cute coverup and call it a day.
  • Sun hat: Because they are cute and make the perfect instagram photo, I HAVE to recommend them for your Florida vacation packing list. This particular hat is incredibly cute and available on amazon. I love how it looks good and will also protect your face from sun damage.

Miscellaneous Items

  • Rain Poncho if you are going to a theme park because it always rains when you are at a theme park. Always.
  • Gopro: Make sure to bring a camera to document your adventures! I highly recommend a Gopro with waterproof casing because you are likely to get wet or rained on during your time in Florida.
  • A good book for the beach
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Florida-Specific Items

  • Bug Spray: Florida has more bugs than it does beaches. Please don’t forget your bug spray. The mosquitoes will carry you away happily if there is nothing stopping them.
  • Sports sunscreen: There are many different kinds of sunscreens out there, but I would highly recommend getting a sport sunscreen that is the spray kind like this one. While the lotion sunscreens go on thicker, they take a lot longer to dry and leave you feeling incredibly greasy. Often times, you won’t want to wait the appropriate time for it to dry before jumping in the water. When creating your Florida vacation packing list you want the best sunscreen for you activities. The sport variety are waterproof, won’t leave you feeling greasy, and are very easy to re-apply (which you should do every two hours) making them the perfect option.
  • Aloe: If you aren’t from Florida, it’s like a 99% chance that you will get sunburned while in Florida. Honestly the best cure for a sunburn is some good old fashioned aloe. It is cooling and will provide you some sweet relief to your lobstery-red skin.
  • Beach Towel: Don’t buy one of the overpriced touristy ones unless you REALLY want to. Bring your own.
  • Camping Chairs: You can use them for the beach or the springs.
  • Beach bag: Trust me, it is super nice to have a bag just to throw what you need in and take with you to the beach. Just be aware that this bag WILL get sandy. Don’t take a precious purse with you, just get a giant tote and go.
  • Theme park bag: A theme park bag will look different than a beach bag. You don’t want to carry a huge tote around Disney with you. Instead, I would recommend a small backpack. Something that can fit some pain killers, a poncho, and a few water bottles.

Is there anything that I should add to this Florida vacation packing list? Comment with your opinions below!

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As an expert in travel and vacation planning, I'd like to provide you with information related to all the concepts used in the article "What to Pack for Florida Vacations." I have extensive knowledge of travel destinations, including Florida, and can offer valuable insights to help you plan for the perfect vacation.

Florida-specific clothing

Florida's climate is hot and humid, so it's important to pack appropriate clothing. The article suggests packing the following:

  • Shorts: Pack at least two pairs of shorts, one for walking around and one athletic pair. Avoid bringing leggings or jeans as they can be uncomfortable in the heat.
  • Bathing suits: Bring at least two pairs of bathing suits, as Florida offers various aquatic activities. Having multiple suits allows one to dry while wearing the other.
  • Jeans: Despite the hot weather, pack a pair of jeans for walking around air-conditioned hotels, which tend to be cold.
  • Sundresses: Sundresses are versatile and functional in Florida, serving as beach cover-ups and cute outfits for taking pictures. However, it's recommended to wear shorts underneath when walking on the beach due to strong winds.
  • Loose clothing: Opt for loose-fitting tops and clothing to stay cool in Florida's humid climate.
  • Tank tops: Sleeveless options are essential for hot weather, especially during the summer months.

Area-specific clothing

Depending on the activities and destinations in Florida, specific clothing may be required. The article mentions the following:

  • Miami nightlife: If you're planning a night out in Miami, dress up appropriately. Men should wear collared shirts and slacks, while women can opt for form-fitting dresses, jumpsuits, or two-piece skirt sets with high heels.
  • Kayaking, canoeing, or boating: Bring shorts and a t-shirt to wear over your bathing suit to protect yourself from the sun. It's also essential to bring water, snacks, sunscreen, a towel, sunglasses, a hat, and flip flops.
  • Theme parks: For a visit to theme parks, refer to the complete list provided in the article "What to Pack for Disney: Items You Can't Forget for Your Magical Day."
  • Artsy locations: If you plan to visit artistic areas like the Wynwood Walls in Miami, bring fashionable outfits suitable for taking artsy Instagram photos.


Proper footwear is crucial for comfort and practicality. The article suggests the following shoe options:

  • Sandals: Don't forget to bring comfortable sandals to avoid buying overpriced flip flops.
  • Wedges or heels for going out: Depending on the occasion and location, choose between wedges or heels for a night out. Wedges are generally more comfortable, while heels may be more appropriate for upscale venues.
  • Shower shoes for camping or walking in lakes: If you plan on camping or walking in water, bring wet shoes to protect your feet from sharp shells, stingrays, and crabs.
  • Walking shoes: Comfortable walking shoes are a must, especially when visiting theme parks. Sandals can work for other occasions.


It's essential to pack toiletries that are suitable for Florida's climate and activities. The article mentions the following:

  • Facial sunscreen: Use sunscreen specifically designed for the face to protect against sun damage and prevent early aging and skin cancer.
  • Chapstick: Bring a chapstick with SPF to protect your lips from sunburn.
  • Waterproof mascara: Opt for waterproof makeup products to withstand humidity.
  • Setting spray: Use a good setting spray for makeup to prevent it from coming off due to humidity.


Accessories can enhance your vacation experience in Florida. Consider packing the following:

  • Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the sun and consider bringing a favorite pair for walking around and a cheaper pair for theme parks.
  • Hat: Bring a baseball hat or sun hat to protect your face from the sun and keep cool. It can also hide messy hair.
  • Bathing suit cover-up: Pack a cover-up to wear when you're out of the pool or leaving the beach, saving you from getting your clothes sandy.
  • Beach bag: Bring a spacious bag specifically for the beach to carry your belongings. Remember that it may get sandy.
  • Theme park bag: Use a small backpack instead of a large tote when visiting theme parks. It should be able to carry essentials like painkillers, a poncho, and water bottles.

Miscellaneous items

Consider the following miscellaneous items for your Florida vacation:

  • Rain poncho: Pack a rain poncho when visiting theme parks, as it tends to rain frequently.
  • GoPro: Bring a camera to document your adventures, and a GoPro with waterproof casing is recommended for water activities.
  • Good book: Don't forget a good book to enjoy on the beach.
  • Bug spray: Florida has many bugs, so be sure to pack bug spray to protect yourself from mosquitoes.
  • Sports sunscreen: Choose a sport sunscreen that is waterproof, non-greasy, and easy to reapply for outdoor activities in Florida.
  • Aloe: Bring aloe to soothe sunburned skin, as sunburn is highly likely in Florida.
  • Beach towel: Bring your own beach towel instead of buying an overpriced touristy one.
  • Camping chairs: If you plan to camp or visit springs, portable camping chairs can come in handy.
  • Theme park-specific items: Check the website of the theme park you plan to visit for specific guidelines and requirements regarding bags and other items.

I hope this information helps you plan a memorable and enjoyable vacation in Florida!

What To Pack For Florida Vacations (2024)


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