Garlic Roasted Potatoes With Sage Recipe (2024)



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I cooked this dish exactly according to the recipe and it was delicious! But I couldn't help thinking it was more work than it needed to be. The flour only stuck to the cut side of the potatoes which browned nicely anyway on the few I didn't coat as a test. Next time I cook this, and I will since I have sage in my herb garden, I will leave out the flouring part, reduce the oil to 1T, and just roast the potatoes as I usually do without pre cooking.


This recipes was a great way to use abundant sage from the garden. We loved the combination of sage and garlic. I substituted sweet potatoes for the white potatoes and microwaved them instead of boiling because it was faster, more energy efficient and didn't require draining the potatoes on paper towels.


Was looking for a change from my usual oven-roasted potatoes and thought this was quite nice and very easy. I did the preliminary cooking of the potatoes a couple hours in advance and continued the recipe to time it with the overall dinner.


I fell in love with roasted potatoes through my Irish husband and his family. He showed me how to make proper Irish roasties and I saw that he used LOTS of oil. Another thing he does is, after boiling the potatoes and draining them well, puts them back in the covered pot and gives them a vigorous shake. This roughs up the potatoes so that the edges can get crispier. This recipe is different from what my husband does (he uses big potatoes and no flour) but these are things you could try.


Cooks illustrated suggests a couple tablespoons of cornstarch instead of flour. Works beautifully for crispy outsides and creamy insides.


No need for the flour! I used a baking sheet covered with aluminum foil.


It's a "thing" among some cooks to use unsalted butter and then salt to taste - accommodating low-salt diets, or having more control over the saltiness, or....I dunno. I just use my regular salted butter with no noticeable ill effects.


I have made my potatoes in a similar fashion for 30 years. But I just drain them, shake them and dump them onto an oiled sheet pan- drizzle them with a bit more olive oil, light salt and pepper and any fresh herbs on hand or just herbes de Provence- toss and roast at 400 for about 20 min. Delicious and I think less fussy….just my opinion. Always a favorite at my house.


Why use plastic when you don't have to? I try very hard not to use plastic bags anymore.

William Wroblicka

While roasting potatoes without parboiling them can produce a satisfactory result, there is a plausible argument that boiling them first will produce a better result if you want a maximally crisp exterior and creamy interior. See J. Kenji Lopez-Alt's article on roast potatoes on the Serious Eats website.


I have been cooking potatoes for most of my 63 years. It is time consuming and totally unnecessary to boil potatoes before roasting. Flouring them is also superfluous. They cook and brown up perfectly well all on their own at 375f until done.


Fabulous!! Because it is summer and my kitchen is warm, the interim "roasting" took place stove-top. The potatoes were beautifully golden outside and tender inside- yum! The pan retained sufficient heat to perfectly infuse the potatoes with the garlic-sage-butter at the end.


This was yummy but would also work with any herb you have on hand. The method for drying the potatoes and dusting them with flour as well as heating up the pan made for crispy outsides and fluffy insides - perfect!


Why boil the potatoes? I oven roast with toaster oven set on convection roast at 425 degrees and the potatoes come out perfect every time. I will "steal" the idea of adding sage leaves while I am tossing the potatoes in olive oil. In the winter when a lot of fresh herbs may not be as available or tempting, you can toss in your favorite spice blends. I try to coordinate the spices used on the potatoes with the spices used in my main course.


Once potatoes are par-boiled, drain them and then cover pan with lid and shake vigorously. This will rough up the potatoes which will allow them to get crispy. In a pan, heat up duck fat (if you can't get goose fat). Add potatoes and turn to cover with the fat. Add whatever herbs you like - sage is good so is rosemary. Bake in oven for 45 minutes at 400F - turn once half way through. This is the Scottish way!


I tried it, but really not understanding the flour. Mine were kind of... pasty? I think roasted potatoes are much better following this exact process without the flour. So this one isn't for me!


I don't normally bother to parboil or flour my potatoes before roasting them, and this recipe would still be good without doing that (sage, butter, and garlic is always a winner). But using the method as written results in a pretty amazing texture that was worth the extra steps.


I have this recipe exactly as written several times and my husband and I love it!! I shake the potatoes several times when it’s baking in oven. The outside is crispy on most of the potatoes and the inside is soft and creamy!! The garlic, butter and sage add delicious flavoring! I would rate it 5 stars!!


I have made this recipe as many times and my husband and I love it!! I make sure to shake the pan every 5 minutes when it’s in the oven. The potatoes are mostly crispy in the outside and nice and softly baked on the inside. The sage, butter and garlic give it a delicious flavor. I would rate it 5 stars!


I did not like these at all. When cooked they taste like dried flour. (The flour only coated the cut sides.) And the high heat toughened the exteriors of the potatoes. They exteriors were very chewy and tough. I usually roast potatoes at 400 degrees.


Can olive oil be used instead of butter and the other oil that's mentioned?


Just curious how you get the flour to stick to the potatoes if they are dry.


Why not give it a try?


The flour didn't stick to mine.


Make the recipes AS WRITTEN, friends! I too have cooked roasted potatoes my own way for years. But I wanted something new, and this was great. I think the recipe writer wanted to keep things speedy with the paper towel bit; if you have extra time you could just let the taters sit in the fridge a sec.* I used a mix of fresh herbs*, mostly basil, because I was unfortunately out of sage. Top notch! *My swaps were desperation swaps & not points of contention


I left out the flour to make this gluten-free for celiac and used olive oil instead of butter. Cooked it all on the stove. Boiled and drained water then added the spices and oil. Worked fine and the kids inhaled it.

Nom Nom

I use a 1/2 tsp baking powder when I boil the water and then swap corn starch for the flour. Makes the potato crisp on the outside and creamy in the center


Tender on the inside, with a nice crust on the outside. I added some another clove of two or garlic and substituted rosemary for the sage, which I was out of.


Made this last night and it was terrific! Substituted the oil with ghee, and the sage with herbes de provence. Will definitely make it again.

Experimented unsuccessfully

I didn’t make the recipe as written but tried substituting corn starch for flour per another user’s suggestion. I ended up with a raw cornstarch crust on my potatoes. I don’t think I shook off the excess enough but would not recommend!


Labor-saving tip: instead of rolling in flour, adding a pinch of baking soda to the water while parboiling the potatoes breaks down the starch into a slurry which crisps up in the oven!


Ireland is where I learned to love roasties. There was no skillet large enough and sometimes it took two oven pans to make enough. But why pay over twice the price for fancy small potatoes when large ones cut up work just as well.

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Garlic Roasted Potatoes With Sage Recipe (2024)


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